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Kek Lok Si Penang


It was the School Holidays in Singapore , and we were due for Penang, helping one of our main mentors organize a group of people! This time, we bought some of our family members along with us to explore Malaysia’s second largest city. I have been there many times previously but had no luck with sightseeing or exploring the famous temples and sites which has been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site!

On this trip, I was traveling with my Sister, her Boyfriend, and two other kids! It is always fun bringing the kids along! Since we had a big group of people, we decided to book an all-suite apart-hotel which can help us to cut cost & accommodate all of us. We searched up (since that is the app that we have been using for a very long time, and I love using it Click here to find out more!) and found Tropics 8 Suite!

The rooms and its interior design made us go “wow.” It looks cozy and comfortable to stay in. We decided to give it a try and input my reviews into the blog! Do leave me your comments on how you feel about the hotel and whether you would like to give it a try and stay here!


Traveling with my Family to Penang! 🙂

  1. Location


Tropics 8 Suite Penang.

Tropics 8 Suite is located in a prime area, the capital city of the Malaysian state of Penang. It is in the middle of most of the attractions, and you can visit all of the attractions easily without an issue. Taxi(s) and Grab cars are conveniently available with just a tap on your smartphone! That was precisely what we did. We took grab car from our hotel to the various locations several times.

Tropics 8 Suite was offering a $5 OFF discount code for Grab cars, and we took them from our hotel and back costing only Rm1 to Rm 3. Most of the attractions were located within distance, and that’s how we got the cheap Grab rides. That was fun actually.

Besides accessibility to the nearby attractions in Penang, there are convenience stores, bakery shop and a Hawker center nearby. You need not worry about food during your stay at Tropics 8 Suite. Every night, the Hawker center nearby would open till late night. They have a wide variety of food selection ranging from local delights like Chicken wings, Satay, rice, Hokkien Mee, Mee Rebus, Carrot Cake, Lok Lok, and some stores sold western food like French Fries and Steak! You will never miss a meal trying out these delicious local specialties.

If you are sick of the Hawker Food, you can even take a grab car or walk for about 10 minutes to nearby fast food restaurants like Wendy’s and other Food Stalls. I remembered clearly when my family and I took an 8 minutes grab car to the nearby Korean BBQ Daorae Tanjung Tokong Restaurant which served delicious Korean BBQ. We enjoyed the food very much along with the service. I would recommend this place if you are a fan of BBQ!

2. Cleanliness & Room Service


The Bedroom and Living room.

The rooms were kept clean and tidy during our stay. We need not worry about bed bugs or any of that sort! The beds were extremely comfortable, along with the sofa(s), toilet and kitchen area. Even the cups and plates were clean.

Room service was efficient as well. We called for towels, and they were brought to us promptly without any questions or complaints.

3. Concierge Service

We were welcomed quickly into the hotel lobby and checked in without an issue. We also asked for directions and the different attractions nearby. The concierge attended to us very well.

4. Rooms


The Kitchen and the living room.

Rooms are spacious and huge. We booked a Family suite. There were two beds available accommodating about 4-5 people in the room. Our room cost only about SGD 90 per night for five people. It was very worth it considering the space and its comfortability. For smaller rooms like the one bedrooms, studio or premier suite, the prices are lesser, and some can accommodate a maximum of 4 people too!


The Kitchen in tropics 8 Suite.

The family suite which we booked had a kitchen, a vast living room, a bed in the living room, and a master bedroom with an adjoining toilet. Everything was spacious, and the room was not lacking anything. We could sit and relax anywhere without feeling uncomfortable. The kitchen was elongated with a stove, a full sized refrigerator and a small table where you can dine and eat. It was a modern style room with everything you need. Utensils, plates, cups and cooking pots were also provided during your stay. They were of good quality material as well. I remembered buying take away food from the Hawker center downstairs and bringing up to our room to eat. It was better eating in our room and enjoying the food. The rooms were brightly lit as well as making the experience amazing!


The Living Room and dividing door to the Bedroom.

The living room was spacious as well including a small table top, sofa seat and a bed.


The Bed and Living room partition

There was a partition separating the bed and the living room allowing you to have your privacy if needed.


The Main Bedroom

There was one bedroom which had a door, dividing the entire apartment in half. The toilet was adjacent to the main bedroom and the bed in the living room allowing all parties to have easy accessibility to the bathrooms.


The toilet Bowl in the spacious toilet.


The Shower area.

Everything was great during our stay except for the toilets. The toilets caused a huge flood after one of us showered. Since there were 5 of us in total, we flooded the entire toilet making it difficult for the next person to shower. Since the waters were trapped and stuck, it was quite disgusting for those waiting in line. The good thing about the toilets was its space. It was huge and long. There were enough space and a huge mirror that is brightly lit making the toilet look and feel nice while you are in there.


The sink and its mirror.

5. Others

Breakfast is available for about SGD 6 per person which you can choose during your booking online! We did not go for the breakfast option and is not able to provide you with substantial reviews on that! Food is located nearby, and a kitchen was also available for us to prepare breakfast. It was not a problem for us. Besides, the breakfast online was for only two people. We had 5, and it would be unfair and too expensive if we bought their breakfast on the spot.


Parking lot outside Tropics 8 Suite, Penang.

There is no parking on site provided by the hotel. However, if you do have a car, you can find parking lots alongside the hotel.

Extra facilities provided by the hotel would include a fitness center, self-serve laundry and a tour/ticket assistance where you can book your tour tickets to explore Penang! There is a safe box in the room where you can safely keep your valuable stuff too.

To your Happiness and Success!

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