Pokefi: Reliable Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Device


When I first heard of this Pokefi device, I was amazed. Previously, there was only the existence of personal internet hotspot from our mobile phones and its limited data. I saw a lot of influencers recommending other hotspot devices like the iChangi Travel Recommends. I wasn’t interested in that as the rental fee was a minimum of $5 per day. It was expensive for me since I travel for long periods of time.

My Sister, Diana, she found another hotspot device called Pokefi, and we decided to give it a try during our Trip to Europe. During our one month trip across Europe and visiting different places, we used the Pokefi device all the way. We had one SIM card for communication purpose, and that was all. It was an enjoyable one Month experience.

This is not a paid advertisement. We are recommending and reviewing this product according to how it was during our one month trip to Europe. Of course, there are both pros and cons of using Pokefi. Find them out below!

Specifications of Pokefi: The Portable and Handy Internet Hotspot Device:
Network: 4G/LTE up to 150Mbps*
Power : Li-polymer 3850mAh
Input : 5V / 2A
WiFi Connection: 802.11b/g/n
Usage: up to 12 hours
Support Quick Charge 2.0
Charging Interface: Micro USB
Dimension: 110 x 68 x 10mm
Weight: 144g

What I love about Pokefi:

1. Allows 8 Hotspot Connection

For eight wifi hotspot connection, you get to share it with 4 to 5 people or 8 people if everyone uses one device. It is straightforward and functional for a big group. Previously I traveled with my family to Europe, and we connected our mobile phones, computers, and iPads to the hotspot connection with no difficulty.

Best is, the stability of the internet connection is not affected by the number of devices connected. The internet speed and strength is stable and reliable.

Unlike standard mobile phone’s hotspot, the internet gets disconnected very quickly once either device switches off. Besides losing the internet easily on a personal hotspot, the loading page of the speed is slow as well. This does not happen to Pokefi. Even when your mobile phone is switched off, the hotspot works like a regular wifi router that you have in your house. It stays connected throughout without a problem!

2. Small, Light, Portable.

Weighing only about 144g, the Pokefi is handy and easy to carry around. It is a little smaller than an iPhone 7, and it does not feel bulky at all. The Pokefi is portable, and you can easily slip this device into your handbag or day bag bringing it and staying connected wherever you go!

Unlike some big and bulky portable chargers, they are difficult to carry around as its size takes up a lot of space in the bags. I have had this experience before, and it can be rather annoying.

3. Simple to use with 1 Button.

Yes, it only has one button. There is no need to teach a tech-idiot on how to operate this device. They need to press the button once until the blue light surrounding the round button lights up. The wifi signal on the top would be red and will only turn green when the device is connected to the local data network.

4. Long usage duration of 12 hours.

Yes, this is very true for the device. We never had a problem with Pokefi’s battery. It was always connected from the start of the day till the end of the day. The thing is, when we are out, we don’t typically switch off Pokefi. We leave it on so that we stay connected all the time, but the battery never fails us.

It happened to us once in Paris . We were out from morning till 10 p.m. since there were so many things to see and explore! It was our last day, and we wanted to enjoy everything before saying goodbye to beautiful Paris.

We were out at about 9 a.m in the morning and about 10 pm after stepping into our booked Private Car heading back to the Airbnb Apartment; the Pokefi switched off. It was fortunate that we had stepped into the Car before the Pokefi died.

Of course, if you have a portable charger in hand, you can charge the Pokefi device wherever you go! There is no need to worry about the Pokefi’s battery life at all!

5. Pokefi Starter with 5 GB Preloaded Data

Upon purchase, the Pokefi comes with a 5GB preloaded data without an expiration date. You can use this data anywhere! An extra battery is also included in the package. You can order your product here from the direct Pokefi Website at USD 194. For no spare battery, you can buy it at USD 164 here!

They have free shipping worldwide from Hong Kong , so you need not worry about paying extra!

If you ask me about the product price, I would say it is a reasonable price. With this portable wifi device, you do not need to buy SIM cards upon arrival at any country. You may need for calling purposes, but it is not necessary for short trips. You get to stay connected at anywhere around the world and top up extra data if you are afraid it might be finishing soon.

In addition to that, the extra unused data can be kept for your next trip if you did not finish using it. There is no expiration date at all.

For this price, it will always be yours, and it can cost even cheaper than buying a local SIM card wherever you go. SIM cards can be pricey as well depending on where you are doing. We bought a SIM card for SGD 40 in Switzerland. Hearing the price, it makes me surprised.

6. Huge Network Coverage of over 60+ Countries

Stay connected wherever you go! With Pokefi having a data coverage of the major countries in the world, fret not about not staying connected. I remember visiting Switzerland, France, and Italy during my recent trip with Pokefi. We were able to stay connected without any issues. The Pokefi was only slow at the beginning when we arrive at a new place, but after that, the connection is smooth and stable again.

It takes time to register the new place and local network data, but it is better than getting different SIM cards for the various states. I do know that in Europe when buying a SIM card for use, there wasn’t an international one at a reasonable rate. We had to discard the old SIM card and get another new one upon arrival. It was troublesome as these SIM card offices were not found everywhere.

However, with Pokefi, we can roam and stay connected wherever we go, from Switzerland to Italy to France without an issue!

7. Easy to Recharge and Smooth User Interface

Of course, your 5GB data in the Pokefi would expire in no time. Fret not, recharging your internet and data is very simple and easy. First, you need to be connected to Pokefi’s wifi connection. After that, connect to Pokefi, key in your login information and select the number of data you would Like to purchase. After that, you will be redirected straight to the payment page, and it is all done!

If your wifi is finished and you would like to top up your internet, you can also head over to their website and key in the S/N# number of your Pokefi device. However, do note that these internet packages take 24 hours to deliver. So always be prepared and buy more data before it depletes!

At the home page here, you will also be able to check your data balance easily.

8. Right Data Pricing

The data pricing of 5GB per package is not very pricey as well. It costs about USD 15 for 5 GB of data and expires two years from the time of activation.

Besides 5 GB of data, there are other options as well like 5-day unlimited data passes for only USD 15! There are also one day passes, and 1 GB passes as well. Click here to find out more.

9. Reliable and Strong Internet Connection

The first worry about a portable internet device is its internet speed and strength. I understand it is common trouble we all have. Luckily, the Pokefi provides fast and stable internet, and that is what I love about it.

Of course, there are cons about the Pokefi device. However, once my devices are connected to it, pages load so quickly. Even when our mobile phones are switched off, we remain connected and can receive messages, emails and all the different notifications.

At one time, we charged the Pokefi for the entire night and forgot to switch it off. In the morning, our phones were still connected and had a stable internet as well. It was simple and easy to use! Best is still its stable and reliable wifi connection!

It is not different from your wifi connection at home.
Of course, for every electronic device, there are the cons and bad things about it. I do not want any complaints from you guys saying that I did not mention this and that. 🙂 It’s all about sharing, and there is a need for me to keep you informed about these products.

The Annoying things that happen on my Pokefi Device:

  1. Slow loading time

At times, as we move from one state to another, the Pokefi takes a long time registering to the local network. Sometimes it takes a long time to load, and I had to restart the device to get connected.

It can be annoying at times because that is the time when you desperately need the Pokefi’s internet to work for communication purpose or any other online booking services.

Tip: Before leaving a destination, switch on the Pokefi and ensure that your mobile phone is connected to the device. With that, it saves you a lot of time and trouble standing on the roadside trying and hoping that the Pokefi device would work. It happened to me before that’s why I recommended this. Haha!

2. 5 GB Data finishes rather quickly

Maybe it is because we stayed connected for the entire day without switching the device off. Another thing was that we had a total of 5 to 6 devices connected to the Hotspot which might be a reason for the internet running out quickly.

Saving Data Tip: When I came to know that the internet runs out quickly, I changed my habits a little. I switch off the data hotspot when I was driving for long hours since there was no need for it. I switched off my Wifi signal on my mobile phone when using google maps. (I have already downloaded offline google maps to ensure we don’t get lost.)

By doing all of this stuff, the internet did not finish very quickly, and 5GB lasted me for the last ten days of my trip after my family departed to Singapore from Paris. I may have used less than 5GB of data cause I did not experience any slowdown during my last ten days trip.

3. Internet speed slows down when 5 GB is near to depletion.

When the one package data is finishing, the data slows down before its ability to reset and start the next package. It can be annoying at times as the website page hangs there without loading. This is unavoidable, but it does not last for a long time.

4. Hotspot connects only those Nearby

Like any other hotspots, it only keeps those nearby connected. So, if we were to go on separate ways during a trip, it can be hard contacting each other. We must always ensure that someone has a SIM card or another Pokefi device to stay contactable in case anything happens.


Pros of Pokefi:

1. Allows 8 Hotspot Connection
2. Small, Light, Portable
3. Simple to use with 1 Button.
4. Long usage duration of 12 hours.
5. Pokefi Starter with 5 GB Preloaded Data
6. Huge Network Coverage of over 60+ Countries
7. Easy to Recharge and Smooth User Interface
8. Right Data Pricing
9. Reliable and Strong Internet Connection

Cons of Pokefi:

1. Slow loading time
2. 5 GB Data finishes rather quickly
3. Internet speed slows down when 5 GB is near to depletion.
4. Hotspot connects only those Nearby

There are some alternatives to the Pokefi Device like Xiaomi, Huawei and TP-link. We did conduct our researches and Pokefi seems to be one of the best hotspot devices out there today!

Another close option would be the iChangi Travel Recommends. If you are residing in Singapore, this is good to go alternative. If you do not often travel and go on frequent short trips, the iChangi Travel Recommends might be a good option for you! You can rent it and return it easily at Changi Airport Arrival Lounge. Do note that prices defer for different countries. Click here to find out more now.

For us, we travel a lot and enjoy spending 1 to 4 months in another country like the USA, Europe, and India. If we regularly took the iChangi Travel Passport, the cost would be much higher. It depends on your travel style and places that you visit.

Another option would be to activate your local data passport line before departing! Before coming to know of Pokefi, I used my local data of 6GB for one month while traveling across the USA. It only cost me an extra fee of SGD 10 to activate and use this data from my local Singapore line. It was cheap and worthwhile. However, for traveling across different countries In Europe, it costs about SGD 50. Hence for this, it was better to purchase the Pokefi and share it across the various devices.

Places to purchase your Pokefi:
1. Electronic Store – I am not too sure if there are many around the world, but you can try your luck there!
2. Carousel – We bought our Pokefi from Carousel, and it is 2nd hand. Just beware of that and check your seller before confirming the purchase!
3. Hong Kong International Airport: You can pick up the Pokefi from ‘Sound and Vision’ in Terminal 1’s public area, or any one of their other stores in the airside area, for HK$990 (or around US$127)
4. Cathay Pacific Duty-Free Shop: Duty-Free? Yes! You get to save more money and get the original Pokefi! You order it from here!
5. Order it directly from the Website: Yes, it includes free Worldwide Shipping as well! This will be the best option if you want to have the original Pokefi. Click here to order the Pokefi + Spare Battery or only the Pokefi!

Although there are various cons about the Pokefi Device, it is still user-friendly and easy to use. Most importantly, it provides a strong wifi connection wherever we are. At the least, it fulfills what it is supposed to be as a portable hotspot device; To stay connected throughout without connectivity issues.

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