Top Things to do in Colorado, USA.

There are tons of amazing things to do in Colorado, Denver! The list is never-ending… Sadly, we did not have enough time, and we only covered some of the more popular spots in Colorado. Will try to include as many places of interest and the best things to do in Colorado. If you are looking for a comprehensive travel guide on Colorado, we have prepared it for you. Click here to find out more. Below, we have compiled for you the must do things in Colorado and the most scenic places in Colorado. 

Our Road Trip Journey:

Our 618 Miles Journey in Colorado!

Our 618 Miles Journey in Colorado!

Top Things to do In Colorado, USA! 

  1. The Gardens of the Gods, Colorado

The Garden of the Gods, Colorado, USA.

The Garden of the Gods, Colorado, USA.

A public park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. It is comprised of 1300 acres of fascinating Architectural sandstone formation. This park has hiking trails and a visitor center where you can check and ask your relevant question.

It is also suitable for handicapped, and parking lots are available typically unless you are traveling at a time where it is crazily packed.

There are a few stops that you can take to see the viewpoints. Most popular viewpoints with shot hiking trails are Balanced Rock, High point overlook and many more. Click here to find out more about the Gardens of the Gods. All points are easy to navigate with a car. You can drive to each location, park outside and take a short walk to each point. Some spots require you to hike longer. 

2) Pikes Peak Highway, Colorado

Pikes Peak Highway Scenic Drive!

Pikes Peak Highway Scenic Drive!

A scenic drive to view the most breathtaking views of Colorado Springs and the entire island! You can even see to Wyoming if the sky is clear. An effortless drive to Pikes Peak which is the highest summit of the rocky mountains. Summit closes at 4 pm and opens at 9 am. Do note that the last entry is 3 pm. There are admission fees of $15 (per adult) and $5 (per child). There is a carload Discount Rate for up to 5 Passengers. Click here for more information. 

3) The Great Sand Dunes National Park, USA

Our Great Sand Dunes adventure in Colorado, USA!

Our Great Sand Dunes adventure in Colorado, USA!

The drive from Gardens of the Gods was about 3 hours. As we were driving on Highway CO-150N Highway towards the Great Sand Dunes, the views were Spectacular. Along the side of the roads, after entering the highway towards the Great Sand Dunes, we could see Sunflowers alongside, mountains at the backdrop with vast patches of open grass fields around us. It was Breathtaking! This is one of the must-visit places in Colorado! 

As we drove on, we could see the Great Sand Dunes from afar. It was Huge! We were always wondering… “How did this happened?” The sand. It’s dunes. It was Spectacular! 

Check out our post for more detailed information on the Great Sand Dunes National park and the things to note before going; Whether it is camping, sightseeing or eating! 

4) Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, USA

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado USA!

Black canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado USA!

This was a very interesting park with spectacular views especially when you are driving up to the park! It was a little scary as we were on the edge of the Mountain when going uphill. Just be extra careful! There are two entrances that you can take: South Rim Entrance From Montrose, Co (15 miles up) or the North Rim Entrance from Crawford, Co (11 Miles up! We went to the South Rim Entrance and saw these Spectacular views! 

Do note that the park is closed during the Winter period!

The specialty of this park is that it contains the most profound and dramatic section of the canyon. After asking your relevant questions at the visitor park, you can drive up to the appropriate points. The points require you to take a short hike. Most of them have got unique names according to their characteristics: The painted wall, Fissure so on and so forth. It was eye-opening as we saw how the rocks were formed here! The High points require you to take a short Hike of about 137 miles, and the views are spectacular. I remembered rushing to the sunset point immediately after this hike. We did it hastily but glad we made it. 

Sunset was beautiful here… After the sunset, the place turned pitch dark, and the feeling of the area was simply peaceful and serene. The drive down after the sunset was pitched darkness. 

Do switch on your high beam and look out for deer on the way. Just be careful. We almost crashed a deer on the way down. 

5) Mesa Verde Exploration, Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, USA!

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorda, USA!

About a 3 hours and 41-minute drive from Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. This place was different from the rest of the National Parks in the USA. It is known for it Clidd Palace and different Cliff Dwellings showing you how the Nomadic Pablo Indians have lived in the past. 

As you join the different tours like Balcony House, Cliff palace tours, you will be guided by a tour guide around the Cliff Dwellings and further understand the history of the Pableo-Indians and how they lied in the past through Basketmaking, hunting, and gathering. 

It was an eyeopener experience as we discovered many stories of the past and how smart the Paleos were! 

We liked the Long House tour the best as it was the only tour that I remembered with the handprints and the Storages! 

Other Places that you can Consider going to: 

  1. San Juan National Forest 
  2. Colorado National Monument 
  3. Hanging Lake 
  4. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park 
  5. Visit Denver, Colorado! 
  6. Red Rocks Amphitheatre! 

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