Your Las Vegas Travel Guide, Nevada, USA.

Your Las Vegas Travel Guide, Nevada.

Your Las Vegas Travel Guide, Nevada.

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a destination that attracts people from all around the world! Well, we are not good and addictive gamblers ourselves, we thought that there would be nothing to do during our trip to Las Vegas! Hence, we only booked the Hotel for 2 days. However, after checking into our Hotel, we got so so so comfortable in our room and walking the streets of Las Vegas made us not want to leave this place. There was something about the Vibe in here. Everyone was happy, people are relaxed and enjoying themselves. We can’t help it but feel the exact same energy as well!

Due to such, we ended up staying in Las Vegas for a week! It was a crazy but extremely fun week! I remember spending my birthday in Las Vegas as well! One of my best birthday ever! It was definitely well spent!

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Your Las Vegas Travel Guide, NV. 


  1. Accommodation

There are tons of Hotels for you to Stay in Las Vegas and they can be really cheap and inexpensive. Popular hotels would include those on the Stretch Las Vegas Strip near the Venetian Hotel and Resorts that have a Casino in their Lobbies. They are not very expensive unless you are staying in very grand and upscale hotels like the Venetian and Wynn Hotel! Prices range from about $30 to $400 per night, depending on the time that you visit Las Vegas and their Star Ratings.

We stayed at Westgate Resorts & Hotels! It is a little far from the Main Las Vegas Strip! However, we enjoyed our stay in Westgate because of the Free Room Upgrade that we had and we only paid $33 for it! It was super comfortable inside and we were so reluctant to leave the Hotel Room for Sightseeing!

Do note that most Hotels charge a Resort Fee when you book with them. After adding the Resort Fee into your Stay, the total sum can go up to $60 – $100 per night. Guess that is how these hotels make their Money back. Resort Fees are compulsory unless it is a Public Holiday like Labor day! Resort fees are also different for each Hotel. You can always check the amount in the description section in your Hotel Booking website.

Camping in Las Vegas: We decided not to go for it as 1) Hotels were really affordable and 2) The Weather is ridiculously Hot and Humid.

2. Weather in Las Vegas.

Weather in Las Vegas is insanely hot and humid. Temperatures can shoot up to almost 40 Degrees in the afternoon. I remember our afternoon walk was drawing our energy so much that we decided to head back to the Hotel. Do remember to check your weather before doing anything! If you are going to the Red Rock Canyon National Park, Visit it in the Morning. If you are there in the Noontime, you will experience extreme hear and it is definitely not advisable.

3. Budget

Food: Relatively the same throughout the entire USA State. There is great food offers to allow you to gamble your time away. Once you feel hungry, just walk into the Buffer table and eat. This is called the Buffets of Buffets by the Total Rewards Program. This Buffet of Buffet last for 24 Hours and you can visit 5 Different Buffets and try it all! Click here to check out which are the Buffets that you need to try in Las Vegas under the Total Rewards Program! 

Besides the Total Rewards program, there are also other buffets in these upscale hotels! You can try them out if you are bored of the Food under the Total Rewards Program.

Excursions: Go get the City Explorer Pass! It is available in Las Vegas too! Check them out to get it at a discounted Price. Packages are also available to catch Famous shows like Cirque de Soleil and many more!

Free Hotel Stays/Discounted Prices: If you are a full time/ hardcore gambler, by signing up with the Total Rewards Program and gamble, you are able to earn lots of points and redeem it for Hotel Stays..etc! It is very incentivizing as a lot of people get free nights stay and huge discounts on their Bookings!

4. Transportation and Parking!

Lyft and Uber: These bookings are available in Las Vegas city! Just download the Lyft and Uber App and go for it! If you would like a cheaper ride, Just use shared rides where you sit the ride with other people. You will still reach your final destination in no time.

Airport to Hotel: There are several options available for you. Click here to book your preferred mode of Transport! There are Limousines, Airport Shuttles provided by Hotels and Super Shuttle! I used SuperShuttle and I enjoyed it! It is easy to book where you pay a fixed price and you share a ride with many others who have landed at the Airport. I checked it before, it is definitely a cheaper option than riding in an Uber.

Parking: Paid and Free Parking are Available in Las Vegas Strip. Click here to find out more about the Parking Fees for the Different hotels!

We parked at The Venetian Hotel many times and walk along the Las Vegas Strip from there. It is very very convenient unless you are intending to go to the other side of the Las Vegas Strip like New York New York! They have Free Parking available there too! Click here to find out about the Free Parking in Las Vegas, Nevada! 

Monorails & Buses: I am not in the right position to share with you on the Monorails and Buses along the Las Vegas Strip. We wanted to try one of the rides but did not do so. Click here for more Information on the Public Transport in Las Vegas, Nevada! 

Big Bus: Big Bus Operates in major Cities around the world! If you are intending to tour an entire city, it is best to go with Big Bus. You can hop on and hop off the bus whenever you want! The bus stops at popular stops within the city! Click here to book now! 

5. Drink Lots and Lots of Water!

The weather is extremely hot! Drink lots and lots of Water. Stay in Air-Conditioned places if possible! Pass through the Casinos if you are intending to walk the Las Vegas Strip. We do that all the time to not get sick.

6. Under 21, No Gambling Rule.

It is very strict in the City of Las Vegas as many underaged minors try to play a game or 2 here. Anybody working in the Hotel spots and suspects you in your Early 20s or Below 21, they will want to see your ID.Just be Careful. My sister was under 21 and she tried to stay in the Casino Grounds but was constantly chased out by the Security.

7. Shopping in Las Vegas!

There are lots of shopping to do! One of the Biggest Premium Outlets which is Spilt into North Premium Outlet and South Premium Outlet in Las Vegas City. It is located not too far away from the Main city area. There is free parking, food and lots of things to do when you are shopping in here!

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