Best Campgrounds in Colorado on a Road Trip, USA

This was our first time camping in the USA luckily we did it in Colorado. The idea excited us very much after staying in the car for a night at $10/USD. It was definitely cheaper than staying in $60— $100 motels every single night for the remaining 1 month in the USA. Plus, the skills that we have acquired from scouting in the past would definitely allow us to survive camping in the night, pitching a tent and cooking! 

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Hence, we camped throughout Colorado and these are campsites that we camped in during our trip there! They are all conveniently located to all the attractions that you must see in Colorado! It was easy to navigate around :). If you want to find out about the Top things to do in Colorado click here! 

Camping in Colorado, Best Campsites to Camp in:

1. Gardens of the Gods RV Park 

Colorado, Camping

Colorado, Camping

 A very lonely park that is situated 11 minutes away from the Garden of the Gods National park in Colorado Springs. It is conveniently located and going around here is relatively easy. Garden of Gods RV resort is a higher end camping style facilities. They have cottages RV sites, Bunkhouses, Garden Studios, suites and tent-camping available! You even have an option for electricity or no electricity. The lady at the counter was kind enough to give us a better spot and not stay too secluded away from the main campsite, our place was also located near the toilet and shower area. It was very easy for us to move up and down to get our things done! We were charged at USD40/night.

Besides that, there are also other great amenities nearby, such as game rooms, heated pools, wifi, on-site convenience store and a playground! Coin laundry facilities are also available for you to wash your clothes. Staying here has been a very comfortable experience. It makes me feel very safe and the people are very friendly here! 

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2.Great Sand Dunes National Park: Morefield campground 

Camping at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, USA

Camping at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, USA

Sunset at Piñon Campgrounds!

Sunset at Piñon Campgrounds!


Located just a few miles away from The Great sand dunes is the piñon flats campgrounds. It is conveniently located and you can even take a short walk and hike to the Great Sand Dunes. Well, we did not do it as it was easier to drive there and save our energy :). There is a restaurant located not too far away as well! 

Campgrounds fees are charged at $20 a night and it has a self-service system. You take the cards and payment slip before entering the campgrounds, choose your spot with the campground and clip the paper stating that and had reserved the spot at a small wooden box beside the campgrounds. This prevents your spot from being occupied by any new welcomers who come into the park. I love camping here…. It was very close to nature. We could spot deer and lots of other wildlife. In the middle of the night when you wake up to use the toilets, you can see the stars so vividly and it feels a little scary as they felt so near. The entire sky was fun of stars unlike in the city and it does feel overwhelming :). Do note that there are no showers facilities in National Parks.

In the evening at about 6-7pm, you can catch the beautiful sunset like what we did! There are many other things and events that happened in piñon flats campground.

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3. Montrose/Black Canyon National Park KOA

Montrose KOA Campground!

Montrose KOA Campground!

A beautiful and very well-developed campground in the little town of Montrose, Colorado. As we wanted to shower, we decided to go for KOA campgrounds. They had full facilities available like the Garden of God’s RV Park! They had 5 campsites for tent-camping, RV sites, lodging and promotions for an extended stay! We paid about USD 40 for the campgrounds!

Facilities were also available like heated tubes (seasonal), Swimming pool, electricity, convenience store.

It is also conveniently located to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National park.

It takes about 17 minutes to go there. Along the way, you will also see many restaurants, shops, and grocery shopping before reaching Montrose KOA campground.

KOA have very special rates for long-term and loyal customers. they are found throughout the USA.

Click here to find out more and apply now! We did not apply as we were foreigners and was not going to stay in the USA for long.

South Rim, North Rim, and East Portal Campgrounds within the National Park: 

Takes about 30 minutes drive to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. There are 2 National Park Campgrounds: South Rim Campgrounds and North Rim Campgrounds. Staying in the National Park gives you breathtaking views of the National park!  It keeps you in touch with nature and wildlife! We met some friends who were staying there in the campgrounds within the park while watching the beautiful sunset.

They mentioned about the little campsite gatherings within the parks. Do check them out if you happen to stay here! Click here to find out more about Camping in the black Canyon Of the Gunnison Campsites! 

Black Canyon RV Park & Campground:

Another private Campsite that you can consider staying in is the Black Canyon RV Park & Campground. Click here to find out more now!

4. Mesa Verde National Park Campground: Morefield campground 

Our Campsite at Mesa Verde National Park, USA!

Our Campsite at Mesa Verde National Park, USA!

Our Campground at Mesa Verde National Park, USA!

Our Campground at Mesa Verde National Park, USA!

A great campsite that is so so huge! It has different campsite setting, a huge convenience store, toilets, washrooms, shower facilities and a cafe for you to grab a bite!

Park Rangers were also doing their job well by keeping their people safe. It goes around warning people about the dangers of leaving food around. They ensured that everyone kept food in tight lockets to prevent Bears from coming and destroying everything. Our campsite had easy access to toilets, rubbish bins, and everything that we needed! The shower is a coined facility and walkable from your campsite! everything was organized, the cold wind and everything simply made out entire stay so fascinating. It is definitely a campsite I would I will go back to again! As the campgrounds are located within the park, going to the main Mesa Verde attractions were relatively easy.

These are the campsites that we have visited and stayed in Colorado. Of course, there are many other options but we wanted a campsite nearest to the sightseeing attractions!

 General Camping Tips for Colorado

(1) Check your Weather 

 It can be very cold camping Colorado! The first time we camped in the Great Sand Dunes was suffering. We wore 2 pairs of jeans, lots of shirts and jackets. However, the degrees at night dropped to about 9 degrees Celsius — 11 degrees Celsius. It was freezing cold. The next day, we bought more blankets and a heater, Mr. Buddy, to keep us warm at night. It was so much more comfortable after that.

(2) No Shower Facilities; Plan your Trip ahead.

Some National Park campgrounds do not have shower facilities. Some campgrounds do not have Shower Facilities available. So plan your time and places to stay accordingly beforehand.

(3) Have Extra Food!

 Food may not be available all the time. Some campgrounds are secluded. We had an electric box that could cook anything but found it useless as campgrounds do not have electricity. We bought a stone to cook! It was very useful.

Every time we passed by Walmart, we would stop and stock up our food supplies! 

(4) Go early to Campgrounds.

It gets pitch dark after the sunsets for most of the campgrounds. Be there early to pitch your tent. It is much easier if you do it early.

(5) Bring a Good Stone Everywhere.

 Pitching a tent in some places can be tough as there are hard rocks beneath the ground. As stone acts like a hammer which makes your life easier. We had tough times in the Great Sand Dunes. Click here to find out more about our Experience camping in the Great Sand Dunes National Park!

Cheers to you and your trip to Colorado!

To your Happiness and Success!

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