Top States to Visit in Florida, USA.

I have spent three months of my life in Florida, and we have covered about 3/4 of the entire place. It has been fun as the weather similar to the weather in Singapore . Except for one thing, it is not humid and sweaty there. Below are some of the Best States to Visit in USA, Florida! There are definitely more as Florida is so Huge and  is one of the best vacation spots in the US.

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Best Cities in Florida, USA:

(1) Orlando, Florida

Disneyland Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, USA

Disneyland Magic Kingdom in Orlando, USA

There are so many things to offer in Orlando. There are theme parks, Shopping (lots of it), eating and many more! Many tourists (Both Local Americans & Foreign Toursits) travel here to have fun and play on these rides! I spent most of my time staying in Orlando enduring that time, Me and my brother have been to all of Walt Disney World Parks, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens in Tampa and the water parks. Click here to find out more about them in Florida! 

Melting Pot at Orlando, Florida!

Melting Pot in Orlando!

Besides that, if you are in Orlando, do try out one of my favorite restaurants: The Melting Pot. It is located in Downtown Orlando. They offer chocolate and cheese fondue sets for a total of USD 39.90. If you would only like to have chocolate fondue, it cost about USD 8.90. Give it a try! You will love it if you have a sweet tooth like me! 

(2) Tampa

Just 1-hour drive away from Orlando City is the city called Tampa, Florida! As we had the time, we explored this city.there are theme parks available in Tampa as well! We went for Busan gardens Tampa Bay and it was a fun theme park to be in. We enjoyed ourselves very much!

There are also other things to do in Tampa, Florida, like going to Adventure Land, City Sightseeing like the Tampa Riverwalk, Museums, and Carnivals!

(3) Miami, Florida.

The City of Miami, Florida USA!

The City of Miami, USA!

Enjoying the Beach waters in Miami, Florida USA!

Enjoying the Beach waters in Miami, USA!

My favorite place in Florida. It is not about the Nightlife, Clubs and the vicinity but the beach. the waters were clear, comfortable and relaxing to be in. We stayed in the Beach waters, under the sun for 4 hours straight. We loved it so much! Not too sure why as you walk along the streets of Miami city, there are many shopping places like Crocs, H&M, Zara so on and so forth. Restaurants and Cafes are also located almost everywhere! You would definitely not miss any of these.

Other popular things to do in Miami is to visit the Venetian Pool, South Pointe Park, Bayside market Place and Bay Front Park. Sadly, we didn’t explore these areas as we did not plan ahead on where we were going to stay, what we were going to do. We just planned to drop by Miami since we were in Fort Lauderdale.

(4) Key West; Florida Keys 

Florida Keys, USA!

Florida Keys, USA!

Florida Keys  was a unique place unlike the other states in the USA It is a spring of Tropical Islands stretching about 120 miles off the southern tip of Florida. As you enter the Florida Keys highway, it is a straight road and small islands around you and spots that you can park your car to take more pictures.

Butterfly Garden at Key West, Florida USA.

Butterfly Garden at Key West, Florida USA.

We spent a lot of our time walking on the streets of Key West, exploring the area, shopping and visiting the Butterfly garden. However, it gets really hot and sweaty in the afternoon. Just drink lots of watering stay hydrated! The best experience in Florida keys was the Helicopter ride that we set on. It was my first time and the best one ever!

Click here to find out more about our Helicopter Ride in the Florida Key West.

Other popular things that you can do here is visiting the Southernmost Point Buoy, visit the Dry Tortugas National Park, Mallory square and do Water Sports!

Cruise Ship Key west, Florida USA

Cruise Ship Key West, Florida USA

The Sunset we saw on the Sunset Cruise, Key West Florida.

The Sunset we saw on the Sunset Cruise, Key West Florida.

Another thing that we did was to take the Sunset Cruise Tour. It was one of the best cruise experience ever! We made new friends and catch the beautiful sunset. At that time, the sky hue was pinkish in color like in the picture above. It was so memorable and fabulous!!! Take the tours if you have time!

(8) Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach with my Sister, Florida.

Jacksonville Beach with my Sister.

I came here with my little sister as we were heading up to explore the USA for 2 months on a road trip! Jacksonville Beach was relaxing. We tried to catch the early morning sunrise but it was too cloudy. However, sitting on the beach and having the cool breeze made it so relaxing! there are other beaches that you can explore in Florida too: Daytona beach, Cocoa beach (a bit dirty), we didn’t enjoy the beach as much, Clearwater beach (Great Beach!!!) and many more!! 

These are the Top states that you should visit in Florida! If there is more that I may have missed out, do let me know!

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