Your Hotel Guide in Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Traveling is a fundamental activity one will ever want to have every time. It is the essential element that nobody wants to avoid. Its benefits are entirely exclusive. Perhaps that is why the outcome of hard work is a joyful reward.

That is the reason everyone will seek a serene, excellent, and comfortable place to relax at least once or more times in a lifetime. That is why there are fantastic places to visit around this globe. One of the top-rated regions is Jungfraujoch. It is the heart of beauty and comfort that one will ever want. Being your number one preferred destination in Switzerland, it boasts of unique and exceptional view. Jungfraujoch is a place that no one can explain its excellent experience in summary.

Traversing the Switzerland region is a bit expensive. It is costly when you have no idea about the place. However, that should not deny you an ample chance of recreation. It also has cheaper and friendly hotels that will accommodate you for as long as you will want.

The grand reception that one gets while entering this incredible city is a lifetime memory build. It is the joyful moment that will never fade away from the visitors’ mind.

Best world’s renown mega-cities and towns surround it. I will not call it your dream destination today for that is the secret that all visitors and natives have concluded about Jungfraujoch. The cities include the following:

• Grindelwald
• Lauterbrunnen
• Wilderswil
• Interlaken

The other towns that are available around Jungfraujoch are:

• Murren.
• Wengen.
• Mannlichen.
• Gimmelwald.

Reasons Why Jungfraujoch is a Must visit Destination:


  1. It is the most fabulous region that a visitor will want to experience every day. Here is an exclusive secret for you.

2. The Icy air streams will win your prime attention as they are the first experience that will meet you on the go. Besides, the snow crunches that rests under your feet and the entire view welcomes you exclusively once you touch the ground.

3. Your first sight with Mittelland is what will not stop surprising you. As if that is not enough, the silent Aletsch glacier will always trap your most profound joy. Bordering these fantastic views are  4,000-meter peaks. You will never avoid such a heart-touching experience.

4. As you stand at 3,454 meters above the seal level of Jungfraujoch ground, you will make one great confession. Jungfraujoch is the superb place that everyone should visit in this world.

General Features:

• Jungfraujoch massif has the most famous peaks. These are the incredible destinations that climbers and skiers dream to experience.

• The rack-railroad with its best station ever. It is the best rail and rail station not only in Europe but also in the world.

These three ski areas draw the best and renown winter sports celebrities around the world. It is because the place prides of a couple of cableways and lifts that give sight-seers and skiers most comfortable access to the mountain. No wonder all ski beginners navigate easily here. Other sites include but not limited to the following:

The scenic splendor, postcard-pretty towns with all kinds of naturally attractive atmosphere. This place is a must visit for every touring enthusiast. No visitor has ever regretted being at Jungfraujoch.

On the other hand, the place prides itself on accommodating the world’s most loved environment. Lauterbrunnen valley which extends from Zweil&tchinen as it settles to the foot of the massif. Sheer rocks peacefully enclose this typically high valley of Alpine. From these rocks come great drops of waterfalls which end into the frothing ribbons.

Jungfraujoch has a vast collection of excellent museums and exclusive hotels. The calm weather in the city will always keep you comfortable.

The Best and Most Affordable Hotel in Jungfraujoch

Before we embark on the most famous hotels, let us clear some things about them. While some hotels in Switzerland do not allow free cancellation, some do. That is why we shall stay within the limits of free-to-cancel hotel zones. Besides, some hotels are far from towns and attraction centers while others border these regions. They are walking distances from significant stations for travel. Some hotels are expensive, but this guide bases fact on pricing between $50 and $200 within best towns.

Murren Town

  1. The Exclusive Hotel Alpina.


This hotel is better than any of the hotels you can imagine. The first thing that hotel Alpina boasts of is its elegance. More so, it stands 5 minutes walk away from the famous train station. For the cable car enthusiast, this is the hotel for you. It is just 10 minutes walking distance from the station at Lauterbrunnen. It gives you a variety of options to select. You can either use the cable car or train right from Grutschalp to Murren.


The rooms are just gorgeous. They have everything you will ever want. No wonder most visitors here call hotel Alpine the paradise of Switzerland.

The hotel is all-time amazing. It freely offers stunning views and hardly will any visitor leave without comeback. It has a fantastic restaurant with a tremendous view. Moreover, the restaurant serves exceptional dinner beside the continental breakfast buffet.

The staffs at Hotel Alpina are super-friendly. That makes every visitor here comfortable and peaceful.

The only challenge here is that their rooms do not accommodate shared booking. No wonder it is such an affordable hotel in Switzerland.

2. The top-rated Alpenblick Hotel & Restaurant.


This hotel is a perfect home for a hardworking skier. Whether in season or out of season, Alpenblick Hotel and Restaurant is a beautiful destination for you.

The hotel has professional staffs and incredible rooms. It is the most friendly hotel with excellent value for every visitor. It is an all-inclusive hotel with the commendable environment. Its beauty makes it the best place you will want to spend more freely while in Switzerland.

It is the only hotel with clean and most comfortable rooms. The staffs are accommodating for all special request of your choice. It offers a variety of breakfast and dinner besides having a beautiful view for Grindelwald.

For physical exercise, this is the best hotel since it is 15 minutes walk up the coveted hill. On the other hand, there are bus services that often operates in front of the hotel. The buses will take 5 minutes from the station for trains.

Wengen Town

3.  The Exceptional Hotel Edelweiss.


Whether it’s your first or the ninth visit, the Hotel Edelweiss will be incredible. It offers thorough comfort and joyful experience.

Once you enter the gates of this fantastic hotel, you will meet a fabulous reception from the staffs and the environment at large. In all sections of the hotel, there are exclusive views of the spectacular valley. This hotel has a fabulous trampoline at street-side for the children to play while the parents dine.

Besides that, the beds here are unique. They are Swiss designed with exclusive comforters and feather pillow. You can’t imagine how great the hotel is.

As though that is not enough, the hotel has rooms provided with incredibly hot tea kettles with room safe closet. What everyone will enjoy most is the balcony of this hotel. They have paragliding paths which proceeding underneath.

The hotel is 4 minutes walk from the world-class train station for those seeking to use the Grutschalp cable car. Besides, it is 10 minutes walk from Stechelberg cable station.

It offers a fantastic breakfast of your choice. It includes but not limited to the muesli, eggs, cheese, cereals, bread and even meat. Fruits here are as plenty as you will imagine. That is why everyone who visited this place will recommend you to become their next guest. It is an incredible place with an exclusive view of the most fantastic surrounding. Its diet is a wide choice that does not bother veterans or newcomers. It is in a very calms place with no external disturbance. Their staffs are so friendly and happily welcoming. They are professional and interactive people everyone will love to meet.

Interlaken Town

 4. The Best-rated Interlaken Linda Inn Lodge.


The hotel is at the heart of Interlaken. It is fun itself since it is at the center of all the impressive views you have wanted to see. It has free all-time WiFi support for all time connectivity. It also offers high-class accommodation services of your dream. It has spacious rooms with extensive facilities. This hotel is the best for you for its affordability and all-time support staffs.

You will always make tea in your room at the time of your choice since all facilities are available. All rooms here have private bathrooms. You don’t have to share. To this hotel, personal privacy is always the number one priority. You will find all the kitchen property in this hotel. They include but not limited to ovens, the stoves, strong microwaves, beautiful fridges, fantastic dishes, and all the necessary utensils. It is due to the highest demand for the rooms at this hotel. It boasts itself of the understanding and friendly staffs. Its prices are quite impressive and of good value.

The place is 601 meters away from the train station. It is 6 minutes walk from the renown train station in Interlaken West. More so, it offers a free connection of WiFi. Therefore all the visitors can enjoy browsing at their select time and will. Besides that, the facility offers first class accommodation is an exclusively clean environment. Besides, 601 is enough for all your desired physical exercise.

5. The Happy inn Lodge.


Happy Inn Lodge is the best destination offering incredible services. If you are always seeking exceptional attention from the best staff, then this is the place you will want to visit. It also has a beautiful restaurant with ever-welcoming staffs. It also boasts of a perfect terrace and bar where any guest can happily dine in all seasons and most likely, during summer.

The lodge is at the heart of Interlaken center. What nobody knows is that this restaurant and inn offers shuttle services during winter to its esteemed visitors. The hotel provides free WiFi to all its guests. The signal is always available to all its guest within the rooms and around. It boasts of free parking section to all guests with vehicles and trucks. All of this is at no fees. It enjoys functionally clean and furnished rooms with desks. Each room has one for the guest. That is to mean that each is for a single user.

It is a very interactive place that you will ultimately have peace while here. All this is because it has its staff facilitating incredible activities like tandem skydiving, paragliding. Moreover, they organize canyoning and rafting for its guests. All this happens on request. Until October, the hotel has live music evenings each Thursday. It also provides exclusive services like cars and bicycle rentals. The storage room is available at this place for ski facilities. No wonder it is the best-rated property at Interlaken! It is because they value guests a lot. Generally, it is the best hotel in Switzerland.

Traveling in the Jungfraujoch part of Switzerland is lovely. It is one of the world’s leading destination for the enthusiastic guests from all nations around the globe. As a renown region, it boasts of exclusive traveling services. Some towns in Switzerland allow free driving of cars while others do not. We, therefore, shall start by those towns that accept free movement of vehicles. They include:


This town allows free driving of cars. Thus, there is no need to get afraid for you have hotels here that offer accommodation and parking lot for its guests.

Another town in Switzerland that allows car driving is Lauterbrunnen. It has comfortable passages for the cars with exclusive hotels. Most of the hotels here offer free accommodation once you place an early booking. It’s a beautiful town to drive for its scenic view.

Moreover, there is Wilderswil town. It also allows free movement by cars. It is a peaceful and easy to navigate place for vehicles. Besides that, there is also Interlaken town that is comfortable for the car driving. That is why most hotels here even offer extra services like car rental for willing guests.

I love Grindelwald town. I have stayed in Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. Grindelwald has got more tourists, and the town is very bustling with shops, restaurants which stretches from one end to another. Top attractions like The First, Pfingstegg and taking the train up to Top of Europe, Jungfraujoch is available here too!

On the other hand, there are car-free towns. These include the following:

Wengen, Murren, Mannlichen, and Gimmelwald. These towns have alternative means of transport. They include the train and cable cars.

If you travel with a big group of people, it can be very expensive for staying in hotels. You can book with Airbnb directly which was what we did. 🙂 We had a beautiful apartment just 5 minutes away from Grindelwald. The apartment that we had was facing the mountains too. It was a lovely and memorable experience.

For a budget travel experience in Switzerland, you can go camping too! Tent camping may be a little too cold. However, if you have the right equipment for the cold weather, it should not be an issue. Campsites can cost up to 60 Fr per night! There are cheaper and free options available as well. Be on a lookout when you drive up to Grindelwald. We saw many people camping by the lakeside, and it was for free! Of course, there won’t be any hookups there.

Preferences vary. Interests defer, but Switzerland will remain a place for everybody. Its tranquility leads with exclusive terrain and general view. My favorite is that I secure accommodation up in the mountains. It will give me an opportunity to enjoy the most exciting attractive settings like in Lauterbrunnen or Grindelwald.

There are those who will enjoy the beauty of a silent atmosphere. At least staying 2-3 nights in car-free towns will be best for them. One thing I love about Jungfraujoch is that it is the best place the world boasts of having.

To enjoy the best, affordable, unique and exclusive trip, you have to make the earliest booking. Two weeks earlier will see you enjoy $50 or less in the most beautiful hotels there.

To your Happiness and Success!

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