Camping in Utah on a RoadTrip, USA!

As we left Mesa Verde Exploration, Colorado, we came into Utah, USA. Our very first Hop was Arches National Park.

If you are looking for a Utah National Parks Tour Loop, Click here! We have traveled to most of the National Parks. I am sure we can be of a good help in planning your next trip to Utah, USA! The Reddish- Brown color of the Rooks was so beautiful! Before we headed to Arches National Park and the other sightseeing places, we searched for our campgrounds to ensure that we will have a place to stay in the night!

Below are some of the campgrounds to avoid and some of the best campsites to stay in: (Well, we look for Comfortability no matter where we go. If a campsite isn’t good, we will just move on to find another one.)

Arches National Park

1. Goose Island RV Campground, Utah

Goose Island Campground, Utah.

Goose Island Campground, Utah.

I vividly remembered driving through a minor & rocky road, arriving at our new campsite for the night. There was no one else around. As usual, we picked a campground that was the nearest to the toilet. Well, we had to because of the constant runs we had to make in the night.) 

As we opened our blue convertible doors, the stinky smell of the place and the environment reached our noses. We looked around, wondering where the smell was coming from.. & there.  On the right side of our campground was the toilet. It was filled with flies. My stomach churned as I needed to use the toilet desperately.

I decided to give it a go… I opened the toilet doors, closed my nose and went right to the toilet bowl. The flies kept buzzing around me & the fetid smell of the toilet filled up my nose.

At that point in time, I have decided. We are not going to camp here for the night. I cannot imagine how I was going to spend the night here. The toilet, the pungent smells just wasn’t my kind of stay.

It was utterly impossible for us to continue staying here. We needed to change place. Ushered to Diana, my sister to get into the car and pack all the stuff and go to another campsite.

When Diana hopped into the car, she said ” Charmaine! What is that smell? Why are you so smelly??” I was feeling agitated as the flies from the toilet entered the car, and it was buzzing around. ” I guess the smell came from me going into that stupid toilet,” I replied. That was our experience at Goose Island Campground. I did spend the time to reads the reviews online, and everyone seems to enjoy it there. I would assume that these people have a caravan and toilets in their campervans. Another reason would be that they stayed far away from the bathroom.

Other than the toilet, the view of this place is good and parking for one night was only for USD 15. Click here to find out more!

2. Shafer Campground at Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Shafer Campgrounds at Canyonland NP, Utah.

Shafer Campgrounds at Canyonland NP, Utah. Image from NPS

The second Campsite in Utah that we went to after Goose Island Campground. It was a ride up after the entrance of the National Park. The view was spectacular here. You are camping with the Red Rocky canyon and its unusual formations!

Sadly, we didn’t camp there in the end. The place and campsite were right. Toilets were also clean. However, it was really quiet. There was nobody around when we were there.

We took a long time to decide whether we should camp here for the night. All of the conditions were met. It was clean and comfortable. However, the lack of people and energy freaked us out. We were afraid and did not want to stay in the dark alone.

Toilet lights were 9/10 not available. If so, going to the toilet in the middle of the night would be so so terrible! Click here if you are up for a challenge to stay at Shafer Campgrounds, Utah! 

Henceforth, we did what we would normally do when it comes to decision making. I went to the car and pulled out from my wallet a coin. I told Diana: “If the coin gives us heads, we shall move. Otherwise, let’s find ourselves another campsite for the night.” I prayed and blow hard into the coin and flipped it. I believed that the coin would give us the best advice and decision. Well, we had done the coin flipping job for the entire 1 and a half month trip across the USA. It has saved us from a lot of trouble.

“Ting”, the coin hit the sandy and hard rocky grounds. I bend down to reach out for the coin and saw heads. “Wow, the coin is asking us to move out of this place.” I thought to myself. At that instance, I decided to give it another go. Placing the coin on my thumb, I flipped it again. Heads were up again. “Well, it seems like they are asking us to leave,” I said to Diana, my sister.

We decided to abandon the idea of staying here for the night. So, we moved to search for another campsite that was more reputable. Since we know that staying in KOA would be cleaner and safer, we decided to find KOA and camp there instead.

* Do note that the campground names are what we searched up online after the trip. I can’t remember exactly the name of the campground only a rough guide!

3. Moab Rim RV Park

Moab Rim CamPark, Utah.

Moab Rim CamPark, Utah. Image from bookyoursite

On the way to Moab KoA Campground, Moab Rim Campgrounds caught our eyes! As we were driving along the highway towards KOA Campgrounds, one Banner with the word Campgrounds caught our eyes. We decided to give it a go since it was nearer to Arches National Park, unlike KOA Campgrounds! I turned my steering wheel at that instance. The entrance was a hilly & rocky upslope ride. I hit on my accelerator so that my convertible would have more power to move up.

We drove in and I stopped in front of the Main Office. Diana opened the car doors and ran into the office, hoping to get a good rate and place for the night. After checking for the prices, she excitedly ran out of the office with her eyes glittering. I knew she had some good news to share!

“Charmaine! We should stay here. They are only charging USD 25 per night, cheaper than the other campsites!” Diana said. “Wow! Where can we camp tonight?!” I asked excitedly. She replied: “Tent camping is behind, below the shaded trees.” I popped my head out of the driver’s seat and saw 2 well kept box-like grass fields directly under the tree. In front of the grass fields was a long row of the table which we could use for cooking or whatever we wanted.

I knew that staying here was comfortable. I looked around the area for the toilet and right in front of our little campsite was the Shower rooms and toilet! I decided to check it out since we had a terrible experience in the morning. We would move to another campsite if the toilet was stinky and pungent like in Goose Islands Campgrounds.

I gently opened the toilet doors and stepped into heavens! The toilet was sparkling clean! There was a lavender fragrance which filled the toilets. There was no tinge of pungence & we knew perfectly well that this was a good place to camp in.

We loved this campsite very much!!! In fact, better than KoA as it was way cheaper. We were only charged at USD25 per night for our tent!

Besides the campgrounds being cheap and good, the grounds of our campsite was soft. We have been to many campsites and pegging our tent can be a trouble when the grounds are hard and rocky. Many times, we destroyed our peg as they bend and twist in all directions when we try to force it into the grounds. However, over here, as we grab the ropes from the side of the tents, pegging the tents was super easy! The pegs went straight through the grass patch without any trouble or issue. We enjoyed this place very much. It was a good camping site though isn’t much of a great view around. Click here to find out more about Moab Rim Campark! 

Bryce Canyon National Park

4. North Campground in Bryce Canyon National Park

North Campground at Bryce Canyon, USA

North Campground at Bryce Canyon, USA. Image from NPS

This park was situated very close to the visitor center and sunrise point! It was a good campsite for only $20/night. $30/night for RVs and Campervans. It was an excellent place to rest before we embark on our journey to the other sightseeing spots! The weather was also very cooling during September, October period. Sleeping at night was comfortable.
Besides that, This campsite was well designed to let you have your privacy and not too far from the other campers. It was a pleasant stay! Cooking and making our food was also very simple and convenient! Click here to find out more and start Reserving! 

5. Sunset Campground

Sunset campground at Bryce Canyon, USA.

Sunset campground at Bryce Canyon, USA. Image from NPS

Sunset Campground is closed from mid-October to mid-April. These campsites are usually filled by noon time. It is located close to the Bryce Canyon Lodge and the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater. Go there early if you are looking to camp on these campgrounds!

Click here to find out more about Sunset campgrounds and start booking early!

Zion National Park

6. South Campground

South Campgrounds in Zion National Park, USA a

South Campgrounds in Zion National Park, USA. Image from NPS

When we first arrived in Zion National Park. South Campground, there was a long queue. At that time, it was only about 10 am in the morning, and we were already way behind the line, hoping to get a campsite for the night. The thought of finding a campground outside of Zion National Park was scary and fearful. We didn’t want to go through all that trouble of finding!

We waited in line, the ranger walked over the US and handed us a piece of slip. I asked the Park Ranger, “Are there still available sites for the night?” “Oh yes yes, there are still some availability.” Replied the Park Ranger.

We were so happy when we paid the $20/night fee and got a campsite near the toilet! We were fortunate as we left Bryce Canyon National Park early in the morning to Zion National Park. Typically, we do not arrive campsites in the morning as the drive from our previous destinationp can be long and lengthy.

From the Campgrounds, it is very accessible around. You can choose to drive and park your car at the visitor center for your sightseeing or walk to the nearest Shuttle Bus Station from your Campgrounds! It is quite convenient! Click here for more information on South Campgrounds and Reservations.

7. Watchmen Campgrounds

Watchman Campgrounds, Zion National Park, USA.

Watchman Campgrounds, Zion National Park, USA. Image from NPS

Reservations for these campsites may be made six months before arrival date. This campground is very very popular as it is always fully occupied! Click here to reserve your sites now!

My advice is to reserve your slot way before heading for Zion National Park Park if you intend to go there! It isn’t a good idea to be like us and feel scared then. If we were rejected because of campground being full, we literally would not have any idea of what to do. Click here to reserve!! Click here to find out about the things to do in Zion National Park!

I hope this has served value to you very much. Our favorite campsites are in Moab Rim Campground in Arches, Utah and Bryce Canyon Campgrounds. It felt comfortable staying in there. Zion National Park had too many people, and probably the angle of the campsite that was placed at wasn’t very ideal.

To your Happiness and Success!

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