Your Kansas Travel Guide, USA

Sunrise in Kansas, Ks, USA

Sunrise in Kansas, Ks, USA

Kansas was a state after Missouri! I remember our road trip very distinctly that we had no intention of doing our sightseeing here in Kansas. We were in fact, reading straight to Colorado from New Tork City, USA!
However, guess we were lucky or something, we were having lunch at one of the Highway rest stops. As it was filled with people, we shared a table with some locals who were having their lunch too! We sat down with them and started chatting about where they were headed to and where they were from.

It was at that time that they say “We are going to see the eclipse!” I was like “Eclipse?! Where?!” From there, they started sharing about how the Eclipse was going to travel and when it was going to take place! It was the coolest thing ever. We started asking them where we could catch the eclipse and they told us Kansas!

Looking at the map, We were feeling excited! Kansas was on the way for us! We had a chance! We did our research and made our way to this to this little small town called Troy, Kansas.

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Your Kansas Travel Guide


1. Accommodation

A) Hotels and Motels:

There are lots of stops where we can rest on the highway in Kansas! You can book it in advance or head straight to the Motel for a night stay. Motels typically cost about USD 3O-70 per night. It is not that expensive! I remembered staying in one of the motels in Kansas before heading to Colorado. The Motel name was Green Acre. It was a nice cozy room, not too bad.

B) Camping:

There are lots of campsites available in Kansas as well. The night that we stayed in Troy, we paid USD 10 per night, to park our car and sleep there. Well, it was after this experience that we realized how thick it was to camp in campsites. It was even safer.

I remembered staying in Airbnbs and some Hotels; it gave us that profoundly and scary feeling on some of the nights and it was difficult to sleep in it. However, after this camping experience for a night, it was comfortable sleeping in the outdoors. It was a very peaceful night indeed. Since then, we camped all the way till San Francisco! Campsites are available everywhere! Just search for it on google based on the sights that you are visiting!

2. Budget

A) Food:

Food is relatively priced the same throughout the USA. Just a head up! There can be no Supermarket, Walmart or Restaurants when you are on the highway. Prepare food in advance to not go hungry or have food available. This is especially so when you are camping! If you are staying in a Motel or Hotel, chances of Restaurants being around is higher. Don’t expect many varieties of food. We only ate at a Pizza restaurant near our Motel in Kansas. It was the only Restaurant there! Stock up your food if you are camping when you drop by Walmart!

B) Excursions:

Fun excursions like visiting the heritage fountains, Zoo and Theme Parks can be found in Kansas City. Click here to find out more!

3. Petrol

Keep your tank not too low on fuel. As you are on the highway going to Colorado or the other way, there is nothing in Kansas. Kansas is filled with grass patch and open fields all around you. It was fantastic as me, and my sister got to experience the real countryside of the USA. Watching the sunrise in Kansas was fabulous. You can catch it anywhere! Henceforth, finding Restaurants, and Petrol Stations are only available at some places. Fill your petrol before getting stuck in the middle of the highway!


Do let me know if I have missed anything out.

To your Happiness and Success!

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