The Best and Worst of Airbnb.

I have been using Airbnb for a very long time, and it has been one of the best experiences. We have a choice of apartments instead of choosing old and boring hotels all the time. Staying in Airbnb apartments can prove more comfortable than booking with hotels. Some hotels today are old, rundown and uncomfortable to stay in. That is undeniable since many hotels don’t manage and maintain their hotels as well as the owners of Airbnb. Well, I wouldn’t say that all Airbnb owners are good at maintaining their homes but the ones that we have come across have kept it very well.

Below are some of the pros and cons of booking with Airbnb through my experience. Many countries in Asia are new to the concept of Airbnb. However, it is rising rapidly, and those who are owning apartments are cashing in vast sums of money into their pockets!

The Best of Airbnb Bookings:

  1. Everything you need is there


Whatever you need is there!

Airbnb has given you access to things you would have to pay for if you are staying in a hotel. You get to use a washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen, pots and pans, cutleries, utensils, fridge, and the list goes on. You will have the leisure of washing your dirty laundry or even having it dry and clean before moving on to your next destination. All of these have been included in the amount you paid to Airbnb! Or in fact, they are free and available to you! That is what I love most when I am on a long road trip.

In addition to washing your dirty laundry, you get to cook dishes without needing to spend extra expenses on outside food and dining which can cost you a lot of money! The space in the room is so much more prominent as compared to staying in a basic hotel which only provides you with a bed, a small table and a small toilet.

It makes you feel like home where there is a sofa, a living space, a bedroom, kitchen and so on. No better place can make you more comfortable than staying in an Airbnb apartment. Even if you booked a room for yourself in an apartment that is shared with the owner, you get to have your own space and privacy.

I have stayed in other people’s houses several times, and it can never get more comfortable. They have designed the room to be cozy and lovely. The space in the room is also huge, allowing us to feel so comfortable. Of course, I would suggest you check and read the reviews properly before booking. You would not want a poor Airbnb apartment to spoil your entire holiday or trip!

2. Great Website and App Interface


Airbnb Interface

Undeniably, Airbnb has made their website and app simple and easy to use. There are filters that you can use to refine your searches. It makes the apartment search less of a hassle. Besides using the filters, I love using the map to navigate through my searches. The map use is essential for me. I enjoy staying in the city center to avoid traveling too much. It makes life easier when we are sightseeing!
Airbnb Map search is simple to use as I can see their prices all at a glimpse and pick the less expensive ones. With that, I can choose those in a prime location without needing to use google maps to double confirm that it is in the city center.

I have used other apartment rental websites and have never found another better than Airbnb. I tried, but the prices and search filters were not clear enough to as good as Airbnb. I exited the app in less than 5 minutes.

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3. User Reviews are available with Airbnb


Reviews on Airbnb

These reviews are critical as it gives us a gauge on the actual condition of these apartments. It allows us to have an idea of what to expect and what not. I scan through the reviews of each home before confirming my booking. I do not want to book an Airbnb apartment that gives me the least comfortability. It doesn’t seem right paying money that does not bring about comfort or happiness.

These reviews have served me well. I can book with ease and aids me in making the right decisions. Airbnb apartments have got better reviews than most of the hotels that I have researched for. People would usually complain about poor service, rude staff and many more when staying in the hotel but not many complain about such things with Airbnb owners. The owners ensure that their houses are kept clean, tidy and neat since it is their precious home.

4. Flexible Cancellation Policy


An Example of Cancellation Policy depending on the owner

I know how it feels like being not confirmed for your upcoming trip and not wanting to lose the beautiful apartment you have chosen on the Airbnb site. Luckily, for some of the flats (depending on the owner), you get to cancel your apartment and receive a full refund of your payment before one week, five days or 1 day. It would depend on the owner of the apartment that you are booking with. It is better to check the listing properly before making your booking!

5. Easy Communication with the Owner

At times, we will have questions about the parking limit, the facilities or restaurants around the area or whatever queries you might have to make your stay more fulfilling. It is always better to get a direct response from the Airbnb host as they know best. Many times, we can’t get our questions answered when booking a hotel as there is no direct person that we can communicate with. Yes, occasionally the hotel would reply you through the booking site, but most of the time, it is not the case. The messages you sent gets unread or even taking a few days for a reply.

For Airbnb, we can get our response conveniently through the app within 24 hours or whenever the host is free to reply. That is the beauty of it.

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6. Cheaper than Hotels & Value for Money.

Booking a hotel can cost up to $100 – $400 per night for two pax. If you are traveling with a group of people or your family members, the cost increases as you would need to book more rooms. It is inflexible, and that is a problem that I face when booking with a hotel. It is costly as I have a big group traveling with me.

Nonetheless, the rise of Airbnb has helped solved these problems quickly. Airbnb can accommodate about ten people or more without an issue if you put it as one of your search criteria. The total amount per night for staying in these Airbnb apartments can be much cheaper and value for money than booking eight rooms or 6 rooms in a hotel.

Besides that, you get to be together in a group, travel together, cook together and have your own living space without a problem! Previously, when I was on a road trip around France and Switzerland, we booked with Airbnb, accommodating about six people in a house. The cost per night per person was only about $30 – $50 per night! That was so cheap considering the significant amount of space that we had, kitchens, and washing machine.

I have stated Airbnb accommodation for a big group of people. Airbnb can be affordable for smaller groups of people as well. I remember traveling with my sister in the USA, staying in other people’s home for less than $50 per night! It was only about $20-$30 per person per night. Plus we had the comfort, privacy and everything that we needed. It was much cheaper than paying for hotels.

7. Live like a Local!


Antique apartment in Nice

There is no other place to experience like the locals than living in their homes. Tourists being tourists tend toward towards the touristy areas and sites, not getting a full experience on how locals truly lived. I have had a wonderful Airbnb experience in Nice, France and it was terrific. The house in Nice had a different interior design as compared to a typical home. The lady loved collecting antiques and collectibles from all around the world. She had lots of it in her home, and it all looked terrific. Besides that, each room had a bathroom attached to it. The bathrooms were unique as they had no door covering it.


    Open bathrooms in Nice

It had an opened toilet and being in the room felt like it was a honeymoon retreat. The experience was similar to one of the hotels which I had stayed before In Bali which emitted a romantic feel in the room. This Airbnb felt exactly like this. It was a fabulous stay! When I was in the house, I often pondered to myself if the other locals had designed their homes this beautifully. (Which I am sure they did)

8. Meeting Amazing People, you will never get to meet elsewhere!

Staying in the hotel makes it difficult to communicate or mingle with the local people. You will only get to interact with the lady at the check-in counter. However, Airbnb gives you an excellent opportunity to do so. I have met a lot of fabulous people that I wouldn’t get to meet elsewhere.

One of our best experience was in South Carolina, USA! We were staying at the Blue Ridge Mountains and was welcomed to this beautiful apartment. The hostname was Randy Brown, and he was one of the best hosts we have ever met during our trip. He was renting two rooms out, but he gave us the entire area including the toilet for use. We had our privacy which made us feel very comfortable.

Randy shared with us many stories about the area and gave us tips advice on what to take note. That allowed me to be prepared for the drive around the windy South Carolina Mountains! He was very friendly as well and invited us to stay in South Carolina again if we went back. 🙂 Would love staying there again with such a fantastic host!

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9. Airbnb has Control over Owners and Guest.

With user reviews and regulations imposed by Airbnb, owners will take good care of their guests and homes while those who stay will try their best in getting the place clean. There are some exceptions where the rented place are not kept clean. Without Airbnb, we will not be able to get such fantastic hospitality from our hosts. Owners are afraid of bad reviews as it can spoil their reputation on Airbnb.

I have tried not booking through the Airbnb for an apartment, and the experience was terrible. Since there was no control and it was a friend to friend basis, the cleanliness of the room, the linens, the lights, and everything was screwed up. We were told that there were no lights and my friend recommended me this guy whom she said provided an excellent apartment stay. I thought I give it a try.

However, upon collection of keys and meeting with the owner, he brought us to the room and started making the bed, preparing the lights by using someone else electricity. The room was not swept or cleaned. It was dusty, and lots of dirty hair was found on the floor. Reminiscing it makes me feel so sick and disgusted. The sleep at night was terrible. I couldn’t sleep till 2/3a.m as it was so dusty and humid. I felt like my nose was sucking in a massive amount of dirty and disgusting air.

We could only put up there for one night as it was too late to change our accommodation and it was enough. We quickly searched for another Airbnb Accommodation nearby so that we did not need to suffer or put up with this mess.

That was the last time I wanted to go through a friend’s recommendation. I would instead go for Airbnb, check their reviews and make my booking. I could at least lodge a complain if anything is wrong.

10. Stay in Fantasies that you have never Experienced before.


Batman House Airbnb

We all love cartoon characters, Batman or have watched thousands of those shows when we were young. Undeniably, we fall in love with these shows. Our kids and children are still in love with these characters and would love to see them in real life or to even stay with them!

Currently, there are Disney Park hotels where you can stay with Princess Ariel or the other Disney Characters. However, these can cost a bomb ranging about $200 – $500 per night for two pax or a family of 4. However, with the help of Airbnb, some hosts own apartments around the world and love these Cartoon Characters. They have recreated and implemented these characters into their homes making it a different experience for kids and family.


Minions in the Airbnb Apartment.

In fact, from one of the homes that I have come across, they get fully booked, and many people love to keep going back to the apartment as their kids can’t bear to part it! There are cute minion homes, Batman and many more coming up! Best thing is, they are only $70 – $200 per night and a room can accommodate up to 6 – 8 people. That is so much cheaper than staying in Disney hotels that can sum up to a massive amount of $$$ at the end of your stay.


Minion Beds Airbnb

If you have not started booking with Airbnb or is skeptical about it, I truly understand. It felt like it was an unsafe platform and the owners can out a CCTV inside the homes and watch you. However, after booking with so many apartments, I am confident with Airbnb. Of course, you can’t just choose your apartment without doing research and reading reviews! Sign up with Airbnb and get $45 Off your First Booking for bookings $100 or more!

The Worst of Airbnb:

If I keep rambling about the good, it doesn’t make sense. There are some aspects of booking with Airbnb that I dislike as it can be a trouble.

  1. Inflexible Check-in Time.

Since Airbnb apartments do not operate like regular hotels, you would need to collect the keys from the owner directly if there is no keypad on the lock. It can be troublesome at times as you would need to arrange a fixed time with the owner and do the collection.

Many times, I find it difficult to give the host an exact timing as we are either on the road, in the midst of having lunch..etc. If the schedule is given wrongly, the owner or the guest would have to wait for a long time. It happened once to me while touring in Malaysia. We were having lunch and was unsure of our plans ahead. The owner waited 2 hours at the lobby for us to appear as the traffic was unpredictable. This can waste a lot of time for both parties.

2. Some Houses can Emit Weird feelings.

Some can feel while some cannot. The reviews can state the best of the best in the house. However, at times when I stay over at someone’s home, the feeling can be different at night. I am not saying that there are ghosts or whatever you call it in the house. It just feels weird and uncomfortable.

From the outside, the house looks good even the interior of it. I was making a video of the house saying it was one of my best Airbnb stays! It had a huge living space for less than $80 per night. It had a huge toilet, kitchen area, washing area, living room and enough space for two people.

However, in the night, my sister and I had immense difficulty falling asleep. We felt as if someone was outside the window. It felt uncomfortable. When I wanted to use the toilet, I insisted that my sister followed me there. It made me tremble so much at night, and I could only sleep while doing my chants and prayers. This was the time where my chanting beads went missing. I was searching everywhere, but it got lost the next morning. But the prayers helped me fall asleep without being disturbed by whatever that was outside the window. Speaking of it now makes me shiver, but I am glad all of that is over.

We are bound to face these events, but we need to how to deal with them. Nothing can always be smooth in our journey. Nonetheless, my overall experience with Airbnb has always been good, and I encourage you to book with Airbnb on your next vacation. Click here to Sign up with Airbnb and get $45 Off your First Booking for bookings $100 or more!

Some countries in Asia have not developed to the stage for Airbnb, or some states ban the use of Airbnb like Singapore . However, most have got the option!

Hope this article has helped you in your next booking! Airbnb saves you money in some cases. Do check it out and don’t forget to claim your $45 OFF by signing up here!

To your Happiness and Success!

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