KL: Staying in a Comfortable Apart-Hotel for less than $10 Per Pax.

The City View From the Master Bedroom, KL.

The City View From the Master Bedroom, KL.

My family was coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a Work-cum-Holiday. I had a huge family, seven kids in the house, My Mom, My Grandma, and three more Adults. It was a total of 12 people. If we stayed in a hotel with 2 in a room, we would need 6-7 Rooms booked for three nights. That was a lot of money. It wasn’t very cost-savvy in my opinion. We decided to book apartment based hotels that could accommodate all of us!

Airbnb was limited and difficult. It was not easy to find an apartment that accommodated the 12 of us. We needed about 2-3 flats. Airbnb does not guarantee that we can stay together with the rest since they are different owners.

Henceforth, I scrolled through the hotels.com app on my iPhone, trying to find the most suitable apartment that could fit all of us in. (Without being too far from each other). We saw some apartment hotels at the beginning of our search. However, they only had one available room which was not sufficient.

Suddenly, a $46 per night apartment and Living Room picture caught my eye: The Establishment by Plush. I was curious about the beautiful modern design and how chic the room was. I clicked on the button to show more rooms, and there you go. I saw an apartment that could accommodate seven people in 1 entire room offering Queen Size, Single Beds, and Twin Beds. They even provided us with extra beds in 1 of the flats that we booked, allowing more people to sleep.

This room was ideal for a family like mine. The room only cost about SGD70 Per night. The room was able to accommodate a maximum of 7 People. So, per person would only cost $10 per night! That was insanely cheap! Staying here was more economical and more comfortable than staying in a Hostel!

If you have a small group of 2-4 pax, no fret! There are smaller rooms available at only SGD 50 & it can fit 4 people. That would cost about $10+ per pax for each night too!

In addition to that, the rooms and facilities were so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to leave the house but to relax in it. I was so happy and relaxed in this apartment, and you will come to know why below! Well, I will be completely honest with you and talk about both and the pros and cons of The Establishment By Plush.

What I liked about The Establishment by Plush:

1. The Apartment

The Establishment by Plush, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Establishment by Plush, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A 700-sq-foot Apartment, beautifully decorated, offering you a balcony which oversees the fantastic city views. There was an ample amount of space around this apartment for seven people to stay. The kids were enjoying themselves climbing up and down the stairs to the bedroom loft.

The little Loft we had in Plush, KL!

The little Loft we had in Plush, KL!

The kitchen was also big enough to navigate. It had a huge fridge, Electric Stove, lots of utensils and eating ware. You could stay here comfortably for a month!

There were two toilets in the apartment. One near the main door and another in the master bedroom. The Master Bedroom offers you glass windows which overlook the city landscape. It was a magnificent view! The Apart-Hotel provided essential amenities like Shampoo, Body Soap, Washing Machine, and Towels for our use!

The Living Room was an excellent place to hang out. Each of the Tv Sets in the room had Netflix on it! As such, we would Netflix and chill all night! It was delightful. One bad thing that I would comment about the TV would be its table. The TV’s desk was short. It wasn’t comfortable sitting on the Sofa and watching TV. In fact, it felt a little weird. Other than that, everything was satisfactory!

2. Location

Location is critical especially when we travel. I have been to places where the area is terrible. We could not find food stores nearby. The most convenient foods were from 7-Eleven.

However, for the Establishment by the Plush, their location was prime. That was one of the reasons why we chose it. It was 5 minutes away from Mid Valley and The Gardens Shopping Mall! It was splendid. When it was dinner or lunch time, we merely hitch a Grab Ride! It was very convenient. Besides that, spending time over at Mid Valley or The Gardens was fun. They had a massive range of shops ranging from the Luxurious to the Middle range goods! You will never get bored of it at Mid Valley.

Of course, if you intend to head down to the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, it would take you about 15 to 20 minutes to get there! It depends on where you would like to go sightseeing and exploring!

3. Cleanliness

The apartment and the entire building was very well-maintained and clean. I felt very comfortable during my entire stay here. Even the rooms were excellent when we stepped in!

4. Facilities

Swimming Pool Facility, The Establishment by Plush., KL

Swimming Pool Facility, The Establishment by Plush., KL

At The Establishment by The Plush, they have the standard range of facilities like a Swimming Pool, Gym and a comfortable open space for you to relax & enjoy! In addition to that, they have a Library for you where you can do your work, read some books or have some quiet time alone to yourself. The idea of having a Library was fascinating and unique.

The Swimming pool overlooked the city landscape. I remembered how the kids enjoyed swimming during our stay here, though they complained about the waters being too cold. There was a jacuzzi located right at the end of the swimming pool. It was a beautiful place to hang out!

In every apartment or hotel, there would be cons to it.

Below are some of the things that I disliked during the stay:

1. Management

The management was weird here. I expected a physical check-in process, but it wasn’t. One day before my check-in, I received a WhatsApp message from the Management of The Establishment by Plush. They were explaining about the check-in process, where we can collect our keys and inform them about Parking 72 hours in advance.

Well, informing them about parking 72 hours in advance was weird since they sent the message late. Due to that, we had to pay for parking in front of the Residences. When I complained about this to the Management, they merely told us to park outside since its free, and security guards were looking after the place. Well, the thing is, finding an open parking space outside the Hotel was difficult since it was mostly filled up at night and we can’t afford to get out car stolen. (Which was very common in Malaysia).

We left that aside and decided not to pursue about the Parking fees since it was just RM 25 per night. Security was vital to us.

Another incident happened on the day of our checkout. We were instructed to drop our room keys into the mailbox, and we did. However, 2-3 hours later, they started calling us saying that the room keys were missing. Well, we did drop it into the mailbox. Maybe it was the wrong hole I guess. After that, I think they located the keys as they did not contact us further.

2. Navigating Around the Apartment

So, my family booked two separate rooms with The Establishment by Plush. They gave us one Apartment on the 12th floor and another Apartment on the 15th floor. When we go to the Apartments using the lift, we are required to tap our room cards which will only go to that specific floor.

Since there were no phones in the room that we could use to call each other, we had to take the stairs or meet at the Lobby to reach each other. Sometimes, we have to wait at the Lobby for all to be present before making our way to the rooms. It can be very troublesome especially for long-term stays.

In all, though there were some cons for staying at The Establishment by Plush, I still enjoyed it very much. The uniqueness of the room designs, how the rooms and laid out and the little loft makes the room very cozy and comfortable. The best thing was that it only cost you $10 per night per pax! What more can we ask?!

To your Happiness and Success!

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