Your Los Angeles Travel Guide, California USA.


Hollywood Sign in Los Angelos, LA California USA

Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, LA California USA

Los Angeles, California, is a place known for its Nation’s Film and Television Industry. Some of Los Angeles attractions include the world’s most famous and Iconic “Hollywood Sign” near the Griffith Observatory. Anf of course, don’t forget to hike up to see the Famous Hollywood Sign! (If you have the time for that). There are also many more highlights like Santa Monica and many other destinations! It has great vibes here and a beautiful beach, Besides all of that, the most amazing where all dreams are known to come true is Disneyland LA, California! We had one of our best experiences in Disneyland, California and that is why it is one of California Attractions!

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Your Los Angeles Travel Guide, California, USA.


  1. Accommodation in Los Angeles

Sadly, Camping is not allowed in LA. We just got lucky and the owner of the Campgrounds accepted two little girls with a tent. We didn’t know about this and went Straight to the Campgrounds to ask for a place to stay for the night.

Hotel Prices ranges from $100 – $500 per night depending on the Star Rating and Location of your Hotel. Many would love to stay near Downtown LA since it is accessible to all the different sights!

In the beginning, we thought of staying near the Walk of Fame. However, Luckily we did not do that. The Vibe over at the Walk of Fame wasn’t really good. There were many Solicitors along the road and many seem to be jobless. They looked really haggard and disturbed. It didn’t give me a sense of security and it wasn’t fun walking past these people. We thought the Walk of Fame would have more interesting things to see but there isn’t many. Unless you are looking out for your Favourite Star/Actress!

2. Budget

Food: Food cost relatively the same throughout the whole of USA.

Excursions: Go for the Go City Explorer Pass. It offers you great Incentives to Six Flags, Santa Monica and many more interesting sights in Los Angeles, California! Disneyland ticket is sadly not in the package. The tickets are usually bought through their direct web page. Plus, sometimes the packages that Disneyland is offering can be quite incentivizing. Do check them out before making your booking, Click here to find out more about Disneyland and the things you need to know before going! 

3. Transportation in LA, California.

There are buses and metros available in the city of Los Angeles! Bus fare depends on the duration of your trip ranging from $1 to $10 per trip. There are some transport packages available like the TAP Card, allowing you to ride for the entire day, Week or Month under a fixed price. Click here for more information about the Transport in Los Angeles, LA.


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