Top things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Gondola Boatride in Venetian, Las Vegas

Gondola Boatride in The Venetian Hotel

There are tons of things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada besides gambling. Well, we thought that we could do nothing but when we arrived there, we had the best times of our lives. 😃

Here are the top things to do or the must do things in Las Vegas, Nevada! If you want to know where to park in Las Vegas and LV Travel Guide, Click here!

1) Walk the Las Vegas, Nevada Strip. 

The Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

The Las Vegas Strip!

A street that is so vibrant and happy! It is lined with upscale casino Hotels, Shop, Performance Venues, music and lots of other attractions! Walking on this street makes you feel good somehow and you can walk in and out of the casinos to get to your final destination. Walking through casinos make it less hot as the weather can be extreme here. 

2) Gamble! 

Gambling in the Casino(s)!

Gambling in the Casino(s)!

If you are above 21 years old, play on those casino tables and win it big! Grab the Jackpot machine, play Blackjack and so much more. . Everyone is enjoying themselves. Just be careful and not overspend. It can be bad. Do remember to apply for Total Rewards Program to accumulate points as you gamble! This allows you to get future deals at discounted prices or even Free Hotel stays!

3) Hop from Hotels to Hotels! 

A) Change Hotels:

The Excalibur Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada

The Excalibur Hotel & Casino!


The Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada

The Luxor Hotel & Casino!

During our 1-week stay in Las Vegas, we changed a total of 3 Hotels: Westgate Resorts and casino, Harrah’s Hotel and the Excalibur Hotel. They are all located near the Las Vegas Strip! 

We wanted to experience the difference themed Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada as they were famous for it! Of course, our stay in Westgate Hotel was the best! Click here to find out why! 

(B) Explore and Discover the other Hotels:

Due to the different themed Hotels in Las Vegas, you get to experience it all! 

Popular Hotels: The Luxor Hotel and casino (pyramid style), Flamingo Las Vegas (you get to stay with Flamingos), Paris Las Vegas (experience Paris in Las Vegas), New York New York (Experience New York in Las Vegas) , Excalibur Hotel & Casino (experience the grand castles feel like you are in a Fairytale) and many more! 

4) Visit Red Rock Canyon National Parks.

Red Rock Canyon National Park, Las Vegas, Nevada!

Red Rock Canyon National Park

Looking for a Break, Short Hike in Las Vegas, You got it! One of the more Popular places to hike and Rock climb is Red Rock Canyon. It offers you spectacular views of Red Sandstone peaks through a 13-mile Scenic Drive. As you drive, there are many different points that you can stop at to see and take pictures!

Do you early in the morning as it can get extremely Hot in the afternoon! Remember to drink lots and lots of water!

There is a Visitor Center right after you enter the park to plan your route and trails in the park.

5) Roller Coaster in New York New York Hotel!

New York New York Hotel on Las Vegas Strip!

New York New York Hotel

Looking for some thrills and exciting rides in Las Vegas? At the end of the Strip, You will see a Hotel Called New York New York. It offers you a rite for USD $15 and 2 rides for USD $28. You can give a try if you are up to some thrills! Click here to find out more.

6) Visit Strastosphere and the Big Shot.

Stratosphere is a Casino Hotel with a 1,149-foot observatory tower. If you are up for some thrills and excitement, try the Big Shot, which is the world’s highest amusement ride. It gives you dramatic ride atop the stratosphere. On the top of the observation deck, it gives you panoramic views of Las Vegas City! Go city explorer pass for Las Vegas is applicable here. Click here to find out more!

7) Catch the Ziplines; Voodoo and SlotZilla.

Voodoo; It is located in RIO All-Suites Hotel and Casino. It is a thrill ride between 2 of RIO’s Hotel towers! Tickets are selling at USD $27.99 online. Sometimes, there are cheaper rates on Groupon, Check it out before finalizing your booking!.

SlotZilla; A slot machine with thrill attractions offering Ziplines for you to play!.

8) Catch the Famous Las Vegas Shows.

Catch the Famous Las Vegas Show!

Catch the Famous Las Vegas, Nevada Show!

There are tons of shows available in Las Vegas ranging from entertaining, comedy, adventure and sexy! You can hop down to any of the show ticketing counters to choose your shows and book with them directly. 

Go city explorer have shows available for you! Check them out and get it at its best deals! 

9) Eat the Buffets of Buffets.

Seafood at Carnival Seafood Hotel!

Seafood at Carnival Seafood Hotel!

The best thing we did on my birthday! We ate at 5 different restaurants, walked around and had so so much fun! It was never better. Click here to find out about what we did and how you can enjoy the Buffets of Buffets as well!.

10). Catch the Beautiful Fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel.

Right in front of the 5-star luxurious Bellagio Hotel & Casino is a beautiful water fountain show. The show schedules are as stated below:


3 pm – 8pm:  Runs every 30 minutes.

8 pm-Midnight:  Runs every 15 minutes.


                12pm-8pm: Runs every 30 minutes.

                8pm-Midnight: Runs every 15 minutes.

11) Clubbing at Various Hotels / Clubs and Bars.

This is only applicable for 2 and above. As you walk along the streets of Las Vegas Strip, You will be given lots of pamphlets and brochures inviting you to these Clubs and Bars. 

There are also lots of lively nightclubs and Restaurants in MGM Grand Las Vegas. Check it out there!

Hope this has helped you very much! If you are looking to park and get some tips and advice for your Las Vegas Nevada Travel guide, Click it out here!

To your Happiness and Success!

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