Charleston: The Ultimate 6 Things To Do in South Carolina. (sc)

Charleston, South Carolina, was definitely not somewhere where we planned to spend a long time at. We thought that it was just a small town with its own unique buildings and some interesting sights. But NO! We were totally wrong, we did not want to leave Charleston at the end of the day and played till 8 pm. (Way of the ‘safe’ timing that our parents told us we could stay out till.)

Charleston was also rated as one of the most beautiful cities in North America and indeed, it is. There was so much to do. Even though it was simply just eating and walking. 🙂

Watch my Video to find out about Charleston, Ga!! (I love this video very much!) Give me your thoughts! 

The Ultimate 6 Things To Do in Historic Charleston (sc)

1. The Charleston Rainbow Row

Rainbow Houses in Charleston.

First, we went to the Rainbow Row, colorful Victorian houses and just a few steps away was the Riverfront of Charleston. Sadly it was a pretty sight on one side but not on the other. However, what’s there to say no to? We could see the long bridge and it was definitely a good place for photo taking! The Riverfront had a little park for locals to stroll and enjoy themselves in the evening.

2. Dellz Eats, sc

Dellz Eats Vegan Restaurant in Charleston

Next, we had lunch at a Vegan restaurant, Dellz Eats. We were so surprised but at the same time feeling happy that we found Vegan food! When we stepped into the Restaurant, oh my, it was packed with people. They were having huge servings of pizza(s) and sandwiches which looked really appetizing!

We ordered a Hawaiian pizza that is made up a crust I have never tasted before, it was so simple but the combination of taste just made it the best that I ever tasted. When we had our first bite, the sweet and sourish taste of the Pineapple melted in our mouths. It caused a spark in our taste buds we have never tasted before! It was definitely a unique pizza combination that you must try. I loved the taste of it and would definitely go back to this Eatery place again. I promise you, it will not disappoint you! (Even though there isn’t any meat on top of it.) It’s apparently rated as the best vegan restaurant in Charleston. (Must Eats in Charleston, sc) 

3. Tapio Tea

Tapio Bubble tea Store in Charleston

Just 5 min drive away, we found Tapio, bubble tea! It’s really difficult to find it in the USA and what more in the middle of Charleston! If you are fond of Bubble/Boba Tea(s), you should definitely try this! There are lots of flavors that you can choose from. I ordered the Pearl Milk Tea and my Sister had the Thai Milk Tea. I liked the Milk Tea as it was not too Thick. It had that perfect tea blend in it and I kept sipping through it until I finished my entire cup! It was so tasty that I am already thinking about it while writing about this. (haha!) The Pearls were also well cooked. It was smooth and not mushy-like. It was perfect!

However, for my little sister, her Thai Iced Tea was a little too sweet and she did not really like the taste of it. Well, if you like Milk Tea, you can always order the original version like I did! Click here to find out more! 

4. Charleston City Market

Next, we went to Charleston City market. Finding a parking space here can be relatively difficult but we were lucky! We found a spot which we could park for free for 2 hours!

When we stepped into the City Market, it was so vibrant and lively here. The vibe was just amazing! The items sold in the market were very unique but relatively more expensive. Well, it is understandable that products are more expensive here since they are locally produced and handmade. There are lots of interesting stuff like the soap bars, cute little cars, local rice, candles, biscuits and many more!

To be honest, even if you didn’t have the intention of purchasing anything from the City Market, this place is so lively! As you stroll along the City Market, it makes you feel so happy, vibrant and relaxed. We had so much fun here exploring and looking at the locally produced products. We walked from the start all the way to the end. 🙂

One of the most awesome parts about this place is that it’s sheltered! The summer sun in Charleston is really hot. In addition to that, shop owners are really friendly. You will get to meet lots of nice and friendly people there!

Oh! And try their lemonade drink! it’s really good with long queues as well.

Oh, wait! Let’s rewind a little | PARKING IN CHARLESTON

Finding a parking space is tough unless you are willing to pay for expensive parking. You can park just beside the city market. We didn’t and thus, went around to test our luck. After a while, we found a spot just opposite the City Market. It was really lucky! but guess what. The meter machine was faulty! We panicked but decided to write a note stating that the meter is spoilt and hoping that the ticket officer does not fine or issue us a ticket. (They didn’t! Thankfully)

5. Charleston Candy Store

Sweets in Charleston Candy Store

Just around the corner after you finish walking through the City Market, there is the famous candy store in Charleston. It was filled with people and there’s me, playing with candies like a kid again. (I dropped it everywhere, haha!) Everyone was enjoying themselves, going through the selection of sweets to buy.

They have a huge variety of chocolate puff rice, candies, chocolates, truffles, pralines and caramelized apple available. Kids would love it there! There are also many local products that you won’t find in a normal candy store! This is a must go!

6. A Charleston Christmas Store

Santa Claus: Christmas in Charleston

Christmas came early for me this year! The last shop we went to was a Christmas store. It was my very first time so I felt everything was so cute, interesting and unique! They had cute little crafts of Santa Claus and other Christmas related products. Looking at this shop, I am sure that Christmas in Charleston would be so beautiful.


The weather in Singapore does not change at all. It was always hot and rainy. It gets a little boring. It would be a lovely experience if I could witness Snow on Christmas one day. A dream of mine!

7. Morris island at Folly Beach, SC

Parking is relatively easy here but note that people stay there so try not to block their driveway!

The walk was easy and beautiful. If you like graffiti art, beach, and leading paths, this is definitely the place for you! The graffiti art and designs were sprayed on the pavement as you walk to the beach. It was definitely something different and creative.

When we arrived at the beach, the view blew our minds away. It was such a pretty sight. Although the lighthouse was a little too far and the shots on the camera were not able to see it very clearly, the view was spectacular! The sand was so clean and clear. There were many rocks available where you can take lots of scenic shots and beautiful pictures. Besides the rocks, there were many low hanging tree branches where you can climb and take good shots as well. It was the perfect place for pictures and relaxation.

Since we visited Charleston during the Summer periods, it was so hot. We decided to dip into the waters! The water was just right. Not too cold or hot. We had a lovely time playing in the water. Enjoying the scenic sights on all sides of the beach.

Charleston was fun and enjoyable. We didn’t want to leave the place at all but had to because the next destination was 2 hours away and it was about to rain! However, if there’s another chance, we would definitely visit other places of interest like the Isle Palms and Historic Places sites like Old Slave Mart, H.L Hunley and many more!

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