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Heading to Disneyland, LA in California anytime soon? It can be fun when there are no lines and you know where to go first thing you arrive there! It spoils it all when there is a queue to everything that you want to play and you end up spending the entire day queuing for the different rides. For me and my sister, we rushed to as many short rides as possible in the beginning. We arrived there early and quickly played as much as we can. We also did our research on which are the more popular rides and made sure we completed them asap.

Of course, there are some rides which are located really far away. However, we did manage to have fun and play as much as we can! 🙂 Disneyland has always been a place that I want to go for a very long time. I remember my very first Disneyland encounter was in Orlando, Florida! Before heading to Disney World, I was excited like a kid though I was about 20 years old at that time! Haha! It was funny.

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Disneyland California: 5 Tips You Must Know Before Going.
Disneyland California: 5 Tips You Must Know Before Going.

~ Thrill Seeker Rides in Disneyland, LA, California ~

1. Grizzly River Run

Get Wet as you go on a Boat round and round and round. It’s fun when you and your close friends are sitting together on this boat! As we get to guess and sabotage your other friends to get wet. Haha!

Grizzly River Run in Disneyland!
Grizzly River Run in Disneyland!

2. California’s Screaming

The Roller Coaster ride sending you up and down many times. It was a really fast ride!

California's Screaming in Disneyland!
California’s Screaming in Disneyland!

3. Mickey’s Fun Wheel

This Ferris wheel was definitely very unique. We queued a long time before going into one of those. Some of the Ferris Wheels slide inwards and outwards on an automatic motion. The lady who was sitting on the opposite side of us was screaming like crazy. It was really funny.

Mickey's Fun Wheel in Disneyland
Mickey’s Fun Wheel in Disneyland

4. Guardian of Galaxy

Guardian of Galaxy in Disneyland
Guardian of Galaxy in Disneyland

My favorite ride of all! Guardians of the Galaxy took us on a lift ride. It was a series of ups and downs with the lift door opening and showing us different themes of the Guardians of the Galaxy. While we were on the ride, the feeling of going down was simply indescribable. That ticklish sensation and my entire body being lifted up by a few inches was definitely thrilling. I had to make sure that I held on to the sides of my chair so as to not worsen the feeling. hahaha.

My sister even had a hilarious moment. When we were going up on the Guardians of the Galaxy Lift ride, she saw people lifting their hands up in the air and having the time of their lives. She was curious about the feeling and decided to try it herself. As she lifted her hands in the air, the cabin dropped a level, she got scared and instinctively grabbed the nearest object she could find. However, what she felt was something she would never have expected. She felt something hairy and it turned out that it was a stranger’s hand! It was so funny! All in all, this ride is a must try!!

5. Radiator’s Springs

Radiator's Springs in Disneyland
Radiator’s Springs in Disneyland
Radiator's Springs in Disneyland
Radiator’s Springs in Disneyland

One of our favorite rides as well! We went for the single rider ride as the waiting time was about 50mins. It was insane. Luckily, Me and my sister ended up together. We went into this little car that came by and went through a series of car polishing and toured the ‘town’. It was a unique experience like no other. I especially loved the part where we raced with another car. That thrilling feeling of racing was fantastic!

6. Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain in Disneyland
Splash Mountain in Disneyland

Although it is one of the oldest rides in Disneyland, the experience was still wonderful! I loved the part when we “thought” the ride would be going down really steeply but it didn’t. It built up our anticipation and excitement levels. It made the entire experience so much more fulfilling! If it’s your first time in Disney, give it a try here! You will definitely love it!!

~ Accommodation Near Disneyland, LA, California ~

If money is not an issue for you, these hotels are probably the best choice for you:

1. Disneyland Hotel

2. Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

3. Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel

You will be able to enjoy some attractions at one of the parks before opening hours (usually 1h before), have some fun in the pools, thrilling water slides and kid-friendly spray ground and also imagine the convenience for you, your family or your friends! What’s more, you can stay in the hotel room and watch the fireworks that seem like it’s especially for you without squeezing with the enormous crowd.

Hotels within the vicinity of Disneyland California also have its perks. You can even choose a different range of Hotel Rooms like the Disneyland Hotel Family Suite and many more! Being further away means that it probably wouldn’t be that noisy. Besides, most of the hotels nearby do have shuttle services to Disneyland!

Here are some hotels near Disneyland:

  • Less than half a mile:

1. Anaheim Camelot Inn & Suites

2. Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel (Free Shuttle)

3. Anaheim Marriott Hotel (Shuttle provided  for a fee)

4. Anaheim Portofino Inn & Suites (Shuttle provided for a fee)

5. Best Western Plus Anaheim Inn ( Across the street )

6. Best Western Plus Park Place Inn & Mini Suites ( Across the street )

  • More than a mile:

1. Anaheim Marriott Suites (Shuttle provided for a fee)

2. Embassy Suites by Hilton Anaheim North (Shuttle provided for a fee)

3. Homewood Suites by Hilton Anaheim Maingate Area (Shuttle provided for a fee)

4. Hyatt Regency Orange County (Shuttle provided for a fee)

5. Sheraton Garden Grove-Anaheim South Hotel (Shuttle provided for a fee)

6. Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove (Free Shuttle)

Additional information regarding accommodation can be found on Disney’s website. 

I hope this blog has served its purpose of equipping you with tips and tricks to fully maximize your experience!

To your Happiness and Success!

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