Mammoth Mountain, California USA: A Place you will Fall in Love with.

Top of Mammoth Mountain

Top of Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain in California, USA was simply astonishing, the mountaintop overlooking the bluish lakes and the scenic gondola resembled the Swiss Alps! The only difference being that Switzerland has many more lookouts and it is way more expensive. Hence, I would definitely recommend this as a cheaper alternative! You will definitely fall in love with this lovely place! This mountain is a Popular Destination for Cycling & Skiing. They even have a separate cable car up for skiers.

Gondola Rides up to the Top of Mammoth Mountain

Gondola Rides up to the Top of Mammoth Mountain

The Scenic Gondola’s entry fees and Age ranges in brackets:

Adult – $23.00 (23-64)

Senior – $19.00 (65-79)

Youth – $19.00 (13-22)

Child – $9.00 (5-12)

For every paying adult, up to 2 kids (12 and under) ride free. The fees are rather affordable so I would definitely recommend you to try it out. Do note that you could cycle up for free.

Tips before Traveling up to the Peak of Mammoth Mountains!

  1. Accommodations in this Area can be rather expensive. Our hotel room, which is located right in front of the Mountain & Gondola, was about SGD 200 per night. We redeemed the nights and used our Citibank Rewards to book for the room. 

  2. It is very cold and windy on the top of the Mountain. If you are not Stable when walking, it is not advisable to go to the peak. It was super windy, cold and chilly when we were up there. Luckily, I had an extra jacket on with a hoodie. I remember how badly I was freezing. On the other hand, Diana was unprepared. She only had a sweater on and she was freezing like crazy after being hit by the strong winds. 

  3. There are some coupons ($5 off per coupon) that you can find in the village (20-30 minutes away) or in Mammoth Mountain Inn (2-3 minutes away). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any photos of it!

  4. The gondola ride takes you up to the top of the mountain whereby you can hike down to numerous lakes, or cycle down. It is really quite cool to see many mountain bikers cycle down so quickly. It is not suitable for people who are afraid of heights as you will be cycling through steep curves and narrow roads. In addition, you will be able to walk to overlook the beautiful lakes from afar.

  5. If you are intending to Ski at Mammoth Mountains, it is advisable to check the Mammoth Weather 15 day forecast and Mammoth Mountain Road Conditions before cycling down the Mountain.

Top View of Mammoth Mountain

Top View of Mammoth Mountain

At the top of the mountain, there is a cafe and a museum which displays skins and hides of animals that live in the vicinity. Also, information about the snowfall, temperature and how the mountains are formed can also be found there.

As you can see below, these are real animal skins. It can be pretty intimidating because it may seem as if they are staring straight at you! These animals were not hunted but instead were either natural deaths or killed by speeding cars. Hence, please do not speed.

Mammoth Mountain Museum Animal Skin

Mammoth Mountain Museum Animal Skin

You can choose to get the meal set with the gondola ride at the ticketing counter. It is cheaper than buying off the menu at the top of the mountain and you would probably not want to starve till you get down. Also, you would probably want to spend as long as possible in such a beautiful place!

During the gondola ride, they will stopover at a gondola museum. We thought it would be boring but we were pleasantly surprised! There were many cool artifacts and activities and we had lots of fun.

Mammoth Mountain Gondola Exhibition

Mammoth Mountain Gondola Exhibition

If you are looking to visit more of Mammoth’s Mountain Sights, check it out here!

Watch our Video Below to Find Out What we Experienced in Mammoth Mountains

Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lake are gorgeous areas. I encourage all of you to visit them if you have the chance to! I guarantee you will be more than satisfied! Even though I have been there, this is one of the places that I would definitely be back for. Till next time for that and to you all!

If you are hoping to find out more about the Mammoth Mountains and its accommodation, click here! 

All in all, I do hope that this blog provides you all with the necessary information in a concise and clear manner. Thanks for reading!

To your Happiness and Success!

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