San Francisco Travel Guide, California USA

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco City, California

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco City, California


San Francisco, California is a fabulous city offering you views that are so spectacular. It is a hilly city surrounded by the Pacific Bay and the San Francisco Bay. It is also famous for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the notorious prison sitting on an Island called Alcatraz.

This city has a deep history since ancient times and as you hear the stories of the people in the past (like the Chinese and how people lived before), You can feel the deep pains and sufferings they have gone through… I felt it when I was listening to the deep stories of San Francisco City during a Cruise Ship Ride, exploring the city of San Francisco.

Nonetheless, San Francisco is definitely a city that I enjoy being in. The weather, the vibe in the city and everything just make it perfect. Sometimes, it makes me feel like I am in London city because of the Victorian Ancient Houses.

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Your San Francisco Travel Guide

  1. Accommodation

Book early before going to San Francisco. Hotels in San Francisco can be highly expensive at $200 – $1000 per night. Even a normal (Two to Three Star Hotel) costs about $200 – $300 per night! You can try to redeem these nights using your Credit Card Accumulated Miles so to not have so much money spent on San Francisco Accommodation!

Cheaper Accommodation in San Francisco would include Staying in your Friend’s Place or Camping. However, do note that the campsites that are available on last-minute basis are typically located far away from the Main San Francisco City. Those campsites with Panoramic View of San Francisco’s Cityline are typically booked 3 Months before. Click here to find out more about camping in San Francisco’s City!  

2. Budget

Accommodation is definitely more expensive than the rest of the cities in the USA.

Excursions: We went for the Go city Explorer Pass that allows us to explore San Francisco according to the number of Excursions we Purchase. Definitely cheaper than going to each Excursion and paying them Directly. If you are hoping to get one of these Excursion Deals, do check the Go City Explorer Pass in San Francisco. Do note that this is available throughout the different cities in the USA.

Food: Relatively the same throughout all the different cities in the USA. If you are looking for some cheap food in San Francisco, there are lots of Street side Vendors available serving Clam Chowder. You can give it a try, the soup is extremely delicious! As I am not used to eating Sour Doughs in my daily life, the Sour Dough is not suited to my taste.

Besides the street food, we noticed that there are many Noodle Stalls around in San Francisco. They are selling Vietnamese Noodles at a good and average price! It wasn’t that expensive.

3. Transportation

The Muni Trolley Rides in San Francisco City!

The Muni Trolley Rides in San Francisco City!

Buses and Trains are available in San Francisco.

BART: Navigating from SFO to San Francisco was relatively easy with BART Train Service. (This depends on your ride and duration).

MUNI: MUNI Buses are available within the San Francisco City. They are mainly trolley that goes around the City. They are different and very special from the rest of the world. Their Fares are not that expensive as well and it depends on the destination that you are headed too! The MUNI stops are popular destinations like Pier 39 and The Fisherman’s Wharf!

If you are taking up the Go Explorer City pass in San Francisco, there is a Trolley Option available for you! It allows you to explore San Francisco without needing to spend Extra Money and just sit on the Historic Muni Trolley and experience it all! To further maximize your MUNI ride, do use the Google Planner or 511 Trip Planner to ensure you covered what you would like to see in San Francisco! If you would like to find out more about the different transportation modes in San Francisco, Click here!

Lyft, Uber: These rides are also available in San Francisco if you do not have a car. Just download the app: Lyft and Uber! If you would like to save money and do not have a big group of people traveling with you, shared rides for a cheaper fare are definitely available! At times, there are promo codes available under these companies to incentivize you to travel with them!

Car: Driving into San Francisco can be a little Jam especially when going back in the evening or heading to downtown in the morning. There is a toll fee that you would need to pay before entering the San Francisco City. There is usually a long line of cars waiting to pay the toll and it may take some time. Here is more information on the Prices that you would have to pay for entry. It depends on how many Axles your car has.

Parking in San Francisco can be relatively difficult unless you are lucky. There are some streets that give you free parking. For us, if we found a space, we use it immediately. Most parking in San Francisco goes by the meter! So do remember to pay for it or you will be fined heavily. Meter Traffic Police are always diligently doing its rounds. Pay or Pay Bigger! We tend to head early into San Francisco city to find a parking space. Usually, it gets busier in the afternoon.

There are big open carparks available on a private basis too. They go by the hour. Sometimes, it gets cheaper after 4 pm or so depending on the carpark. Check it properly!

Big Bus: Big Bus Transport Operates in most Cities all around the world! It is the perfect deal if you have the entire day Off for Sightseeing and play! It stops at many major points of interest where you can hop on and hop off the bus. There is a specific timing allocated for each city. Do Check it at the Counter when you redeem your Big Bus Explorer Pass. Click Here to find out more now! 

To be told, we actually tried giving the Public Transport a try and my final answer would be to take your car. We stayed in El Cerrito during our Trip to San Francisco and going into the City took us about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. The total cost of going back and forth with BART transport and MUNI costs the same as parking a car in San Francisco city and paying for the toll.

After making those calculations, we really regretted taking the public transport. We waited for 30 mins to 45 mins for a MUNI bus to take us to the nearest BART Train. After arriving at the BART Train Station, we had to wait for another 30 mins for the train to arrive. It was the worst Public Transport ever and I was afraid to enter San Francisco City without a car. Maybe they had some issues with the public transport on that day. However, it was such a tiring process waiting for the train and bus to arrive. Our ride back was about 2 hours to 3 hours. Definitely not a very fun experience.

4. Take Good Care of your Belongings Even in the Hotel and Car.

We have read many reviews online about Hotel and Car Break-ins in the City of San Francisco. Just be careful to prevent your stuff from going missing!

5. Shop in San Francisco!

Shopping in San Francisco City, California!

Shopping in San Francisco City, California!

Shopping in San Francisco have been one of the best Experience ever as compared to the other Premium Outlets in the USA! Click here to find out why you Need to shop in San Francisco! 🙂

6. Take the Pacific Coast Highway

Places to visit if you are going through the Pacific Coast Highway, California

Places to visit if you are going through the Pacific Coast Highway, California

If you are traveling from LA to San Francisco or the other way, take the Pacific Coast Highway if you have the time! In the Map above, these are popular destinations that many people visit when they pass by the Pacific Coast. The highway is one of the most beautiful sights! Even if you do not have a car, there are trains available from San Francisco to LA and likewise the other way round.

To your Happiness and Success!

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