Artisan Eco Hotel: The Value-For-Money Hotel in KL.

Near Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and want a new experience? Visit Artisan Eco Hotel!

A 3.5 stars boutique hotel that has been decorated so delicately with recyclables. With increasing concerns around the world, more and more people and businesses have turned towards being more eco-friendly for reasons such as saving costs or just being responsible for the world.

However, not anyone has done it so well like Artisan Eco Hotel. While many claims to be eco-friendly, many have only done the very basic for example, have eco-friendly lightings, toilet or even air-conditioning. This is precisely where Artisan Eco Hotel has done so well.

Artisan Eco Hotel boasts a wide range of upcycled materials that have been converted into basically everything you see in the hotel; from the sink, chairs, decorations and even more.

In addition to the hotel being eco-friendly, there are many aspects that I love about this hotel. Toilets are spacious enough to navigate, and bed linens are well-kept and clean. Well, cleanliness is one of the critical factors that I take into consideration before booking.

Below are my reviews of Artisan Eco Hotel, Kuala Lumpur with full descriptions.

  1. Location


Sunway Hotel near Artisan Eco Hotel

Artisan Eco Hotel merely is 5-10 minutes walk away from Sunway Lagoon, one of the main attraction in that vicinity owned by the Sunway Group. Sunway Group has made a little township around this area, so everything you see often starts with Sunway. Sunway runs everything from hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and even a theme park and Artisan Eco Hotel is just 5-10 minutes away from these attractions.

If you like shopping, I would recommend the Sunway Pyramid as its shopping directory offers everything from mid to high-end.

If you love food, this hotel is the best place you could be. The shopping malls nearby provide you with mid to high-end food with many international food choices while the hotel vicinity is filled with 24/7 local food.

The famous food, Roti Chanai, in Malaysia can be found everywhere from door to door.

The best thing was, the hotel costs less than SGD 30 a night & it is located in a prime location.

2. Cleanliness

The room that we stayed in was immaculate and neat. The bed was extremely comfortable for us. The room and the toilet were decorated very nicely with upcycled materials. Everything was good except for the table that is extremely small for us to put anything and the shower area that was flooding by the time we finished showering. This problem, however, is very often seen in Malaysian Hotels.

3. Service

The concierge was friendly, and the staff attended us as well. We arrived at the hotel and was checked in very quickly. If your room is not ready for check-in, you can leave your luggage at the front desk which I saw many other bags as well.

4. Rooms


Double Bed in Artisan

Artisan Eco Hotel has basic rooms like any other hotels that you see. There is a double bed, toilet, showers area, and a sink. One thing that I found unique was their sink bowl. The way they had recycled the materials is interesting, something I have never seen before.


Toilets in the Artisan Eco Hotel


The rooms were also bright and cozy. It didn’t feel like we are staying in a cheap, low-budget hotel. Some of the other low budget hotels are at the same price for a smaller quality room. Windows and curtains didn’t felt cheap as well as some low budget hotels offer.

Bed sheets were clean and comfortable. I had a restful sleep for the entire night! The bed was huge enough for my sister and me as well. We did not need to fight for blankets and space, like what we would usually do.

This is a value for money stay in a prime location, Kuala Lumpur!

5. Others

Water tanks are placed in the middle of the hallway with bottles. You can refill and drink them anytime whenever you are thirsty!

Parking is quite limited in this location. It is better to travel here by Grab or train and go sightseeing around this vicinity by foot or Grab cars! A lot of vehicles double park here, and it can get busy here!

Wifi is good to use! I had no issue with that.

That is all I have for Artisan Eco Hotel. I have stayed with the hotel once and wouldn’t mind booking it again. I wanted to stay there on my second trip to Subang Jaya but there was a water problem in this area, and the hotel canceled my booking.

It is cheap, clean, comfortable beds and of course, value for money. What more can you ask for a less than SGD 30 room per night?!

To your Happiness and Success!

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