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The Marina Area in Singapore

Singapore, famously known as the ” Little Red Dot,” due to it being one of the smallest countries in the world. Though it is small in size, it is one of the economic giants in Asia today. Talking a time span of only 30-40 years, Singapore has developed rapidly. It became one of the most favorite destinations for tourist today. People from all around the world love visiting Singapore to see the fantastic sights like The Merlion, Gardens By The Bay, and many more. To find out more about The Top Things to do in Singapore, Click here!

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Your Singapore Travel Guide

a). Accommodation

Navigating around Singapore through the public transportations is very easy. Due to it being tiny, it takes you about an hour to get from one end to another by public transit and one hour by car. However, as a tourist, it is best to stay in one of this districts to maximize your experience in Singapore. Attractions have been well-planned, and most are located in the downtown core areas, within close vicinity. Below are some of the areas that you can consider staying at.

      1. Orchard Road

The central of Singapore where you can find major shopping malls and luxury brands. Shopping malls are lined on this one-way street, and you can shop both indoor and outdoor It is 2.2km long, and you can walk from one end of Orchard to the other to experience it all! If you love shopping, Orchard is for you! The crowds during the weekend would spur your shopping mood and allow you to enjoy the bustling sounds of the city.

Some hotels only require you to walk five minutes or have direct access to the malls. They include Holiday Inn, Orchard Gateway, and Four Seasons Hotel Singapore.

     2. Marina Area

The Downtown core of the city where you can catch Singapore’s most beautiful city sky live.

Over here in the Marina Area, it is the civic district of Singapore and where most of the top landmarks and attractions are located. You will find the well-known Iconic Hotel, The Marina Bay Sands, the historic landmark that symbolizes Singapore, The Merlion, The Singapore River and many more!

There are many iconic hotels like The Marina Bay Sands, Fullerton Hotel where you can stay and enjoy the luxury. Finding budget and cheap accommodations would be difficult here. Clarke Quay and the other districts would be a better place to stay.

     3. Sentosa/ Resort World Sentosa

Sentosa, also known as ” The State of Fun,” is an Island Getaway for locals and tourists. People are attracted to Sentosa for their beaches, Resorts World Sentosa attractions, and Casinos! The entire place makes you feel like a fantasy land where there are attractions like The Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium, and Adventure Cove when you can spend a whole day there.

Besides these attractions, you can go to the beaches for a sun-tanning session or play at those adventure parks! Click here to find out more about Sentosa Island! There are luxuries and branded shops where you can shop at too after winning from the casino grounds.

Within the Island grounds, Hotels are located everywhere! You can choose between low-range, mid-range, and high-end ones. If you are a Resorts World member and loves gambling, you can get complimentary night stays at these hotels in Sentosa! Click here to find out more!

     4. Clarke Quay and Chinatown

Clarke Quay is the hippest place in town with nightclubs, bars lined in front of the Waterfront. It is the playground that never sleeps. Chinatown, as the name suggests, is cultural and traditional. It showcases the Chinese who lived in Singapore during the 60s and 70s. Clarke Quay and Chinatown are located just five minutes away from each other.

There are many hotels that you can choose from in these areas. It depends on your preference. Some hotels do offer you spectacular views of the waterfronts and the city view of Marina Area. In Chinatown, you can find budget hotels and cheap accommodations if you are on a budget. Being in the center of town, you need not worry about traveling. Going to your favorite destination could only be one stop away using MRT trains!

     5. Little India and Arab Streets

These areas are more culturally with traditional buildings located near the city center. Train stations are located everywhere making traveling very convenient.

Over here, you get to experience authentic Indian styles, Veliecies and many more. As you step into the Indian grounds, you will feel like you are in India! The sounds of Tamil and Hindi fill the air and the cars horning continuously. Indian restaurants and delicacies are seen everywhere giving you a wide variety of food choices.

Arab Streets is just ten minutes away from Little India. Over here, you find boutique shops and restaurants that emit the Arabs vibe. There are many rows of shophouses selling traditional Arabic items and silk.

Arab Streets is famous among tourist for Photo taking and is the hippiest Street town. To find out more about getting there and the top sights to visit, click here!

There are many hotels, affordable hotels and backpackers lodge here. You can find them on easily.

b) Budget: Food & Apps to use

As a developed country, everything here is typically expensive and on the high side. However, fret not, there are still ways that you save and make the most out of each trip. Compared to the other cities in the world, Singapore offers you food from International Cuisines. Of course, there is a whole range of food prices that you can find.

    1.2). Expensive Eats

The luxury of the luxury. Costly eats would be dining in hotels and high-end restaurants. Many locals enjoy the buffet at the Skydeck, facing the infinity pool, called Club 55 at Marina Bay Sands. These are expensive eats which cost about S$50-S$150 per person.

    1.3) Mid-Range Eats

These can be found in Restaurants. In the Shopping mall. Everywhere you go in Singapore; you will see shopping malls. Malls offer you a vast range of food variety. Per person, it can cost about S$15-S$50.

    1.4) Cheap Eats

Unlike the other countries especially Europe and the USA, Singapore has cheap and delicious foods that you can dive in. Of course, don’t expect good environments like air-conditioned rooms and that sort. These cheap eats can be found in Hawker Center, Shopping mall food courts and almost in every HDB Housing Blocks or local market.

You need not worry about the cleanliness, these have been regulated strictly by the government authorities. I love eating at these places as they offer great local delicacies like Chicken Rice, Laksa, Pork Chop Rice, Fishball Noodles and many more! The great thing is, these foods only cost about S$2-S$10 per plate!

2) Apps that you can use to save money $$$

Surely, There are many applications out there where you can save money $$. Download and Eatigo App when you are in Singapore. They give you great discounts on food, getaways, and attractions in Singapore. gives you cash back if you use FavePay too. and other travel agencies also give discounted prices on attractions to Sentosa, Resorts World, Zoo, Night Safari, and many more adventures. Be sure to book them early in advance as tickets need to be collected a few days before your trip!!

Another way to get freebies is to tour Singapore’s local radio stations like 987fm,95fm, and 91.3fm. They are always giving out free $100 dining experience at HIgh-end Restaurants when you win their guessing games or any of that sort. Be on a lookout!

3) Transportation

As mentioned earlier, getting around in Singapore is very convenient and easy. Singapore is a tiny city, and every attraction is located within close vicinity. Below are some of the transportation methods you can consider.

    3.1) Grab Cars

The easiest and most straightforward way of getting around. Just download the app and ride around the city anywhere, anytime!

    3.2) Transport from airport

You can get a city shuttle from the airport to the main city area at just S$9 per adult. Click here to find out more. You can approach the airport Concierge Counter to find out more.

The MRT train station is also available within walking distances from the arrival hall. Follow the directional signs which say “MRT,” and you will be led to the train station. Tickets can be purchased at the Ticketing Counters.

Buses are also available at the airport if you know where you are headed. A simple way of finding out what bus to take is to use the Moovit app or type in (going to ‘____ ‘) in your safari or google it. They will provide you with the steps and buses to take accordingly. Do ensure that location setting is switched on.

Taxi stands are readily available just one minute away from the arrival halls. CCTV cameras have been installed where you can check on the other taxi stands queue to see if they are available in the current one is experiencing a long queue and waiting lines.

    3.3) Public Transportation

Buses are available everywhere as the Public Transport run throughout the entire city. As said earlier, you can always use the Moovit app or google your destination to find out what buses to take.

MRT Trains are more convenient than buses. They are easy to see, and you can reach your final destination within minutes. Many different exits lead to various destinations. Do read the signs correctly or ask the locals if you are unsure about which exit to take. Train tickets can be purchased at Ticketing Counter.

    3.4) Singapore Tourist Passes

If you are traveling to many various stops in one day, you can grab the Singapore Tourist Pass which grants you unlimited access to all public transport for 24 hours or 48 hours. With this pass, you can save money and the rides as many times as you want!

4) Tours to consider

There are tons of sightseeing tour that you can consider. It depends on your internet in the city skyline, Marina Bay Sands or the cultural aspects. Click here to choose your tours and start booking! 

Singapore Sightseeing – One of the best transportation service any tourist can use to catch Singapore’s key landmarks using the “King” of Hop on and Hop Off tours. By purchasing this, it gives you access to 7 transport lines, 63 bus stops and runs up to 100 trips per day! You need not worry about wasting time waiting for the buses to arrive! Shuttle Buses include rides to Night Safari, Zoo, and Jurong Bird Park. It also gives you 2 free walking tours to learn more about Singapore’s Heritage. 24 hour passes starts at S$39.13. 

Mandai Tours – Visit Singapore’s Zoo, Night Safari, and River Safari, experiencing the diverse wildlife and get in touch with nature! There are Park Hopper options that you can choose from to save money and experience more!

S7 & Gardens by the Bay – Tour starts at S$73; Package includes the “Hop On Hop Off” bus tour and tickets to the twin Conservatory domes.  

2-Day FUN Pass: Universal Studios Singapore + PLAY MAX – Enjoy Universal Studios Singapore and play up to 20 attractions on Sentosa Island! With this package, you can save up to 60%. Prices start at S$185 per adult. 

5) Essentials for daypack and weather

Weather in Singapore is hot and wet throughout the entire year. There are no four seasons. There are some periods where it can continue raining throughout the day and sunny the next few days. It can be unpredictable. can give you a rough guide on the weather in Singapore. Bring an umbrella wherever you go not to get drenched and wet. You can bring a poncho along too for ease of going around.

6) Visa requirement

Visas are required if you are coming from a foreign country. Click here to find out if you need a permit.

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