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Hanging out at Piz Gloria, Scilthorn.

The difficulty of finding the perfect tourist attraction pass in Switzerland as there are so many even I was confused and unsure. We had to ask the information counter for more information before confirmation. We have conducted several kinds of research and have narrowed down to the best few passes that can be used across Switzerland. Some only included attractions while some included transport in the package as well.

Steps to choosing the most suitable pass for your visit:

1. Have a rough Travel plan. Which cities or towns are you intending to visit? Are you traveling by car or by rail throughout Switzerland? If it is by car, the passes without rail passes or half price on rail fares would be good enough. If it is by train/rail, you can estimate your travel costs here.

Which attraction would you be visiting in Switzerland? List down all the attractions you are intending to visit and its price.

2. Compare the different travel passes available and conduct your calculations accordingly. Travel cards and tickets can be compared from here.

3. You will find which pass would help you save the most money! 🙂

4. Purchase your Tourist Pass either online from the official website or through the Station Bahn ticketing counter. I would say that purchasing your tickets from the station Bahn ticketing counter is more guaranteed as you can ask them for advice and get your tickets on the spot.

1. Swiss-Travel-Pass

Pricing Table:


Swiss Travel Pass. Image from Source

Swiss-travel-pass is the most versatile pass for tourists that can take you almost everywhere via train, bus, and boat at no additional cost. For premium panorama trains you need to make a reservation beforehand for which a nominal surcharge is to be paid. You get a lot more benefits out of the STP at sightseeing places like museum and mountain trek and other discounts. The passes are available for period 3, 4, 8 or 15 days. Swiss Travel Pass allows travelers less than the 16 years enjoy the same benefit at free of cost when they have the right company.

If you-wish to-travel the stretch of Swiss safe and comfortable and visit some of the best tourist spots, then Swiss-Travel-Pass is your go-to option. It is available in almost every Swiss train station and Swiss Travel Point of sale. Either you travel solo, or with family, the Swiss travel pass will help in to save you a lot of travel and admission ticket expenses.


1. Free travel by Bus, Train & Boat including-premium Panorama-trains.
2. The pass Covers free public-transport in-more than 90 urban locations.
3. 50% price for cable cars, mountain railways and ski lifts.
4. There is no-cost admission to over 500 museums across Swiss.
5. Mountain excursions to Rigi, Schilthorn, and Stanserhorn is free and a 50% discount on other mountains.
6. Children from the age of 6 to 16 accompanied by at least one parent are provided with a Swiss family card for free which carries the same offers, discounts, and validity as the parent’s Swiss-travel-pass.
7. Children under six years with an adult companionship who has an STP can travel free of cost.
8. STP is available at most train stations and can be purchased online. Click here to find out more now.


1. The travel dates need to be consecutive.

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2. Swiss Travel Pass Flex

Pricing Table:


Swiss Travel Pass Flex. Image from Source.

Another version of the regular Swiss travel pass that favors for quick deciders. The STP flex shares all the benefits and day options with the STP, and additionally, you get to pick the dates of validity within one month be it non-consecutive. Swiss travel plan flex also offers the same to children below 16 years.

If you are a traveler without an itinerary and you plan are momentary, then Swiss travel plan flex is your right choice. You can decide to travel for two days take a detox and continue your adventures to the mountains of Swiss and not worry about paying extra for the break day.


1. Free bus, train and boat ride across 90 urban areas.
2. Dates can be chosen as per the travelers choice within 30 days.
3. Free entry for over 500 museums and Rigi, Schilthorn and Stanserhorn mountain excursions.
4. Discounts on cable cars, mountain railways and ski lifts and mountain excursions.
5. Children aged 6 to 16 years with at least one of the parents get a complimentary Swiss travel family pass which can be used to avail all the benefits.
6. Children, less than six years can enjoy the benefits with adults holding an STP Flex.


1. Little pricier than the regular Swiss travel pass.

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3. Youth Plans (Swiss Travel Pass Youth & Swiss Travel Pass Flex Youth)

Pricing Table:


Swiss Travel Pass Youth Flex. Image from Source.


Swiss Travel Pass Youth. Image from Source.

It is the same as Swiss travel pass and the Swiss travel pass flex except you get a 15% discount in price if you are younger than 26 years. It has all the benefits ranging from the free bus, train and boat travel, free museums to various other discounts.

This pass is handy for people between 16 and 25 years who most often travel solo on a tight budget. Swiss Travel Pass Youth has made it very easy for travel enthusiasts of less than 26 years by adding 15% off on the already existing cheap pass fares.


1. Every benefit of the base plan – STP or STP Flex applies to the youth plan without any limitations.
2. You get an extra 15% savings for the age group of 16 to 25 year.

Book your Swiss Travel Pass Youth or Youth Flex now! 


4. Swiss Half Fare Card

Pricing Table:


Swiss Half card Fare. Image from Source.

As the name indicates, Swiss half care card gets you a 50% discount off on all train, bus and boat ride in Switzerland for one month. It offers a lot of freedom with one-month validity and half fare in all transport. However, it cuts off benefits of free museum admissions and mountain excursions. What it still provides is no-cost transport for children below 16 years with companionship.

This is ideal for travelers who are there for long or who prefer to travel occasionally amidst work. They can travel on weekends throughout the month and can still save 50% of the transport cost. When you travel lightly and rarely, and you don’t plan to go to the Rigi, Schilthorn and Stanserhorn mountain excursions or museums, then you can still save a lot buying the Swiss half fare card.

My family and I took up this pass during our second visit to Switzerland! It was a great deal for us as it included transport and attractions for half the price! We rented a sleeping van (Indie Camper) to travel between Switzerland & France for convenience sake. So the Swiss Half card fare was just perfect for us! If we went back to Switzerland and visit cities like Geneva, it would had been a better deal!


1. Bus, train, Boats and mountain railways can be availed for up to 50% off.
2. Public transport on 90 urban areas for flat 50% fare.
3. Children less than six years travel for free with adult companionship having a pass. Children between 6 to 15 years travel free with the complimentary Swiss travel family pass when they have at least one parent to the company.
4. You get 30 days validity for a fair price.


1. There is no free admission for museums.
2. No free mountains excursions and other discounts.

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5. Swiss Transfer Ticket

Pricing Table:


Swiss Transfer Tickets. Image from Source.

This ticket takes care of your travel from the Airport or the border station where you get into Switzerland to the one vacation destination you have signed up. This is only for the to and fro journey between the chosen destination and the particular airport or border railway station. The free of cost travel for children below 16 years applies to this ticket too.

Swiss transfer ticket is the cheapest option if you have planned for a short trip or single destination travel for some purpose. This keeps you unworried from the hassles of moving in and out with your luggage in a new land.


1. Free travel between the airport or border station to the preferred destination and back again.
2. Zurich central station, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne, and Lugano also are part of the list.
3. Children below six do not require a ticket when the accompanying adult has an STT. Also, children from 6 to 15 years can use the family pass to avail the same when traveling with a parent.
4. Swiss transfer ticket is available online with print@home format.
5. A cheaper option for those going on a short trip or to a single travel destination.


1. No additional travel is covered except to and fro journey to the destination.
2. There are no extra discounts on admission tickets or excursions.

In addition to all of these passes, if you have kids joining along during your tour, they get to travel for free with the Swiss Family Card. Swiss Family card is free. It is applicable when parents have purchased a Swiss Travel Railway Card. Kids are aged from 5 years old to 15 years old are entitled to free travel! That was why we love traveling to Switzerland with the kids and wish to do so again. On our very first road trip to Europe with the kids, we had only 3-4 paying adults and the other 3 kids were free! We saved a lot of money because of that.

No specific pass is the most suitable. Depends on where one is going. Personally prefer the Swiss Half Card fares as it included attractions & transport. We also went to top attractions like the top of Europe, Piz Gloria, Pfingstegg and sat lots of cable car rides! The best thing was that the pass remains valid for one month. There is no right or wrong but remember to plan properly before going to avoid paying more! And budget your trip well too! 🙂

To your Happiness and Success!

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