Top Things to do in Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.


Jungfraujoch, Switzerland


Planning my trip to Jungfraujoch, Switzerland was one of the hardest things to do. When I googled “Things to do in Jungfraujoch,” I was given an entire list ranging from the different hiking spots, the favorite peaks in the region and the attractions that we could visit.

I tried plotting the different unknown names shown on the google search results into the google map, but it was too confusing. Some were not reachable by road. Therefore, I decided not to do any further research and seek help from the visitor center. It was much clearer after that.

The brochures at the information counter are available where you can get more information on the place, transportation, and attraction pass. These attraction passes are great deals as they allow you to easily travel with reduced prices around Switzerland and not pay the full amount.

It can cost a lot if you pay the full price, trust me! Click here to find out more about the different attraction passes in Switzerland.

Since there are many little towns in the Jungfraujoch region, you need to familiarise yourself with the different cities and whether they allow travel of cars! It was confusing to us at the beginning.

We were looking for accommodations within the Jungfraujoch region and only came to find out that most that we were considering did not allow car travel.

Henceforth, below is a list of the places to take note of when you are in the Jungfraujoch region:

Car-Free Towns: Murren,
Car Travel Towns: Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Wildersil.

If you are looking for accommodations and places to stay in the Jungfrau region, click here now!

Of course, if you are traveling by public transport, you need to know which train stop to get down!

The Public Transport Map on Jungfraujoch:

Now, let’s get started with the central part of this article: The Top Things to do in Jungfraujoch. Instead of listing them out like what the other blogs have done, I will place the attractions accordingly to towns and provide you with my Itinerary at the end of the article.

A) Grindelwald Town

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Grindelwald is the liveliest town as compared to the others in the Jungfraujoch region. It is a gateway for mountain hiking, skiing, and exploration of the Swiss Alps! Though the town is small, it is cozy and has a whole row of restaurants, cafes, and bars stretching from one end to the other end of the city. You can take a short stroll around the town for shopping and exploration of the amazing views surrounding the village. The snow mountains are everywhere, and it beautifies the view even more. Grindelwald is my favorite town as the designs; the style is very chic and cozy.

You can find many cheese fondue restaurants right here! I tried the famous Cheese fondue in Grindelwald, and it was delicious. The fondue had a strong smell of wine and cheese melted together. As I dipped my plain bread into the hot pot of melting cheese, the thick orangey cheese stays on my bread. As I bring the piece of bread and pop it into my mouth, the cheese melts further, and it sparkles my taste buds. Putting the cheese in my mouth had a unique kind of feeling that I have not tasted back in Asia. It was different and unique on its own.


The easiest way to get to Grindelwald is through the Station Bahn. It is the central station that allows you to travel from the other areas of Jungfraujoch and attractions like Kleine Schedeig and the Top of Europe.

Getting around Grindelwald town is relatively easy unless you are staying in Airbnb apartments and the apartments are not within the town vicinity. You can easily walk from the station Bahn to the restaurants and shopping areas around. However, if you have an Airbnb, it can be located away from the main town area. You may need to check if there are metro(s) nearby or any transportation that can bring you there.


1. The First

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Located in Grindelwald town, take a short walk from the central station Bahn, and you will be able to take the six-seater gondolas up to First at 2168 meters altitude. Over here, you get to do the First Cliff Walk by Tissot, have a fun time with the Personalised adventure package like soaring through the air with the First Glider, do Mountain Carting or have an exhilarating descent into the valley with the Trotti bike Scooter!

There are so many adventures games that you should not miss if you are up here at the First! There is the First Flyer, First Glider where you can fly like an eagle and at top speed among the beautiful mountains.

You can catch the magnificent Lake Bachalpsee which offers you amazing views of the blue pristine lakes and snow mountains surrounding it. In the winter, the waters become frozen.

At the top, there is a First Mountain lodge where you can stay with the spectacular views that First offers you with and have easy access to hiking, climbing and club outings! It makes your stay a more fulfilling and happier one.

To find out more about the different activities at The First, click here now!

2. Top of Europe – Eigernoldwand and Klein Schedeigg

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

As train ticket prices have different kinds from various stations, click here to find out more! Do note that there are two classes for the trains: 1st Class and 2nd Class. Do check before making your purchase.

A top-rated attraction in the Jungfraujoch region is the Top of Europe. It is 3454 meters high, and it takes about an hour to 2 hours for you to travel up by train. You can take the train from any station Bahn like Grindelwald, Harder Kulm, Interlaken, Winteregg or Wildersil. These trains will have a stopover at Kleine Scheidegg, and you would need to change the train to go up to the Top Of Europe.

Train Stopover Stations:

Once you are on the train from Kleine Scheidegg station, there is another stop that the train will be making: Eigergletscher. If you have the time and would love hiking, you can stop at these two stops to enjoy the alpine flowers, check out the Eiger North Wall or even the memorial stones to the 69 climbers who have lost their lives.

After reaching the top, clear directions are pointing to the word “tour” where you can follow it and go accordingly to the tourist attractions. The first attraction that you will see is the 4-minute 360 degrees cinematic experience. From there, you get to visit the Sphinx Terrace which is 3571 meters high, have a load of fun playing snow, have a wonderful alpine experience, visit the Ice palace with countless of niches and passageways and check out the Glacier Plateau.

I remember having loads of fun in the snow play area with my family. My siblings were with me, and since we had no experience with snow, we had lots of difficulties getting up from the cold snow after falling many times. There were several things that you can play with during the Snow Fun! It was, and the weather treated us very well.

Besides that, my family bought a whole lot of Lindt Chocolates back home as gifts since it was at a wholesale price. It was a good deal as it was 10%-20% lesser than then retail prices!

Some tips for you:

Avoid wearing a dress/Skirt when going up to The Top of Europe. It flies up when the wind gets too strong!
Bring gloves and extra clothing so that you can play at the Snow fun!
Check the weather before buying your tickets. I am sure you would want clear weather to see the beautiful Glacier.
Stamp your Red Jungfrau Railways Passport at the end of your tour near the Cafe before exiting towards the train station. The book is a little memory for you!
Keep the Red Jungfrau Railways Passport well! There are a lot of different meal vouchers that you can use during your travels around Switzerland near the back of the book.

3. Mannlichen

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Mannlichen mountains

We bought the tickets at half price since we bought the half card Swiss Fare for all of our attractions.

Located a few minutes away from Grindelwald town, you will find Mannlichen Station Bahn. Going to Mannlichen was a last minute decision. Every day as we drive towards Grindelwald town, we will see cablecars going towards Mannlichen. We get curious at times, wondering what is there at the top! So, we decided to check it out and took the mini cable car up!

Cable car accommodates about two people at one time. It is a very comfortable 30-40 minutes ride up, and the views are spectacular. We could see the small town of Grindelwald from the top. There are many green trees, a small cluster of houses situated together. Sadly, the cable car had lots of scratches, and deep marks and the photos taken were not pleasant at all. However, it was a fantastic view just by looking at it from our cable car ride.

At the top, you will be welcomed by the children’s playground. Walking further, you will find a guest house and restaurant where you can have your lunch. After lunch, you can do a little hiking that would take you about 30 minutes to reach the top. The view at the crown (Which they call it) is magnificent. You get to see different aspects like the valley, the mountains, and another small town. I love peace and serenity up here in the mountains. Besides hiking, you get to play and take pictures with the cows too.

The entire experience at the top of Mannlichen was fabulous. We did not regret making a trip up there as it was one of the best! 🙂

Besides visiting Mannlichen, if you have the time, you can also catch a cable car ride to Wengen. Another car-free town which you can explore. We wanted to make our trip there; however, the last cableway back and forth was at about 05:30 pm. We did not have enough time, and we had to make our way down to Grindelwald before all transportations are closed.

4. Glacier Canyon (Gletscherschlucht)

A 5-minute drive away from Grindelwald town and you will find the Gletscerschlucht – The Glacier Canyon. There are guest house and restaurants at the entry of Gletscerschlucht where you will purchase your tickets to enter. Half passes are not applicable here, but the ticket prices are not high.

As you enter into the Glacier, you will be walking on wooded trails through the tunnels along the rock face. It is not scary at all, but you get to see how the water flows. The path is only about 1km, and on the way, you get the find out about the origins of the Alps to the Grindelwald Glaciers, the 170m^2 Spiderweb which hovers 7m above the rushing Glacier Stream and makes interactive stops to explore the Glacier. If you have time, you can catch the light show every Friday night till 10 pm!

At times, the canyon swing is open to the public! Sadly, it wasn’t open when we were visiting there. Swinging through the canyons with the deep gushing waters streaming down below you would seem like an excellent experience for some! Try if you are there! The spiderweb was fun except when others kept jumping. I was feeling a little scared as we were navigating through, trying to prevent our legs from getting stuck in the small holes.

For a full experience, you get an option for a private tour around the Glacier Canyon to enhance your trip here! Click here to find out more now.

5. Pfingstegg

Pfingstegg is located in Grindelwald town, and you can easily take a cable car up to the top to enjoy magnificent views of Grindelwald. It is about 1386 meters high with a restaurant where you can eat and enjoy great overviews.

We came here without any expectations, and it has been one of the best ones ever! We got to see this beautiful town, take the Toboggan Run which is a little adventure where you can cruise through the lush alpine meadows. It is a unique experience for all ages! Besides that, it is the go-to place for children! They love hanging out at the mini playground where they can play with mini cars.

If you are hoping for a more exclusive and romantic session, you can experience a private dinner in a Gondola hovering above Grindelwald town. You will be served with locally made food specialties from the Jungfraujoch region and have a quiet and peaceful time among the mountains for 2.5 hours. Click here to find out more!

For those who are more adventurous, you can take a hike from Pfingstegg to the different attractions like Milchbach (1 hour), Baregg (1 hour 30 mins), Grindelwald (1 hour – 1 hour 10 mins) or Marmorbruch (45minutes).

B) Lauterbrunnen

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen is also known ‘many fountains’ which suggests the magnificent landscape in the Swiss Alps. Many waterfalls are surrounding it and the most famous being Staubbach Falls. Lauterbrunnen is similar to Grindelwald. It has got its township with shops, cafes, and restaurants available.

However, it is not as extensive as Grindelwald but still a perfect place for camping and resting for the night. My very first time in the Swiss Alps was staying at Lauterbrunnen. As we were camping here, we had easy access to the Station Bahn and the other attractions within Lauterbrunnen. It was comfortable navigating and moving around.

To Note: You can easily take a train to the attractions like The First, The Top of Europe and many more from Lauterbrunnen as well! It is straightforward to navigate around the Swiss Alps with its efficient train services.


1. Staubbach Falls / Trummelbach Falls

Staubbach Falls

This is a must visit if you are near Lauterbrunnen. The experience in the caves and the falls is just amazing and spectacular. Wear more clothes when you visit the waterfalls because it can get cold and chilly in there! The specialty of the Trummelbach Falls is how nature has formed it to be. It is a 20km long ten glacier waterfalls mountain from Interlaken Bernese Oberland Switzerland. This is the only glacier-waterfalls in Europe inside the mountain that is still accessible for people to walk and explore.

Over here, you can access the glacier-waterfalls with the tunnel-lift, and the experience is terrific. Walking through the dark tunnel, you get to stand at the different holes in the cave to see this humongous waterfall gushing down up to 20’000 liters of water per second. The waters have a light-blue and whitish, and as it gushes down, sprinkles of water splashes upwards touching our cold, wet skin. Though it can be hot and sunny outside, the waters cool the place so quickly making the temperatures drop rapidly once you are in there. The floors and walls of the caves are wet.

As the area was enclosed, you could hear echoes everywhere, and chatters of the people around filled the air. We can’t say precisely what they are talking about but murmurs. The views of the mountains and how they have eroded is impressive. At times, I enjoy standing at the edge of the metal pole, looking and studying the water streaming downwards. It is interesting to know how they are formed and how phenomenal it was.

Sometimes, we will look up at the rock formation and identify what it looks like in reality. We did see a rock that had a longish human face with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. My sister got scared looking at the rock, but to me, this place felt magical and different.

Trummelbach Falls

2. Piz Gloria Scilthorn

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Prices are very extensive and varied. Click here to find out more about the rates and tariffs!

One of the top-rated attractions in Scilthorn where many people visit as it was famously a place used to film the James Bond movie. Every year, Piz Gloria attracts many tourists from all around the world to check out how the James Bond Movie was shot and the different checkpoints like Birg, Allmendhubel, and Murren. There are just so many things to do when you are here that you should not miss!

I remembered my second visit there had a long queue of people waiting in line for the cable car ride up to Piz Gloria. It was so crowded and waiting under the sun was not fun at all. There are several stops that the Cable car takes before reaching the top of 2970 meters high. You can stop anytime to explore Birg (2677m), Allmendhubel (1907m) or Murren (1638m). The experience at each stop is lovely as you take time to explore.

The very first thing we did when we were there was to head up to the highest point: Piz Gloria. Piz Gloria had a fantastic range of attractions such as the skyline viewing platform, 360 degrees restaurant, Piz Gloria View, Bond World, 007 Walk of Fame, Touch the Snow and many more! I have tried dining at the 360-degree revolving restaurant, and the view was just fantastic. As we ate our lunch, we enjoyed the views of the beautiful snowy mountains surrounding us. Each time, a different elevation and view. The food up at the restaurant was average and a little expensive since it is at the top of Piz Gloria. However, if you are hoping to get the full experience at Piz Gloria, you can go for it!

There are several platforms where you can see the overviews and snow mountains. It was spectacular and pretty. You can view it from the platform just after you exit the Skyline takeaway. If that is not enough for you, you can walk down the stairs and enter another platform to explore further and see more views of the lakes with great overviews. They are amazing and unforgettable.

Sadly, the second time when I was there was around August and September. The views at that time were not as fantastic as the time in June. The mountains were dry and brown which looked like the mountains in Ladakh, India. There was not much snow on it, and the view at Birg was much better. Over at the top, we could see rows and rows of various mountains and get an overall feel of the entire place.


Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

For a cheaper and more fast-food like food, you can try the Bistro Birg. They serve foods like Hot dog, steak and fries, hamburgers, salad, and other fried foodstuff. Prices are reasonable and not as expensive as the restaurant.

Over here, you will be taken on an adventure to explore the mountains unclose on wire mesh with small holes at the bottom. As you walk down the stairs, you will be able to see the rocks, mountains, and stones below you very clearly. As you stroll along the wire mesh which has been held and secured tightly to the side of the mountains, you will be welcomed to the Thrill Walk and Skyline Walk.

Typically, I get scared over these experiences that involves great heights. However, as I walk along the wire mesh, I feel safe and secured. The wires are tight and firm. As we continued the walk, there are various obstacles that we could challenge ourselves! An example would be walking on a thick wire from one side to another.

Another was crawling through the wire mesh hole from one side to another. It was fun and exciting! The very first time when I was here with the kids, we were playing so much and having so much fun jumping around and trying to scare each other. It was hilarious!

At the top, after you have completed your adventure, there is a transparent glass panel where you can step on to check out the mountains, snap your pictures or act like James Bond! It was fun! Birg was more fun because there were more areas where we can take and snap our photos.


Another stop was Allmendhubel! Over here, you get to experience the playground flower park, flower trails, have loads of family fun and experience the Panorama restaurant! It is for those who want to experience alpine flowers. We had so much fun at the top that we did not have the time to explore the Allmendhubel. Maybe next time!


Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

I will never forget this little town which we explored before heading back to the bottom. The city is car-free, and the houses and shops were lined from one end to another. It was a quiet and peaceful place which did not have many people. However, the serenity was something to live for. It was a great time hanging out at Murren.

My first visit was with the kids! It was a wet and rainy day. The showers were coming in, and the rain started to pour. We had to seek shelter, and it was not possible for us to head back to the cable car station as we have walked this far. We went straight into the grocery store to seek shelter and check out what they would have in there. We saw red strawberries that looked so yummy and bought it. As we popped the strawberries into our mouths, the first one tasted so delicious and sweet. It was not sour, and it had a refreshing taste to it. As we put one into our mouths, we craved for more as it was the best strawberries we have ever eaten. After that, we decided to buy one more to satisfy our craving, and it finished in the nick of a second.

Till today, I dream of the delicious strawberries. It was just so good.

C) Interlaken

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Interlaken Switzerland Grand Hotel Landmark

My very first stop was at Interlaken town. My family and I were driving from Austria to Switzerland, and when we entered the Jungfraujoch region, we were welcomed into the first town: Interlaken. It was an unplanned stop, but we were so delighted when we saw the wooden houses and how they have been designed beautifully with red flowers hanging on the ledge from one end to another.

We were amazed by its beauty that we decided to make a stop at one of these houses for a tea break and picture taking with the mountains. We pulled over at a huge parking lot and made our way to the nearby cafe. We were welcomed into the cafe, and the waitress came with a bucket of pastries. In the pastry bucket, it contained bread like Croissant, biscuits and many more. Next up, we ordered drinks like Hot chocolate and coffee. It was the best hot chocolate I have ever drank with free Swiss chocolate on the side. It tasted so good that we asked for the packet which was used to make the hot chocolate. We were hoping to buy some back to Singapore so that we won’t forget this memorable stay in Interlaken.

Interlaken was a typical town like Lauterbrunnen and the rest. It is situated below before you drive your way up the windy roads to Grindelwald and the other cities. If you are not a fan of traveling up, you can always stay in Interlaken and take a train up to the various attractions. You can always choose a pass that fits you best and helps you save the most money! Click here to find out more now!


1. Harder Kulm

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Either a 22 minutes windy drive or taking the cable car from Interlaken West, you get to enjoy the sunsets at Harder Kulm and experience the two lakes bridge that has a vantage platform at 1322 meters above the sea level. You will find a charming restaurant in pavilion style on its roof as well for you to enjoy what Harder Kulm can offer you.

2. Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, Lake Lucerne..etc.

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

From Interlaken, it is about a 15 to 20 minutes drive to experience the different lakes in the Jungfraujoch region. There are Lake Brienz, Lake Thun and many more where you can start your day trips experience. Click here to find out more and make your booking now!

3. Schynige Platte

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Schynige Platte is a small mountain with views, a restaurant where you can discover over 600 species of Swiss Alpine Flora and hear the traditional sounds of alphorn! You can find hiking trails here to up your adventure!

My itinerary in Switzerland:

Day 1: Arrive in Grindelwald Town, Check into our Airbnb Apartment and explored the town.
Day 2: Bought the Half-Pass Swiss Tickets and visited the Jungfraujoch Top of Europe, Switzerland!
Day 3: Weather was not very good, and we visited The Glacier Canyon. Ate lunch at Grindelwald Town and went to Pfingstegg after that.
Day 4: Explore Mannlichen with the Cable car.
Day 5: Went to Scilthorn, Piz Gloria.
Day 6: Left Switzerland to Mont Blanc, Chamonix in France.

I have covered most of the main attractions and the things that you can do here in the Jungfraujoch region. Of course, there are more that can make your trip more fulfilling and fun like parachuting, paragliding, helicopter rides so on and so forth. If you are looking for an experience like this, click here to start making your bookings!

Hope this article has helped you in deciding on your trip and itinerary around Switzerland! Hope you have a pleasant and wonderful stay!

To your Happiness and Success!

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