Lake Jocassee: Kayaking in Devil Fork State Park.


The scenic view of Devil Fork State Park

I would definitely say that Lake Jocassee has got a spectacular landscape and breathtaking views. On this day, we had different options to go like Hiking, Swimming, Kayaking, Boating and etc. Since we hiked at Table Rock State Park (LINK) for about 5 hours the previous day, We decided to do something different!

We decided to go on a tandem kayak. Was it the best way to capture the views yes? The views were spectacular. As you enter, you will see a beautiful, scenic lake with a backdrop of many fold mountains side by side embracing the lake.

The moment we stepped into Lake Jocassee, its beauty made our jaws drop open. This place was definitely similar to what we saw in Europe. It was simply beautiful.

Directions to Lake Jocassee at Devil Fork State Park

Finding our way there was confusing. In the beginning, we googled Lake Jocassee directly and the GPS led us to a private lake.

It was hilarious when the security guard told us he had turned away 100+ people before us that week that the GPS was leading us in the wrong direction. The numbers were insane!

If you were to go to Lake Jocassee, google Devil Fork State Park instead. It will definitely bring you to the right place.

Entering Devil Fork State Park, South Carolina.

Entrance fee for Devil Fork State Park costs $5 for adults; $3.25 for SC seniors (age 65 & older); $3 for children aged 6-15; aged 5 and under for free.

It is open from late spring to mid-fall, 7am-9pm, daily; late fall to mid-spring 7am-6pm, daily.

Office Hours: 9am-5pm, daily.

Do note that when it’s at full capacity, usually around 11-4pm on weekends, the park rangers will divert you to another park. No drop-offs, walk-ins or drive through will be allowed so try not to pick a weekend if you can!

Things to do in Lake Jocassee, Devil Fork State Park, Sc

  1. Rent a Boat & Start Roaming in Lake Jocassee!

Just like any other state park, Lake Jocassee offers hiking trails, boat rentals etc (Check this out for more information) but one exception is that it offers sunset, private, full moon rising and seniors tours every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday that takes up to 4h and only costs $45 per pax! Winter tours are 3h long and cost $35 per pax. (Check this out for more information about these tours) It also has Oconee Bell Nature tour in March that brings you around to see rare wildflowers!

Boating is relatively more expensive in Devil Fork State Park than in Table Rock State Park but the lake itself has 2 waterfalls to be uncovered through the boating experience. 1h boat rental is really expensive so if you have the luxury of time, rent it for 4 hours, it’s more worth it. For us, we rented the tandem boat for 4 hours. We got lost and thus, only had enough time to find one of the waterfalls. We returned the boat late but fortunately weren’t charged for the extra 45mins!

2. Lake Jocassee Waterfall; Devil Fork State Park Waterfalls

The waterfall that we saw is the bigger one if I’m not wrong. Someone told us that the other waterfall is smaller and just around the corner (but we couldn’t find it, maybe our eyes are too small haha) however, the waterfall we saw wasn’t that big as well. It was quite short but anyway it was beautiful!

The sales lady told us that as we kayak, we will be able to see a bend that will guide us to the waterfall. However, when we were there, we could not find the Waterfall at all. There were so many bends. We had to ask someone else (Who were lost as well) for help. They checked it up on their GPS network before finding the exact location of the waterfall.

We were a little disappointed when we arrived at the Waterfall though. IT WAS SO SMALL. We have been kayaking for about 2 hours, hungry and tired but the Size of the Waterfall was disappointing. We expected more and wanted to see all the waterfalls actually. I guess we got a little too excited at the beginning.


The only waterfall found

Please be careful on the rocks. There were many instances that people slipped and fell. Falling on rocks can be deadly so try not to step where algae are formed. It’s usually very slippery there and try not to climb too high up unless you are really confident!

Actually, to be honest, I think there are more waterfalls near the end if you have time. You will have to check with the salesperson because I’m not too sure myself but that’s what I saw from the map given.

Although it was a little disappointing that we kayaked for 5 hours and only saw one waterfall, the view was breathtaking. We enjoyed ourselves during the ride, dipping into the waters, checking out the cool rocks at the shore. It was an enjoyable Kayak experience.

I have kayaked in Singapore several times but it is not as beautiful as this.

Lodging in Lake Jocassee; Devil Fork State Park

Besides Kayaking, there are also accommodations and lodging available! There is Lake Jocassee Cabins, camping, hotels and camping cabins! We had no idea about camping at this time of our trip and so we can’t advise you properly. Click here to find out more!

Tips/ Things to know before going to Lake Jocassee, Devil Fork State Park

1. Get yourself a Sunblock!

We kayaked for 4 hours and got a really terrible sunburn after that! Our skin started peeling off. These pictures don’t do justice to what it really looked like. It became way worse after that.


Sunburn after Kayaking


Sunburn after Kayaking

2. Water / Energy Drinks

It’s really important to hydrate yourself especially when exercising

3. Food

Pack something to eat because there isn’t any restaurants or cafes nearby.

4. Swim Wear if you wish to dip in.

The water is quite clean and fresh! It comes directly from the waterfall!

5. Phone

In case of emergency, you can always call someone. For us, we used it to navigate around after we got lost! It’s really easy to see where we are as compared to using the map provided. Just look at what technology has done to us haha!

6. Waterproof bag/ case

A whistle will be provided if you rent their boats along with the Waterproof Bag!

7. Do not leave your slipper on the floor, you would probably forget them like my sister!

This is how forgetful and clumsy she is!

8. Be careful or just don’t climb if you are a clumsy person!

Walking on the rocks near the waterfall can be dangerous.

All in all, if you have time, do check out this nature site as you pass along South Carolina! I can tell you for sure that you will love this place as much as we did!

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