Arizona, USA Travel Guide

The Famous Horseshoe-Bend, Arizona USA

The Famous Horseshoe-Bend, Arizona USA

Arizona, a southwestern U.S State, is an amazing place that is filled with wonders! As we drove from Utah into Arizona, our mouths were wide opened. As we saw the huge sea, the unique rock formations, and the sea color, we fell in love we this place almost instantly! After stepping and registering for our campsite in Glen Canyon National Park, we were more excited than ever. The campsite, the view was all so fabulous. It had an amazing vibe and I just wanted to stay longer in Arizona. 🙂

During our stay in Arizona, we managed to cover some of the most beautiful and well-known places in the world! Check them out below:

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Best Advice & Tips for your Trip Arizona:


1. Check your Weather:

Arizona was so hot at the time that we visited it, the temperature there was about 40 degrees in the Afternoon. Check your Weather before heading there! It changes throughout the year.
As the weather can get really hot at times, drink lots of water, wear sunscreen of SPF 15, wear hats/caps (if you have), stay in shaded areas for your body to recover. It is not fun when your body gets sick while you are having a holiday in the USA! Take good care of your body.
Even our car heated up so much that the cooling liquid boiled! Our car heated up and was performing poorly, fortunately, we met a nice man that saw us struggling with the instruction manual, long story short, he helped us and the problem was fixed. We considered ourselves lucky because if it had broken down in the middle of our trip we would probably have been panicking.

2. Consider Completing your Entire Arizona package.

There are a few tours that you can consider doing while in Glen Canyon, Arizona. Click here for more details! We did not take up the tours and only visited 2 places when we were in Glen Canyon! We visited the Horseshoe Bend & the Antelope Canyon. We felt that these 2 places were sufficient for us. Do check the other tours available if you are looking to experience it all in Arizona!

3. Accommodation

Hotels: There are a lot of places for you to stay in Glen Canyon Arizona. Hotels can be booked through websites and they are located pretty near to Horseshoe Bend. I typically use and to find my bookings. for collecting Free nights and redeem it while to compare hotel prices!

I would suggest you have your booking and research done in advance! Hotels and Camping sites get fully booked from time to time (depending on the period you are visiting.)

Camping: A more budget and cost-effective way! Well, we camped for about 2 nights at Wahweap Campground in Glen Canyon National Recreational Park. You can find the other campsites available here!

The view was spectacular. We loved our campsite. It looked a little like Greece and it had that Vibe. We had a sea view and the campgrounds were really clean. We requested to stay near the toilet since I tend to urine a lot in the night! Hehe! We tried to extend our booking but we were too late. It was fully booked. Well, you can guess how popular it is for people to camp here!

It can get really hot in the afternoon and we didn’t have a good place to rest. We were forced to seek air-conditioned places like Macdonalds..etc as it was stupid to sit in the tents under 40-degree Celcius. That was one bad thing about camping in Glen Canyon National Park, Arizona.



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