Your North and South Carolina Travel Guide, USA.


Our Trip tp Table Rock State Park, South Carolina, USA.

Our Trip tp Table Rock State Park, South Carolina, USA.

We were traveling on the coast from Florida to Jacksonville and finally arriving at Carolina and at our very first stop: Savannah.
From there, we slowly moved up to North and South Carolina! We started at Charleston city and went to Congaree National park, Table Rock State Park, Lake Joccasee and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
We were moving away from the coast to explore the Wonders of Carolina. As such, we did not get the time and feasibility to explore both the coastal and inner sections of Carolina!

Article on North and South Carolina, USA. 

1. Charleston: The Ultimate 6 Things to Do in South Carolina.

2. Lake Jocassee: Kayaking in Devil Fork State Park.

3. Our Short Trip to Congaree National Park, South Carolina

4. Table Rock State Park, Sc: Our 5 Hours Hike Up!

Our Road Trip to North & South Carolina:

Our Road Trip in North & South Carolina, USA!

Our Road Trip in North & South Carolina, USA!

Your North & South Carolina Travel Guide:


1. Accommodation

a) Airbnb/Hotels/Motels:

Airbnb Bookings for your Accommodation!

Airbnb Bookings for your Accommodation!

As we travelled from Florida to North and South Carolina, we booked with Airbnb and Hotels! It was a wonderful experience as we met up with locals and listened to their stories and their tips on driving in the mountains. They also gave us the best places to go around the area!
You can easily find Motels and Hotels that cost from $60-$100 as well. Just use the Hotelscombined app or to do your bookings. Remember to read reviews too! Some motels do not keep their cleanliness up to a good standard.

b. Camping:

Airbnb Bookings for your Accommodation!

Airbnb Bookings for your Accommodation!

Camping is available in National parks or State parks, like in the Table Rock State Park and the Congaree National Park. This would definitely help you to cut cost on your accommodation. Fret not if you do not have a tent! There are other types of lodging and accommodation type available! You can check it on the individual State Park Campsites.

2. Budget

Food: Food prices are relatively the same throughout USA. They can be found anywhere. To be honest, I find buffets much cheaper than ordering Ala Carte in the USA. I remember dining at a pizzeria buffet in South Carolina near our Airbnb and it was delicious and cheap! I loved the chocolate pizza and ate lots of it!

Excursions: Attractions here are more nature-like. You just need to pay for entrance fee into the State Park and National Park. Do note that Annual pass for the National Park may not be applicable to some State Parks. If you would like to do some Kayaking, like what we did in Lake Jocassee, that would also require you to pay a small fee. It isn’t much!

3. Transportation

Muni Transport in San Francisco, USA!

Muni Transport in San Francisco, USA!

Finding a bus around the State parks can be really difficult. I remember driving along the highways and roads and it was really quiet with not many people, cars or houses! There are trains that travel from state to state. It is better to rent a car and go around in it during your trip to Carolina.

4. Parking

Relatively easy especially when you are travelling to state parks. There are not many cars especially during the weekdays. If you are going to the city areas, like Charleston, it can be a little tough finding a free parking space. We did not manage to find one, Click here to find out more!

5. Driving

As South and Carolina are full of mountains, there are a lot of mountain bikers, steep curves and winding roads. It is best to go slow in mountaineous areas. Our Airbnb host told us that some cars drive on the wrong side. Major accidents can happen if you speed too fast! Be careful!

6. Download Offline Google Maps

Download the Offline Google Maps on your Phone for the USA!

Download the Offline Google Maps on your Phone for the USA!

We learned our lesson after getting lost in the South Carolina Mountains. There was no signal and we could not find our Airbnb house. We also landed up in the North and South Carolina border. We had no choice but to make a dangerous U-turn at the top of the mountain. Download offline google maps before exploring!!!


If you would like to know more about the specific destinations, check them out on the articles section! Let me know if I have missed out anything!

To your Happiness and Success!

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