Arizona, USA: The Under-Rated Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Though Arizona is really hot, we really enjoyed ourselves there.

The places we have been to are phenomenal, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Glen Canyon Recreation Area.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona USA

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona USA

Glen Canyon was somewhere we chanced upon. Glen Canyon has never been on our list to visit in Arizona. There aren’t many Americans that know about it too. It is so underrated that I felt bad for it. It needs more recognition!
We were really fortunate that we researched and chose to stay in Wahweap Developed Campground in Glen Canyon.
This place is gorgeous, when we drove past, the blueish water of Lake Powell and an amazing backdrop of really different rock formations really made us go WOW. This photo doesn’t justify its beauty. You have to see it for yourself.
This is probably the most beautiful sight we have seen across the state as of now. Lake Tahoe is beautiful but this is absolutely gorgeous. We were fortunate to be able to stay in Wahweap for a day however we were living day to day and we did not realize that the next day was labor day and the camping site was fully booked by the morning thus we had no choice but to move.
Lone Rock Primitive Camping, Arizona USA

Lone Rock Primitive Camping, Arizona USA

We went to Lone Rock Primitive Camping. This campsite is never full, you can always go there if Wahweap is fully booked. It’s a beach, located just 15 minutes drive away! Camping here is also cheaper. This is the place that we met a really nice family guy. He offered help immediately we reached there and when we sat in the car to do some work, he offered his lamp. We were really touched as we have never met such a nice person.

Things to do in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona:

1. Glen Canyon Dam

The Glen Canyon, Arizona USA

The Glen Canyon, Arizona USA

You can raft in the stable waters of Glen Canyon Dam. Though the construction of the dam has led to many debates as to its benefits and disadvantages, all over the world the concrete arch dam is truly a beautiful innovation. You can also raft or sunbathe in the most stable waters of Glen Canyon Dam!

2. Camping

There are 2 Campsites that we stayed in. There are of course more options available. We like camping at Wahweap Developed Camping. The campsite was clean and there were facilities available. Click here to find out further!

a. Wahweap Developed Camping  (Approx $25/Night)
b. Lone Rock Primitive Camping (Approx $14/Night)
Camping here is a good base for seeing Arizona’s stunning attractions such as the Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe bend and many more!
Both campgrounds have a beach that is relatively clear, It’s a really good place to relax and just soak up some sun but do remember to put some Sunscreen! One bad thing about staying here or any campsite would be the heat. It gets really hot in the afternoon and if you are intending to take a short nap or to have a rest, be sure to have other equipment available beside your small tent. On one of the afternoons, we had nothing to do. However, we could not take a proper rest as staying in the tent under the hot sun was the worst idea ever. We ended up spending our time in Macdonalds! Eating and relaxing with their Air-Conditioner.

 3. Boating

Boating is one of the most popular activity in Lake Powell. You can either bring in your private boat or rent it to go into the deep tortuous waters of Lake Powell. There are fees required to enter into Lake Powell through 4 different marinas, Wahweap Marina, Antelope Point Marina, Halls Crossing Marina and Bullfrog Marina. If I were to go back here, I would rent a boat to go around the whole lake! I’m quite certain that we would be able to find some stunning rock formation and some hidden gems!

1-7 Day Boating Entrance – $30.00

Admits one single private vessel

1-7 Day Boating Entrance additional vessel – $30.00

Admits one single private vessel on the same trailer as a vessel paying full entry fees

4. Swimming

The walk to Glen Canyon National Recreational Area

The walk to Glen Canyon National Recreational Area

Swimming in the Glen Canyon Waters, Arizona USA

Swimming in the Glen Canyon Waters, Arizona US

The amazing thing about Glen Canyon National Recreation Park is the blueish clear water. The riverbed is not slimy like some beaches but you do have to be careful of a few large boulders on the riverbed. I really liked swimming there as the water was really clear which made it look clean. This is also a good picturesque spot due to the spectacular backdrop.

5. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is probably the best way to see the amazing Colorado Plateau but do note that it can get very hot so bring more water and prepare some food. The signal is not good at all. We did not have any signal for that few days so do download the offline map before heading anywhere! In addition, do have some knowledge on how to fix the bikes, bring some equipments incase your bike fails.

Places you can cycle:

1. Wahweap
2. Bullfrog
3. Halls Crossing / San Juan
Should you need more information, more information can be found here. 

7. Scenic Drive

Glen Canyon Recreational Area, Arizona USA

Glen Canyon Recreational Area, Arizona USA

Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, Arizona USA

Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, Arizona USA

Glen Canyon Recreational Area, Arizona USA Scenic Overlook

Glen Canyon Recreational Area, Arizona USA Scenic Overlook

There is a scenic drive from one end of the entrance to another in Glen Canyon National Recreation Park itself. There were about 3-4 overlooks. We didn’t go to all as it was already too dark by the time we finished 2.
There are 2 other scenic drives you can choose from; Burr Trail, Hole in the Rock Road.

8. Hiking

There are no maintained trails in Glen Canyon so you do have to be careful! Download the offline map. If you always go missing like us, this is probably not the best idea.

Glen Canyon National Recreation area Hotels

2-3 star Hotels nearby Glen Canyon:

1. Best Western Plus At Lake Powell
2. Comfort Inn & Suites Page
3. La Quinta Inn & Suites Page at Lake Powell
4. Days Inn Page AZ
5. Best Western View Of Lake Powell Hotel
Amangiri is a 5 Star Hotel that can be found near Antelope Canyon.

Food Nearby:

We usually cook in campgrounds but it was too hot in the afternoon and since we have been running around, all we wanted to do is just sit back and relax. Thus, we used Yelp to choose a restaurant.

We tried Blue Buddha Sushi Lounge and Mandarin Gourmet. To be honest, it was a bad choice. They served Japanese-American style kind of food.

Blue Buddha Sushi Lounge is rated as 4/5 stars but to us, the food was not fresh maybe because we went at the moment it opened but I don’t think that is the way to run a business especially for sushi where the ingredients have to be fresh. Thus, i would highly recommend that you head down at least an hour after it was open. Maybe only then will they have fresh ingredients for your sushi.
Mandarin Gourmet is probably the better version of many other Chinese buffets around USA. The service we had was good but the owner was cheating! The buffet is $7.99, however, he charged us $20 quoting that the excess is due to tax. It is impossible that the tax costs $4.20% of the entire bill? That is ridiculous. We didn’t want to argue but we know it is wrong. Most people just don’t pay the service fee because he has already included in it! However, this was the only Chinese food in town and it suited our taste more than any other food.

Other restaurants nearby include:

All in all, I hope that I have provided the information that you needed. Glen Canyon is definitely a place I would recommend if you like the beaches with an amazing backdrop. It’s like swimming and relaxing in another level. I might sound like I’m exaggerating but I was elated when I was there. It was so beautiful that no words could explain. I’m so sorry if our photos didn’t bring out the beauty of this place but I would still recommend you to check this baby out.

Watch our Video below to find out the 3 Most Amazing places in Arizona!

To your Happiness and Success!

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