Arizona, USA: The Antelope Canyon Tour

The Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

The Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

The first time I came across Antelope Canyon was through Instagram a few years back. Since then, I had always dreamed of going to visit it one day. And guess what?! My dream came true! The photo I saw was of picturesque beauty, and the real-life experience certainly did not disappoint. It was so pretty, the gentle and fine red rock curves that formed the canyon. I was thrilled to get a chance to experience it for myself.
The Gradient of Antelope Canyon, USA

The Gradient of Antelope Canyon, USA

Antelope Canyon is, to me at least, a wonder of the world. It is amazing how such natural beauties can be formed over time. The color contrast and shape is spectacular, to say the least.
The experience of Antelope Canyon is available only through guided tours. There are 2 tours available, namely Lower Antelope Canyon and Upper Antelope Canyon. Check out the tours here for more Information! The only difference is how it is shaped. For the Lower Antelope Canyon, it is structured in a V shape whereas the Upper Antelope Canyon forms an inverted V shape.
The Upper Antelope Canyon Tours are more popular. However, if you would rather not squeeze with the crowd, you can visit the Lower Antelope Canyon instead. Do note that the Lower Antelope Canyon requires climbing stairs. Hence, if mobility is an issue, I would suggest going by the Upper Antelope Canyon route.
The Antelope Canyon was formed by the erosion of the Navajo Sandstone due to flash flooding and sub-aerial processes. Isn’t it amazing how natural disasters can form such a beautiful structure?
We decided to go by the Lower Antelope Canyon route. Each tour will be guided by Native Americans who will explain how it is formed, help you take photos and bring you around the Antelope Canyon.
The Antelope Canyon, USA

The Antelope Canyon, USA

The Antelope Canyon tour costs approximately $32-$40 per pax with an additional $5-$6 Navajo Permit to step into their territory. During this tour, you will be required to climb down stairs, hence, I would not recommend it for people who have difficulties walking. The tour lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Initially, I did not like the Antelope Canyon tour as the tour guide kept hurrying us, and we were unable to take photos as we had insufficient time. However, I guess such things are unavoidable when on a tour. Thankfully, our tour guide was kind enough to guide us on which angles and settings to use to take photos and even helped us take some individual shots for the whole group at different locations.
At the end of the tour, you will climb out through the fault line! How cool is that!
The exit of Antelope canyon, Arizona USA

The exit of Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA

General Tips for your Trip to Antelope Canyon, Arizona:

1. Go in the afternoon to avoid the crowd. Also, with the sun shining brightly, it will light up the Antelope Canyon and it makes it extremely beautiful. For those afraid of the sun, fret not because it is rather cooling inside the Canyon.
2. Reserve your place before going at a later timing. We went in the morning to reserve our place for 3 pm. We went to Horseshoe Bend and had lunch before going back. You can also visit Glen Canyon National Park during your spare time. It is gorgeous!
3. There will be different booths to buy your tickets. Do check all out before deciding. I think there are tours like Photography tours and more. I think you would probably have better photos and more time if you went for the photography tour.
4. Water will be provided after the tour but bring some if you think you will need it for the duration of the tour.
5. During the tour group, stay behind for more photo-taking! However, the tour guide would also give you great tips on which areas to take photos! Keep a lookout on that!
6. Stand at the front if you wish to learn more about how the Antelope Canyon is formed and more.
All in all, I hope this blog has served your purpose for reading this blog. Do let me know what other information should I include.

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