Table Rock State Park, Sc: Our 5 Hours Hike Up!

This is one of the best state parks we have visited! Some State Parks are really boring but this hike was a good one. We did not regret climbing those really steep rocks! We saw spectacular views from above. It’s been a long time since I last hiked and this took us about 5-6 hours. Boy, It was really exhausting. Nonetheless, the feeling of hiking up was just so auspicious and blissful. It was worth it, definitely.

Finding Table Rock State Park

Table Rock State Park has 2 entrances. Entrance fee costs $5 per adult, $3.25 for Senior Citizens and $3 for children from 6-15 year old.

To rent boating equipment, find hiking trails, camping and more go to the entrance at West Gate.

 Top Things to do in Table Rock State Park, Sc

Table Rock State Park offers a variety of things such as hiking ( from easy to difficult trails), camping, kayaking, canoeing, pedal boating and other water activities in the lake. There’s also a platform where you can jump down into the lake. It’s really cool and interesting. You can check out Table Rock State Park Trails or more information about it here! 

1. Boat Rental!

Prices of boat rentals:

Fishing Boat Rentals (Non-motorized) $15/day

Fishing Boat Rentals (Motorized) $25/day

Canoe/Kayak Rentals $5/half hour

Pedal Boat Rentals $7/half hour from 1st March to Sunday after Thanksgiving

We wanted to go for the boat ride but decided to hike instead.

The trails on the park are as follows: Carrick Creek (1.9 miles), Mill Creek Pass (.7 mile), Pinnacle Mountain (4.1 miles), Ridge Trail (1.9 miles) and Table Rock NRT (3.6 miles). We chose to hike Table Rock as it was a hike where we could see spectacular views from the top! Pinnacle was a little too long.


As we were up to the challenge that day, we went for the strenuous yet popular trail, Table Rock.

We met many friends along the way and one of them hiked up the Pinnacle Trail, the highest point of all the trails that Table Rock State Park has to offer. She told us that it has a better view than Table Rock but we were too exhausted to go for another hike but I would love to try it if I have the chance in the future.

Do note that all hikers have to be registered first! Overnight camping is not permitted on trails. If you wish to stay overnight, a valid overnight parking permit has to be purchased at the kiosk before hiking up.

One of The Small Waterfalls in Table Rock State Park:

You can bring your kids to swim and play around the different waterfalls.

All the trails started at the same point thus, we were able to see all the waterfalls along the way up.

It was so beautiful. Many people were playing in the waterfall, we really wanted to dip in but we do know we have a long way up (Round trip takes about 5h depending on how many stops you take and how long you stop for). So we decided to stick to the original plan.

The trail is made up of steep and gentle slopes on pavements made up of bare soil, steps and rocks. We had to climb a really steep rock before arriving at Overlook 2. It was tough but we did it!!!

The most difficult part about going up is the steep slopes that really drained our energy. I literally gulp a mouthful of Gatorade everytime we stopped to hydrate ourselves! Fortunately, going up wasn’t just about steep slopes. It has a mixture of gentle and steep slopes so we had a bit of rest in between.

When coming down, it’s actually quite slippery so be careful! Someone slipped and fell! Luckily not down the mountain but just on the ground.

In addition, please try not to stand too close to the edge of the mountain. Apparently, someone slipped and fell down the mountain just last year! It was really unfortunate so DO NOT STAND TOO NEAR THE EDGE! It would be really sad if you fell, to you and your family. Take care of yourself. If you are not too sure about the stability of the ground, don’t take this kind of chances!

There were also many overlooks (about 4-5) along the way but the ones at the top are way better so don’t stop! It’s actually better to take 2-3 min short breaks instead of long ones when hiking because for me, hiking is really about the momentum so i would get too lazy to move when i take longer breaks!

Overlook Picture 1: 

Overlook Picture 2: (The Governor’s Rock)

Overlook Picture 3: (New friends we met on the way!)

Overlook Picture 4 with the Beautiful Lakeeee: 🙂

Rest if you are not feeling well during the Hikel. Just rest, don’t push yourself too hard. Get help. It will get worse when you exhaust yourself and also because the air gets thinner the higher you climb!

When we were almost reaching the end, Governor’s rock overlook almost seemed like we have reached the summit. It is a huge steep rock that made us think that’s why the mountain is called Table Rock but it’s not the end! It’s just a very beautiful overlook and that’s where we rested for a while before heading up again. We were really disappointed that it wasn’t the end but someone told us to go all the way to the end to see the best overlook so we continued our journey up to the ‘end’.

The next point is the Summit of the Table Rock Mountain, do not stop. Go further in, you will meet the most breathtaking and the best view from Table Rock Mountain. On the way in, you will definitely go through this amazing hike!

Hiking through the woods to the Overlook 4!

You will be greeted with a great overview of the mountains, lake and pine trees. It’s indescribable and definitely made our climb worthwhile.

More Overlook 4 Pictures:

I am really glad that the weather was simply perfect, the people we met were so friendly and last but not least we made it to the very top! It was just so satisfying! We stayed at the top for around 30mins and made our way down with a blissful and light heart.

Table Rock State Park Lodging:

If we knew about camping earlier, we would definitely have camped here! It would be so convenient and there was no need to drive around. Anyways, we saw the cabins and campgrounds! You can choose the kind of accommodation you want to stay in for the night! I bet it wouldn’t be that expensive too. You can check out here to find out more about table rock nc camping!


1. Phone (Download ‘All Trails’ App, service is available at some points) This is a hike free download app which helps you to track the exact location of your hike as you climb up the mountains! It gives you a rough gauge of where you are!

2. Water/ energy drinks (you can buy them at the Visitor’s Center but its more expensive)

3. Hiking Sticks ( Visitor’s center have them too)

4. Map (if you don’t have a smartphone, the Visitor’s center sell them at $2 per map)


1. Table Rock State Park hours: Visitor center closes at about 5 pm. So hikers have to register beforehand.

2. Go to the entrance at West Gate

3. Do not stand too near the edge

4. Bring essentials ( See Above)

5. Download Google Offline Map ( We wanted to go to Twin Falls and Mount Sassafrau, we did not have signal and ended up going up to North Carolina!)

6. While Hiking, be prepared to not have signal!

To your Happiness and Success!

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