Your Washington, DC Travel Guide, USA.

The US Capitol, Washington DC!

The US Capitol, Washington DC!

Monuments, Memorials, Eclectic Neighborhoods in Washington, Dc is a place like no other. As you enter into the city, you get to see some of the best Architectural Buildings and Designs that you cannot find in any of the other States in the USA.

This vibrant city was filled with positive energy, love, and happiness! As you walk along the streets, it makes you feel good.
This was what My Sister & I felt when we were on the Streets of Washington, DC. Till today, this place is one of our favorite Cities in the USA!

  1. The Top Things to Do in Washington, DC, USA! 

Your Washington, DC Travel Guide


1. Accommodation

A) Hotels, Airbnbs & Motels:

There are lots of Hotels and Motels that you can choose from while you are in the city. Hotels located in Downtown Washington would range from about $100 – $700.

Airbnb bookings are also available. We Stayed in Springfields, a town near the city. The Airbnb’s Location was accessible to both The Great Falls & Downtown Washington, Dc.

B) Camping:

If you are traveling to Washington, DC on a Budget, campgrounds are available for you! You can camp near the Great Falls and State Parks to enjoy the beautiful Nature and Scenery of the place!

Cost of Camping per night would only be able $20 – $40 per night, depending on whether you are camping in a tent or RV. As we did not camp in Washington, Dc, Click here to find out more about Camping near Washington DC, USA!

2. Budget

A) Food:

Food costs relatively the same throughout the USA. Though there are many street store vendors that you can find along the National Mall Vicinity and Park, they can be at the same cost as a Normal Cafe Price. To enjoy and experience the city as a whole, do give these Street Food Vendors a try!

To be honest, it can be quite tough finding food in the city. I remember that we were feeling famished at one point in time, but the only food/cafe available was a few miles away. There is Mexican food and mostly Sandwiches around the city.

B) Excursions:

Smart Destinations: Go City Pass

Big Bus Tours Washington

We went for the Go City Explorer Pass under Smart Destinations again! It was a fantastic experience. We went for three attractions in Washington, DC which includes the Newseum, Cruise Monument Tour and the Night Big Bus City Tour! It was worth it and value for money.

If you are going for the Big Bus, go for the night bus which starts at about 5 pm or 6 pm. You will be able to catch the beautiful skyline and the Sunset! It was a beautiful sight indeed! The Sky hue color was pretty, and we did not regret sitting the Night bus!

To be honest, we are a little disappointed with the Big Bus Tours Service Counter. It did not give us proper instructions on where to queue and go before boarding the bus. We waited for almost an hour at the wrong queue. It was frustrating as we almost missed the bus! The lady at the counter was also not helpful or apologetic in any way. Luckily, the big bus tour guide was friendlier, and the entire experience made us feel better.

Free Museum:

Besides going for the Go City Explorer Pass under Smart Destinations, there are also many free Museums that you can visit! Some Museums need to be paid for, but some are worth going for. We regretted allocating so little time. We couldn’t go for most of the Museums like the Smithsonian American Art Museum, National Museum of the American Indian and The National Museum of Natural History. If you would like to find out more about Free Museums in Washington, Dc, Click here!

3. Transport

Transport around the city is very convenient. If you do not want to waste time finding a parking space, you can always park your car in nearby Metro Stations for about USD 4 – USD 6 per day and take the Metro from there to Downtown Washington, Dc. That was what we did in the Weekdays! Train ticket prices would depend on the duration and distance traveled. They are easily purchased at the Train Stations.
Click here to find out more about Fares, Metro Lines, and Duration of Travel in Washington, Dc!

For the Weekends, we decided to drive to Downtown Washington, Dc. We got lucky at that time! We made down on a Sunday, and it was free parking day! It was relatively easy for us to park our cars and walk to The Capitol for the Tour!

4. Weather Washington DC

Before you travel to Washington, Dc for your Vacation or Trip, do check their Weather updates. When we were there, it was hot and during the Summer periods. However, it can get really cold with Washington dc Snow Storm at times. Do check your weather updates! 


Hope this has helped you in your upcoming trip to Washington, Dc, USA!

To your Happiness and Success!

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