Bali Tropics Resort & Spa: The Most Relaxing Hotel I have ever been to.

Bali Tropics Resort and Spa.

Bali Tropics Resort and Spa.

Sitting in this compact and small seven-seater car, we were driving and looking around for a hotel to stay in. The hotel that we had booked in Seminyak, Bali wasn’t very ideal. It was in a small alley, not on the main streets of the city center and 15 minutes walk away from the beautiful beach. Well, it was a cheap and grand hotel for only S$30 per night. It was a good deal but not the perfect location to begin.

It was my second trip to Bali, Indonesia. I have always wanted to return as Bali left a memorizing memory at the back of my head. Finally, the time has come, and I am here! Previously, it was sponsored, and they booked us a hotel directly in front of the beautiful waters. It was the best time ever. Every morning as we wake up, we will be greeted with a massive array of food, and the sounds of the crashing waters from the beach made our senses pop.

As I looked up at my hotel, Hotel Seminyak, I was saddened by the fact that the wrong hotel has been chosen. It was located in a small dark alley, no beaches, and with not many people around. It just wasn’t right. We wanted the hotel to be changed badly. So, we rented a compact and small seven seater car for two days. One for sightseeing and another for hotel search.


Lunch at Nusa Dua Resorts and Spa

Three hours have passed, we were still looking for the ‘perfect’ hotel. It wasn’t easy. First, we went to Nusa Dua Resorts & Spa. Well, we wanted to go there to have a look at the beaches since it was ranked number 1 on Trip Adviser. Initially, we headed there for a look, and after going to Nusa Dua, my mom wanted to stay in similar resorts and so, our search began.

We landed ourselves on the other side of the island, near Bali International Airport. Hotels were being lined on both sides of the driveway. One facing the street and the other facing the beach.

We were looking at the ones near the beach. I was traveling with a picky bunch of people. They went to see every Hotel room facing the sea, and no confirmation was made. Some hotels which we wanted were fully occupied like Holiday Inn. So, we decided to move on, hoping to find a hotel of our liking.

I was exhausted, looking, stopping, and driving. It was tiring going around finding that ‘perfect hotel.’ They were not satisfied with the other hotels till we landed ourselves in this Balinese style Bungalows. The Bungalows were well-designed, and it had a unique and traditional style. The Hotelier brought us into the rooms, and it felt so comfortable and cozy. The room was dimly-lit with an orangey color filling the room making it very cozy and relaxing. There were real fruits provided on the table top, and the toilet had a huge bathtub. I found it amusing that the bathrooms had no doors but that didn’t stop us from booking this fantastic hotel: The Bali Tropics Resort & Spa.

Well, it wasn’t only because of the hotel room, credit goes to the hotelier at the counter as well. We were bargaining the price per night, and he did give us a special discount for our rooms. He was an excellent salesman and persuaded us very well indeed.

Below are some of my reviews on Bali Tropics Resort and Spa, if you have stayed there before, leave me your comments on how you felt on the hotel below!


Hanging out on nearby Bali Tropics Resort & Spa Beach!

(Apologies for the poor photo quality! I took a lot of Instagram Stories during my stay using a video Format and totally forgot to take pictures. I was so happy and relaxed here that I no work was done. Only some nice photos for Instagram posting!! Forgive me for that!!)

1. Location


Hanging out on Bali Tropics Resort & Spa Beach!

To the Airport: Bali Tropics Resort & Spa was a 20-minute drive away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Over here, you do not need to worry about being caught up in the jam and wasting time. The hotel is away from the main city center. There is a toll road which the map would suggest you take since there are lesser cars on that highway. It is your choice but does take note on that!

Outside the Hotel: As you walk out of the Hotel, you will find rows of shops selling traditional Bali goods, clothes and beachwear. There many different cuisines of restaurants located alongside the road as well which also provides transportation to and fro to your Hotel. The weather in Bali, Indonesia can be scorching. It would be advisable to take up their transport. Different range of Spa(s) is also located where you can have a relaxing time at! There are cheaper ones available over here as compared to the ones in the hotels. Of course, the quality of the environment and ambiance is different.

Just a note, we ate at an Indian Restaurant during our stay, and the prices were ridiculously priced. One curry pot cost about S$10 per plate. It was the same in Singapore .

Attractions in Bali: Sadly to say, attractions in Bali is located on the other side of the island. It can take about an hour from Bali Tropics Resort & Spa to Tanah Lot and Seminyak. There are other attractions that you can go for around Bali Tropics Resort and Spa like the Water Adventure Park, and enjoying on the beaches nearby. What my group did was to complete all the major attractions in Bali in 1-2 days and spend the rest of out holiday hanging out at the beach resort, enjoying time at the pool bar and hotel room.

2. Cleanliness & Room Service


Hanging out at the other hotels nearby.

Everything was sparkling clean. I cannot find any fault with the rooms, facilities, amenities or towels. The room service was perfect as well. I felt very comfortable staying in these rooms and have no complaints!

If you are staying on the second floor of the Bungalows, there is debris on the ground when you step out of the rooms. These are unavoidable as birds throw their waste here. Fret not; it is not smelly in anyway. It doesn’t affect your stay in the rooms at all.

3. Facilities and Beach on Bali Tropics Resorts & Suites


Beach at Bali tropics Resort and Spa

There are about two restaurants in the hotel, a Spa, swimming pool, poolside bar and a beach for you to relax on and suntan.
What I loved most about this Hotel was the Poolside bar! It was fun swimming in the waters, ordering your drinks and lazing around. It was one of my most relaxing trips ever that I forgot to take as many photos of the hotel. I can’t help it. Everything was perfect.

The restaurants were facing the beautiful endless sea, and they were well designed. I remember at one time when we were dining outdoors in one of the restaurants, and it started pouring heavily. We had to shift our food and drinks indoors. It was hilarious, and we were a little disappointed as the view was spectacular.

Sadly, though there was a beach, it was more like a dockside. It wasn’t very ideal for swimming, and it was dirty. Looking at it, it didn’t entice me to jump into the waters to play.


The Spa at Bali Tropics Resort and Spa

The spa was perfect here. We did leg and Traditional Thai massage. I loved it very much. It made the entire stay here very relaxing and just happy.

4. Service


Local teaching me how to play this instrument


Playing with the Balinese Instruments!


Trying out the Balinese Instruments near the Temple

Loved the service in Bali Tropics Resort and Spa! I enjoyed playing with the instruments above!

I have no complaints about the service at the Hotel. They provided whatever that we need promptly. Our luggage arrived without waiting for long hours like the other hotels that we have been before. The food, mosquito repellents were provided without requiring to say much!

I remember at one time when we were dining outdoors, and the mosquitoes kept attacking. I was feeling uncomfortable. I could not focus on my food while having a fear of mosquitoes eating me; it was itching all over especially my legs. I asked for mosquito repellent from the hoteliers. They said there were no more and the hotelier suggested me to squeeze lemons throughout my entire body. I did it since I had no other choices and for the rest of the dinner, it felt so much better. I could dine in peace.

5. Restaurant & Bars in Bali Tropic Resorts and Spa


Outdoor Dining at the Hotel

As mentioned before, there are about two restaurants and one poolside bar in the hotel. The restaurants provided a variety of different foods. They even offered vegetarian cuisines though it was not in the menu.


International Buffet

There are different nights with various kinds of buffet style. We managed to go for one of their buffet nights at the Gardens. It was very well prepared. The lights, how they displayed the food and the setting’s design. In front of the temple in the Hotel, the hotel used it as a stage for the performers.


The Temple in the Hotel where the performance took place outside.

The spread of food was placed behind the tables where we dine. The international buffet dinner cost about S$25 per adult. It was decently priced given that we had food, performers and a show to watch! Do note that soft drinks, beer, and wines are not included in the buffet.


Performance during the Buffet

I love the performance! It showcased the History of Bali. If not for dinner, we would not have been able to learn about the History of Bali through the Frog Dance!

Another favorite thing I cannot forget about this hotel is their Poolside bar! After traveling to so many different places, this hotel has given me the best poolside bar experience. It was very convenient to order drinks; it was not crowded with too many people. It felt like it was a private pool bar to ourselves. I loved it and enjoyed it very much! We are so relaxed there that we could spend the entire day at the pool, relaxing.

Breakfast is complimentary in the Hotels, and the spread of breakfast was huge. There were many different loaves of bread, fruits, waffle, egg station, rice, main foods and many more! I loved going around choosing the foods that I wanted for breakfast. I was spoilt for choices. The menu was also changing every day for the main course foods. We could eat different things on different days!

6. Rooms


The rooms in Bali Tropics Resort

I love everything about Bali Tropics Resort & Spa, ranging from the food, breakfast, swimming pool and of course the rooms. It was not of use to have great hotel facilities and a miserable place. As mentioned before, the first time I stepped into the rooms, I was in love with it. It had a very cozy and comfortable feeling which made the stay 110% perfect.

As I inserted the keys into the Balinese style doors, I pushed the old wooden doors open. The hotel was being green and saved electricity. Keys were entered into the keyhole for the power in the room to be switched on. I did that, and we were greeted with an orangey-yellow light.

In front of us, there were two beds covered with bedside curtains. It was a white cloth that draped alongside the beds. It felt like a honeymoon hotel for couples to rekindle back the love and pleasure. Near the door, it was the path leading into the toilets. The toilet was long and spacious. The cupboards were there for us to hang clothes, keeping our items and the safe box.


Toilets in Bali Tropics Resorts and Spa.

The toilet bowl was on its own with a typical door to enclose it. As we walked further into the toilet, the bathtub was on the right, and the sinks were on the left. The tubs were huge and well designed with marble. Essential amenities like Hair Dryer, shampoo, body soaps, mosquito repellents were also provided to make your stay even more comfortable. Going further into the toilet, you will see a shower hose and bathing room that you can use if the bathtub is not ideal for you. It is covered with a glass door to prevent the waters from wetting the entire toilet.

It was hilarious when I asked my mom what my granny was doing. “She is showering now.” I peeped into the toilet and saw that my granny had placed a white towel from the hotel to cover the glass door for privacy! I saw it and was laughing at the sight of it.

This hotel was perfect for couples and lovers. In fact, it is the ideal place!

I have enjoyed my 4 or 5 days stay at the Bali Tropics Resort and Spa. Though it can be relatively far from the other attractions, I am missing it till today and would not mind going back to staying at this hotel again.

To your Happiness and Success!

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