Camping in Colorado: Everything in the Past happens for a Reason.

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Camping in my Younger Days

Never would I have imagined myself to go camping AGAIN. I added the word again because I had been a Scout once. To be honest, I have no idea why I joined Scouts at the very start.

I was about 13 years old at the time and I picked up skills like setting up a tent, starting a fire with wood and leaves, camping, tying ropes and several outdoor skills. I participated in it for 4 years in my secondary school life. After I graduated, I never returned back to Scouts and thought to myself that it would be my last time camping.

Old Scouting Photos!

Current Camping Pictures in the USA, Colorado:

Today, my sister and I have begun our camping journey in America. We bought a 4 men tent, a stove for cooking, blankets and a heater for the tent. Well, we were not exactly prepared with a camping checklist. We had to experience it before knowing what was lacking. Nonetheless, we had lots of fun in Colorado!

As I set the tent up for the night, memories of my 4 years in Scouts kept running through my head. On hindsight, it is a blessing that I joined scouts and gained outdoor skills and knowledge. Camping in America was not so straightforward like it was in Singapore .

In Singapore, there were teachers around to ensure our safety, who provide meals for us and ensure we sleep comfortably. However, camping in the states was a completely different experience. While the skills we learned helped us with the basics of setting up camp, we were responsible for preparing our own meals, setting up the heater and various other chores that would have been taken care of if we were scouting in Singapore.

Picture of the bear alert on the table:

We were warned by the Rangers to be alert as there were bears within the campsite. They advised us repeatedly to clean our area and not leave anything in the tent or on the tables outside. We were not even allowed to have soap, shampoos or insect repellents inside the tent.

Video of us setting up our tent while it was super windy!: (Great Sand Dunes Park):

The weather in the states was also insane. As it got late, it also started to get really windy out here. At times, it was difficult to set our tents up as the wind kept hitting hard on us and the tent was unstable. The rain only served to add on to the misery. We had to ensure that all the pegs were nailed properly into the ground. Moreover, we were solely responsible for our safety, and we had to ensure we took care of everything with no help whatsoever.

Thinking back, it has been a blessing of disguise that I took up Scouts as my extra curriculum in school. I did have other choices available like Dancing, Choir, Drama, Netball, and all the other sports-related activities but instead, I chose Scouting.

I had no idea what Scouting was at that time as well but the least I could say is, it’s a decision I will never regret. Though there were many ups and downs in my journey, as I anchored my tent into American soul, I am so grateful for making that weird decision. I learned life skills that I never thought I would make use of.

My Thoughts…

Everything happens for a reason. That is the magic of life. It has turned out that I actually love camping. I love the weather. I love how cooling it is at night. (In comparison with the humidity in Singapore with mosquitoes flying around us.) Haha.

As I sit on the bench and become aware with the surroundings, it helps me to relax my mind and body. It makes me feel so happy and I am sure I would not be able to find this form of happiness anywhere in the city area.

Here is a picture of us catching the sunset from our Campsite at Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado:

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Our Campsites were also marked clearly. We had our own private space and did not need to worry about disturbing others. It was a really good camping experience!!

I hated staying at Airbnb(s) as well. The ambiguity of not knowing how our next apartment would turn out, the lack of a private toilet in some cases and unfriendly hosts made for some unpleasant stays. Camping makes me feel more independent and closer to the beautiful nature and mountains around me. I loved it!

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