Malaysia Travel Guide

Malaysia, one of Southeast Asian countries, is known for its diverse nature from beaches, rainforests, old time colonial buildings, One of a kinds Travels and a whole range of shopping districts for you to choose and enjoy.
It can never get better as you hop from one state to another exploring the true nature of what Malaysia can offer. They are all different, unique and special. There are tons of things to do in Malaysia, you can never get bored of it.
I have been there so many times that the roads, how it works, what to do, the places to go are on the back of my head.
Some of the top cities to visit include Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia), Malacca, Penang, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Taiping, and many more! I have been to most of these places. Some were just a touch and go while for some, I did spend a long period of time there.
Below are some of the tips and advices you can use during your next trip to Malaysia!

A) Accommodation

Finding an accommodation within the city area is simple and easy! You can just book it through the usual sites like Airbnb,, and whatsoever. There are tons of it. Fret not about budget and the cost of these hotels, they are reasonable and you can find one or two that are below USD 20 per night!

2. Hotels

One of my favourite modes of stay in Malaysia! For my travels, I have been staying in hotels as they are affordable and near the main attractions. Prices range from USD 10 to USD 300 per night for 2 people, depending on the brand of the hotel.
For example, in Kuala Lumpur, Hotels are more expensive since it is in the main capital. Copthorne, Majestic Hotels are the higher end Hotels that can cost a lot for one night.
For cheaper range hotels near the main attractions, there is Artisan Eco Hotel, Petaling Jaya which I stayed for only USD 20 ++ per night for 2 pax. The room was comfortable and it had everything that we needed.
Best thing was the location, just 5 minutes away from Sunway Pyramid Shopping centre! Access to food, drinks, shopping was just a step away!
There are other affordable hotels that I have stayed in which cost less than USD 20 like The Straits Hotel and Suites at Malacca, Tropics 8 Suite Hotel in Penang and The Sterling at Malacca. They were all affordable with a good pricing and most importantly, comfortable.
Besides cheap hotels, if you are looking for a rich getaway without spending too much money, you can find amazing resorts in Malaysia as well! Click here to find out more now!

3. Airbnb

Airbnb is trending in Malaysia especially in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, and Malacca. You can find it anywhere and there are unique selections like Superheroes suites where you can stay and feel like a Superhero! If you have breaks between your travels you can Click here to find out more!
Prices of Airbnb range from USD 10 to USD 300 per night per person. There are bigger units that can accommodate a lot of people and that is not a problem.
I do know of one Airbnb at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur priced at SGD 300 per night and it can accommodate about 10 people to party all night! It is a beautifully designed loft and staying there makes you feel so comfortable. Click here to find out now! For SGD 30 per night, you can to stay luxuriously in a comfortable huge loft! You cannot find this anywhere else in the world!
To Note: Always check and carefully read reviews before planning your travels and making a booking. I am sure you would like someone who is good to host you than someone who does not provide you with their best hospitality.
Truth to be told, Airbnb apartments can be better than some hotel apartments today. Since Hotel Apartments are managed by big companies, they tend to overlook matters like a rundown home and fail to refurbish the homes. I have stayed in poor hotel apartments in Penang before and it wasn’t a wonderful experience at all.
Sometimes, Airbnb can be a good apartment option! On the flip side, I have also stayed in wonderful apart-hotels In Malaysia like Tropics 8 Suite in Penang and The Establishment by Plush in Kuala Lumpur. These apartments were so comfortable that I wouldn’t mind going back and staying there again.

4. Camping

Camping is not a common thing to do on travels in Malaysia since there are so many budget and affordable hotels everywhere!
There are budget chained hotels likAirAsia group located around the whole of Malaysia, making it easy for you to do a stopover and explore the quieter parts of Malaysia! Click here to find out more.

B) Budget 

1. Food

Buying and eating in Malaysia can be the happiest thing to do! It is affordable and you can find meals ranging from USD 1 to USD 10 easily! Even at expensive and high-end restaurants, you get to enjoy the luxury and pay less for it!
For example, a 2 person meal can range from USD 3 to USD 30. Roti Canai, a famous local delight in Malaysia, with a Teh Tarik can cost about USD 2 to USD 4. You can even eat this for Breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Korean BBQ at any restaurant would cost about USD 7 to USD 10 per person. Comparing this to the other developed countries in the world, food prices in Malaysia is very affodable.
You can also drop by any hawker centre to buy a Nasi Lemak and Coffee for USD 1.30 as well! It makes life so happy when you are there as we get to eat everything and anything that we want. Good food should always be included in your Travels!

2. Attractions

As Malaysia is diverse, there are tons of things that you can do in your travels. There are museums where you can find out about the Colonial History of Malaysia, famous observatory towers like the KL Tower, Twin Tower and many more! Museums cost about MYR 3 to MYR 15 per person while the observatory towers can cost about MYR 15 to MYR 30 per person. Click here to find out more now.
There are tours available where you get to visit the towers and have free transport as well. It is very worth it. I wanted to go for some of these tours but we were too last minute with our booking and was not possible. Do book early to save more money and time!
There are also nature places like Batu Caves in KL, Kek Lok Si temple in Penang or mountain trekking in the Peninsula! You just can’t get enough of it. Best is, most of these nature attractions are free of charge. Just ensure that you have the appropriate dressing before entering! MYR 0 for these attractions.

3. Money-saving Apps to Download

We love discounts on travels! Who doesn’t?! When you are in Asia, download apps like for everthing, for attractions, and for food!
Do remember to book early to enjoy the best discounts! You get to enjoy attractions to the KL tower, observatory tower and get 10% to 70% off the different restaurants you can find on Eatigo! It’s a value for money save!
P.S I love shopping in Malaysia, dining at restaurants, watching a movie or buying at the super-market! It is all so affordable. Sometimes, I would treat myself to a massage to enjoy! They can be cheap and good as well.
For example, a massage at Thai Odyssey can cost about USD 15 to USD 30, depending on the duration and type of massage. In Singapore, a massage parlour that has similar standards like the one at Thai Odyssey can cost about USD 50 to USD 100 per person. Now, you know why I love it in Malaysia! Plus, Thai Odyssey offers brilliant massage. We loved it there so much!

C) Transportation

As Malaysia is a huge country, we will touch on 2 different transportation methods: Across Malaysia from one state to another and Within the City.

1. Across Malaysia

With the train service traveling from Johor to Penang, there is never a better way to travel from one state to another with Malaysia’s Railway Train, ETS.
It can be much faster and better than taking a car from KL to Penang. Buy your tickets early as they are sold out quickly. Tickets are not expensive at all. A train ticket from KL to Butterworth Penang costs about USD 15 to USD 30 per person. Click here to book your tickets now —>
Besides trains, there are also buses that brings you from one end to another easily. You can book them on,, or
My personal preference in my travels is by train if I am going from state to state within Malaysia. Driving or taking a bus is a waste of time and longer than the trains as rest stops are needed on the way, and the duration of travel is subjected to the traffic conditions.
The highway from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is prone to accidents occurring from time to time. I have had an experience where the traffic jam lasted for a total of 8 hours. It was terrible…
Sadly, if I am coming in from Singapore to KL/Penang, I would take the bus as there are no train stations near Singapore where I can board. The nearest one in Johor is about 3 hours drive away from Singapore. Hopefully, when the High Speed Rail is complete, I can travel into Malaysia with great convenience.
Another option would be to fly into KL or Penang from Singapore. Air tickets range from USD 50 to USD 100 without baggage.

2. Within the Cities

The cities have different modes of transport but most of them are standardised. I rarely use Public transport during my travels to Malaysia. I typically travel with private hires like Grab or we stay near the attractions so that we get easy access all around.
For private hire, look out for discounts offered by the company! For example, during our stay in Penang, Tropics 8 Suite, we had eligibility for $5 OFF rides fro Tropics 8 and back to Tropics 8. The promotion was usable for 5 trips back and off. We paid only MYR 1 to MYR 3 per ride with 4 people in the car!
I rarely take taxi unless I need it from the airport directly!

3. Car Rental

This is possible if you are traveling from one state to another or heading to the tropics of Malaysia! Just be careful on the road as it can be dangerous. The highway from Singapore to KL to Penang is known for its accidents.
Plus, driving in Malaysia especially in the night can be a dangerous thing to do. There have been a lot of thefts and robbery cases around the island. Even the locals themselves are afraid. The locals would hide all of their belongings to places where it is not visible or carry everything out and leaving the car empty before parking. Always becareful in your travels.
Foreign cars would need to be careful in Malaysia as well, especially in Johor Bahru. Common thefts do occur where thieves steal money or even the entire car. So be careful and take note while traveling in Malaysia!
To Note: There are tolls along the way in Malaysia, you can pay at the counter or have a touch and go card in hand! Look out for the signs on the top, they will say if the counter is open or not! Tolls range about MYR 1 to MYR 300, depending on how long you travel.
For example, from KL to Penang, it costs about MYR 250 to MYR 300. From Singapore to KL, toll prices are about MYR 150 to MYR 200. Petrol prices are cheap in Malaysia! They can cost about MYR 120 for an SUV Sedan, and it would be cheaper for the other smaller cars.

D) Other things to take note of:


A visa is required upon entry for most of the countries. Do check it here! (Click here)

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