Your Utah Travel Guide, USA

Balanced Rock at Arches National Park, Utah

Balanced Rock at Arches National Park, Utah

Utah is a beautiful State in the USA. This place is well-known for its deserts, great National Park, Hiking Trails, and Camping! The best National Parks in the USA is located right here like the Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Arches! Though it is located in the desert, it is still cooling, and the weather was lovely! [ In some areas ] Maps of our Journey in Utah

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Map Of Utah National Park, Road Trip!

Map of our Road Trip in Utah

Map of our Road Trip in Utah

Your Utah Travel Guide


1. Accommodations

A) Hotels and Motels:

There are lots of Hotels and Motels located near the National Parks! It is easy to navigate around: Use ‘‘ or ‘‘ websites to book your Bookings! Make sure you read reviews to ensure you got yourself a good Hotel!

B) Camping:

We camped throughout Utah, USA! It has been enjoyable. I have prepared the whole list of campsites that we have visited in Utah, click here to start planning your camping trip!

As there are many well known National Parks, be sure to go early in the morning to have your spot and campsite secured. Another way is to book two weeks to six months in advance. Campgrounds get filled up quickly!!! Do make sure!!!

As most campsites are in National Parks [ For convenient sake ], there are not many shower facilities available. Within the Park toilets. Showers can be found in nearby shops. [ Just a few minutes away from the National Park

They charge a small shower fee that isn’t very expensive. Click here to find out more about camping in Utah!

2. Budget

A) Food:

There is not much cash difference in the food as it is relatively the same in the USA. If you have got your store and materials, it is good to buy some food at the Walmart to cook while you are camping. Diana and I spend lots of time cooking, and that is how much money we saved. It is a lot of money saved!
You can find some Restaurants near the National Parks. This is not a problem, but sometimes, National Parks and Campgrounds can be deep inside the National Parks. That makes you not want to come out at the park and cook!

B) Excursions:

Most attractions in Utah are National Parks! To maximize your trip and save lots of money, go for the Annual Pass. It gives you entry to all National Parks [ Including the Parks in Canada ] at only USD$80. It is reasonable and cheap. By going to four National Parks, you would have already covered the entire cost of the Annual Pass. Click here to find out more about this Annual Pass!

3. Transport

My best suggestion is to rent a car if you are over 21 years old. Car rentals only rent vehicles to those above 21. They still do charge an underage fee of almost $20 per day. It can be costly. However, with a car navigating around the National Parks and driving along the highway, making necessary stops would be much simpler. Without a car in Utah, it can be quite troublesome. I remembered not seeing many buses around.
You can rent a car from the Airport and drop off there too! Some National Parks provide Shuttle Bus Service like in Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park is compulsory. This makes navigating around in the park much easier.

For Bryce Canyon National Park, take the car and head to your sightseeing places would be faster and more efficient. You can stop wherever you want and need to waste time waiting for the Bus to arrive. It can take some time to come!


I hope these tips have served you well! If you have more advice for Utah, drop it in the comments below.

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