Your Colorado Travel Guide, USA.

Winter time in Colorado, USA

Winter time in Colorado, USA


Colorado, a beautiful and magnificent place filled with snow mountains, arid deserts, and river canyons. Its chilly weather in Colorado makes the entire experience even more incredible! I remember very distinctly stark contrast after leaving Kansas to Colorado; we had to change to long pants as getting out of the car in Colorado was cold and chilly! The view was also different. Kansas was all plain and flat fields, but in Colorado, there were tons of mountains and driving with this view made us feel so amazing.

Below are some of the Articles that I have created on the best things to do in Colorado, places to see in Colorado and free travel guides that you can use before embarking on your trip!

Articles in Colorado

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  5. The Great Sand Dunes, Colorado: Things to do & Lodging.


 Our Road Trip Map across Colorado, USA

We clocked in a total of 618 Miles! Not counting getting lost on the way. HAHA! Colorado has always been one of our best nature exploration adventure. There are different kinds of Mountains and National Parks that offer distinctively different Kinds of adventure. Do remember to Check out the Top Things to do when you are in Colorado!

Colorado Map Road Trip, USA

Colorado Map Road Trip, USA

Your Colorado Travel Guide, USA


1. Accommodation

We stayed in campgrounds most of the time since the sightseeing places were all located in Ntc parks or very near the campgrounds.

The campgrounds which we stayed in were affordable and cheap. It would range about $20-$60 per night depending on your mode of stay. E.g. The axles and whether you need electricity or not!

We camped in several different areas during our road trip around Colorado. Click here to find out the best campgrounds that you can stay in Colorado!
Hotels are available from $60 – $300, depending on the quality of the hotel and its star rating. As we didn’t book hotels in Colorado, we are not in the right position to advice you further on Hotels and bookings.

2. Budget

(a) Food:

Relatively the same amount throughout the entire USA state. There isn’t much of a difference.


Most sightseeing places are Ntc parks. If you have purchased the one-year Ntc pass, it gives you unlimited access to the ALL parks in the USA w/o a record. Do note that some parts are not National parks but state parks. National parks fee is not applicable here. E.g., Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park. However fret not, the entrance fee is not very expensive. Only about $10-$20 per vehicle.

3. Transportation

Parking: Relatively easy to find parking spaces. It is not very congested and packed like in other cities. Cars here go slower, and the atmosphere is more relaxed. Cars are better and advisable when you are in Colorado. As you explore from one place to another, hopping in and out of the car would be much simpler and convenient. Besides that, state parks and Ntc parks require you to have a long drive to arrive at its destination or to view from one point to another like in Black Canyon state parks.
* Buses and trains: Click here to find out more.

4. Prepare Thicker Clothes

It can be freezing in Colorado. Do check your weather to ensure that you prepare the right set of clothes. You do not want to end up freezing there.

5. Shopping in Colorado

Shopping is available here! We didn’t spend much time shopping. However, we did manage to shops to shop in! We went to a sketchers shop which we found on the way and bought two pairs of tights. We loved the pants so much as it kept us warm and comfy. It wasn’t that expensive too! There are many other many other shops available like Nike, Adidas, so on and forth.


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