James Bond Island, Phuket: The Best Tour Experience in Thailand!

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James Bond Island, Phuket Thailand

It was Day 3 of our Trip, and we decided to go for another Tour at Phang Nga Bay on James bond Island Tour Phuket! Yesterday, we toured at Phi Phi Islands, and it was not an ideal tour package for us. Click here to find out more about what happened at Phi Phi Islands!

James Bond Island was booked with a tour agency that was near Aspery Hotel. The tour agency name is Andaman Relax Tours, and they are friendly people who will give you good tour packages and tips for your excursions.

They booked us on a 26 passenger VIP tour. It was a fantastic experience as it was very private. We were taken on board a speedboat, and it saves a lot of traveling time from one island to another. It allows us to visit more sights and see more exciting places!

Package Include Drinks on Board, Diamond Cave, Canoeing, James Bond Island, Lunch, Beach Relaxing at Naka Noi Island, Fruits at the end of Tour and Transport to and Fro Hotel.

1. Diamond Cave Tour

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

The Rocks in Diamond Cave, Phuket Thailand

First, we were brought to visit the Diamond Rock, Ice Cream Rock, and many more Lake Formations. It was an unusual and rare experience! Inside the cave was pitched darkness. The tour guides will be carrying a torch, and it would be good if you can switch on your phone’s flashlight for clearer visibility.

Before going into the caves, you will be provided safety helmets to wear so your head doesn’t get injured by the limestones that you can’t see above you. I was careless and got hit twice. Luckily, there was a helmet to protect my head.

It was a magnificent experience! We saw a lake right at the end of the cave from the Rock Hole, and we could see downward rock formations that were shiny!

Below are some of the pictures that we have taken during our adventure:

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

The Diamond Cave, Phuket Thailand

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

The Ice Cream Cone in Diamond Cave, Phuket Thailand.


2. 2nd James Bond Island

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

After that, we went to another James Bond Island and explored the place on a small Canoe Boat! The boat accommodated a maximum of 3 people with a local canoer. We did not need to canoe or do anything as he was an experienced canoer and brought us around the place for sightseeing and photo taking. It was a very relaxing ride around the area as we were following the waves of the sea.

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

Canoeing during the Tour in Phuket, Thailand!

Some of the local Canoers do not know how to speak English/Chinese, but our guide was kind enough to explain to us bit by bit with sign language. He was trying, and we did appreciate him for trying. If you are on this tour, it would be great if you gave them some tips!

3. James Bond Island

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

James Bond Island, Phuket Thailand

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

James bond island, Phuket Thailand

Duration: 30 minutes

Finishing the Canoe, we went to the real James Bond Island. Above are the pictures of James Bond Island. It was populated with people and tourists! There are so many people on this Island, and everyone is trying to grab that good picture.
Here are the different shots I took when we were there. You can choose the best location that suits you. We enjoyed ourselves, but there are just too many people on this small island trying to get a shot with a piece of rock!

I would say that 30 minutes was too little time. We were up and explored the place trying to capture a good shot with the James Bond Rock quickly.

4. Floating Fishing Village

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

Fishing Village for lunch, Phuket Thailand.

After James Bond Island, we headed for lunch at the Floating Village. This was a village that was mainly occupied by Muslims. The Buffet spread and food were excellent! There were also vegetarian options available if needed.

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

The Mosque at the Fishing Village

After lunch, we went to explore the area. There were lots of shops being displayed outside of the locals home. They were selling unique stuff like seashells and bracelets. There was also a big mosque located in the village where most people in the town visit.

We didn’t fancy the shopping much. It was all the same. If you are a fan of spicy food/crackers, some shops are selling that spicy prawn cracker. We didn’t buy any of that as it was prevalent in Singapore !

5. Naka Noi Island

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

Naka Noi Island, Phuket Thailand

We went to another island called Naka Noi after finishing up at the Floating village. Over here, you can do beach relaxing, swimming, sun tanning and water activities ranging from para-sailing, Jet ski, Tubing and many more! Do note that these water activities are on a separate cost and is not included in the tour package.

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

Hanging out at Naka Noi Island, Phuket

The waters here was, and as it was a private island, it was not overpopulated with people. Beach sun loungers were charged at 100 THB per chair. We saw many people bringing their towels, laying it on the ground and relaxing on the soft sand!

There is a shower place available on the island. We didn’t exactly shower. We merely washed, cleaned the sand off and wore our dry clothes.

6. Back to Phuket Island

After the Beach Relaxation, it was time to head back! We were surprised with some nicely Cut Watermelons and Pineapples. It was something unique and very meaningful which rounded up the entire tour experience very well.

Tour, Phuket Thailand, Travel

Thank you Surprise from the tour in Phuket, Thailand!

This tour was perfect! The tour guides took care of us with all their hearts. They made sure that everything was going well and everyone was present before heading back to our next destination. Their service made us feel welcome, happy and that feeling of wanting to go back!

To your Happiness and Success!

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