Disneyland California: 5 Tips you Must Know Before Going.

Disneyland California's Castle!
Disneyland California’s Castle!

Planning for a family outing can be difficult especially with a huge age range.

However, be it young or old, Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland Park have different themes and rides for each and every one of you! It is one of California Attractions for kids and family! Unlike the Disneyland Park, Disneyland California Adventure Park contains many more thrilling rides such as Grizzly River Run, California’s Screaming and many more! However, it also offers you many fun rides that are suitable for young kids and for the faint of heart. This is one of California’s attractions that every tourist should visit! Unless you are really not into Rides and theme park adventure! It is definitely not only about the California Beaches and it is the top 10 things to do in California!

Disney theme parks have always been my dream to visit. I grew up watching Disney cartoons and movies and to be able to visit a land with no troubles and just pure fun, was indeed a dream come true. Going to Disneyland was definitely one of the best things to do in California! 🙂

The Disney website literally provides you with all the information that you need, including the description of every single ride, be it a big or small drop, slow or fast ride, and the minimum height requirements of each ride.

As mentioned earlier, Disney’s website has all the information required. Hence, instead of repeating mundane information that you can find easily on the website, I will be listing the top 6 rides we love! This is solely based on our own personal preference.

Watch our Video to find out how much fun we had at Disneyland, California! (Tips are written on the Blog below!)

5 Tips You Must Know Before going to Disneyland California:

1. Go early in the Morning.

The queue gets longer in the afternoon, especially during lunchtime. The average queue time is about 5-30 minutes in the morning and reaches close to an hour in the afternoon.

2. Fast pass is a must if you wish to complete both theme parks in a day.

Disney also has an application, available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, that allows one to keep track of the waiting time at each ride, the location of each and every attraction, restroom and souvenir shop. In addition, it also allows you to have an electronic version of the fast pass, which in turn, allows you to conveniently reserve the rides for a certain time frame.

Fast pass is available for some rides in both Disneyland and also the Disney California Adventure Park. On the day that we were at the parks, we paid a total of $20 for 2 people. It was really handy as we only had 1 day and the pass allowed us to complete the theme parks in time.

The fast pass allowed us to reserve the rides in quick succession and allowed us to cover almost all the rides in a short span of time. Hence, I would say that this $20 is worth every penny. Another additional pass you can purchase is the Photo Pass, also included in the Max Pass, which allows you to instantly connect your photo taken by Disneyland to your phone and you will be able to share it with your friends and family instantly! Besides, $10 per pax is extremely affordable in comparison with other theme parks such as Universal Studios.

3.  The popular rides equate to longer waiting times (more than 40 minutes).

I would recommend going for these rides first before afternoon comes! (Especially for rides without fast pass)

(a) Peter Pan Flight (waiting time can go up to 60 mins)

(b) Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon’s Spin

(c) Matterhorn Bobsleds

(d) Indiana Jones

(e) Pirates of the Caribbean

(f) Haunted Mansion Holiday

(g) Splash Mountain

(h) Radiator Springs Racers (waiting time can go up to 60 mins)

(I) Roaring Around the World

(j) Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

(k) Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy

(l) Star Tours (waiting time can go up to 60 mins)

4. There are rides that will make you wet, bring or buy a poncho from the stores if you need them!

If you forget to bring one, you can always buy it at Disney stores located near the attractions and rides. Grizzly Bear Ride involves getting wet and you can purchase it at a store next to it. It costs about USD 10 for a poncho. It can be quite expensive but it’s a good quality poncho after all!

Disney theme parks are very expensive. A day ticket can cost up to USD 100 and if you go for 2 Parks, it would cost close to USD 200! All that for just 1 day of fun! I would say it is very costly.

However, being a foreigner, coming to LA is a once in a lifetime opportunity, hence i will definitely recommend experiencing both theme parks. Besides, it’s also cheaper to go 2 parks at the same time but if you really have to choose between the two of them, I will recommend Disneyland Park. We spent at least 5h or more while we only spent 3h in Disneyland Adventure’s Park! Even though the rides are supposed to be more thrilling, we found that there were many more rides that were for kids. They have the main castle in Disneyland park as well which of course must not be missed!

5. Prohibited items, Not Allowed in Disneyland, LA, California.

Disneyland California has got lots of restricted items where you cannot bring into the park itself. Eg. Selfie Sticks..etc. Click here to find out more! 

6. Choose the Right Dates to Travel for the Fireworks!

There are fireworks that you can catch if you visit at the right time! There are different opening hours for Disneyland! Do check the opening hours if you are intending to catch the Fireworks. Sadly, we went during the Halloween period and the park hours were until 6 pm. We were only able to catch the fireworks from our Hotel room when we heard weird sounds being fired into the sky. Hopefully, we will be able to catch the Fireworks one day!

7. Choose the Right Amount of Days to Spend in Disneyland, California.

There are different options and days that you can choose from! We booked from the Website directly so there is no rush on that day itself. It was definitely easier and clearer on the website. Book it Now! You can select packages that include Stay & Theme Park Adventure to Maximise your Disneyland’s Vacation in California.

Besides booking complete packages, there are also packages that allow you to go in and out of Disneyland for 2, 3, 4 Days and have the best experience ever! If you are a real fan of Disneyland, go for it! 🙂

We didn’t go for it as we managed to finish all the different attractions before the time was up.

I hope this blog has served its purpose of equipping you with tips and tricks to fully maximize your experience!

To your Happiness and Success!

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