Reasons Why I enjoy using it for my Travel Bookings!

The Logo. Image extracted from the Branding Source.

The Logo. Image extracted from the Branding Source.

I have used several times during my travels. When it comes to booking or finding a hotel, this is the first app or website that I would open. Well, I guess it has become habitual as I have used this app many times and have grown my loyalty towards it.

Don’t ask me why and how I started using this app. It was a few years ago, and at that time, I was still really young! I can tell you today, I tried to switch apps and booking sites, but I still prefer using! Prices are cheaper here (cause of my membership with as compared to the other booking sites. This is my preference, and since I have used it so many times, I do like it and would like to share some ideas on the perks of this app with you.

Using and fully benefitting it depends on your Credit Card type. Some Credit Cards have 10X Cashback when you book with like the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card or Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card. Other Credit Cards like CitiBank would give you a 10% Off Hotel Booking with Expedia when you utilize their Card.

Below, I would mention the Pros and Cons of Using this website and the other Applications or Booking sites that you can use while you are traveling!

A) Pros of Booking with

1. Redeem Free Nights!

Redeeming Free Nights.

Redeeming Free Nights.

Yes, its Nights and not only a Night! Well, this solely depends on the number of Bookings you have made with this app. Every 10 Nights you collect, it entitles you to 1 Free Night Stay. The Free Nights here are not limited to a few hotels selection, but it gives you a massive range of choices including Hilton, Shangrila, Hyatt and many more luxury hotels!

2. Best Rate Guaranteed (BRG Program)

Under the Rewards Program, you will be able to get a refund for the difference for your bookings if you found another site that has a cheaper rate. However, for this to occur, you need to have exact Itineraries like the room type, property, and dates of travel.

Honestly, I haven’t used this program much. We always get excellent deals with for our bookings. It is probably because of the membership perks that we have gathered over the months and years.

3. Incentivised Rewards Membership. Membership and free to join. Anyone can sign up with them instantly to start earning Free Nights! Click here to find out more now.
There are a couple of Memberships that you can qualify for in
For this apps Rewards Silver, you need to collect 10 to 29 Nights during your Membership Year. (From the time you have registered for the Membership). Perks of Rewards Silver Membership would include:

a. Dedicated Agents are available by email or phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

b. If anything happens to your booking, agents can help you make new travel plans, minimize hotels charges or cancellation fees. (yes, I have had this Experience with before, and their agents are very efficient in finding a new Hotel for us to stay. They even did a quick refund for the difference in the Hotel Charges.)

c. Early Access to Deals and Promotions!

To level up and get more perks and benefits with Rewards Gold, you need to collect 30 or more nights during your 1-year Membership. Perks and Benefits would include All the perks from Rewards Silver and Exclusive Access to Special Deals and Promotions. Besides all of that, you would also get Special Membership Prices for all of your Hotel Bookings.

I have tried it and tested it myself with this apps Prices. I typically google the Hotel Name on Google and Google will provide you with a range of Prices for the different booking sites. would usually give me a better price as compared to the other websites. Sometimes, have got low prices too but being loyal would provide me with better perks in the long term. 🙂

B) Cons of Booking with

1. The Truth about Free Nights.

1 Free Night can only be redeemed for one night of Booking with It cannot be used for a combined booking for the total cost. Free Nights that are accumulated are also not based on the taxes and extra charges. It is based on the average of 10 nights stayed and booked.

When we were in the States, we stayed in Motels that cost about USD 50 per night. Henceforth, once the ten motel nights have been accumulated, the value of the Free Night was only worth $40 to $50 for redemption.

Free Nights cannot be used or combined with other coupon codes too. You can either use the coupon code or the Free Night but not both together.

Currently, I take these free nights as an exclusive deal, an extra perk that we have since other booking sites do not have this incentive. It is like an additional discount, so why not use them?

2. Other Booking Sites have got More Choice and Variety.

Hotelscombined gives you the opportunity to compare prices from all the hotel booking sites. gives you a vast range of Hotels, Apartments, Units, and many more choices! only gives you the leisure of finding Hotels and Motels. The other apps and websites give you the opportunity to see it all in one place.

Well, for me, I am so used to finding Hotels, that is an ideal platform for me. Well, I am indeed a budget Traveller, but I am not accustomed to staying in Hostels and backpackers places. I show you how to travel on a budget but maximize every stay with the best deal out there. Some hotels give you vast and cheap deals but with everything that you need and require for comfortability. I look for these Hotels! 🙂

C) Other Applications and Travel Booking Sites that you can use:

I have not used much of the other applications. I did try IHG Rewards Program, but the points take a long time to appear, and the Hotel Rates were more expensive on IHG than on Below are some apps and sites that you can use for your Bookings:

1. Expedia (the founder of as well)
4. One Night
5. Hilton, Hyatt rewards Program (If you are always traveling to countries with these Hotels, you can sign up for their Program and book with them wherever you go!)

Besides clocking in with this app and accumulating free Nights stay, I redeem free nights and flights with our credit cards rewards program as well. Singapore credit cards are not as incentivizing as the other countries like the USA. Well, we only use whatever that is made available to us!

Oh and yes! Another App or website that you should never forget is I book with Airbnb at times when Hotels are limited in a particular area! Sometimes they do offer great and cheap deals as well if you travel in a big group. Besides that, you can earn money and rebates when you refer a friend to use Airbnb!

D) I redeem Points and Rewards from the following:

1. Citi Premier Miles Card
2. Krisflyer Singapore Airlines

These are the two main credit cards that I am using. I am looking at the other credit cards for great travel perks as well like Maybank and HSBC.
Do note that if you would like to accumulate and redeem, you need to be loyal and spend money on that one credit card. For example, if you would like to redeem free flights with Singapore Airlines, you need to continually use the Krisflyer Singapore Airlines card and Fly with Singapore air.

Hope you guys have benefited from reading this Article on! Let me know in the comments below on your favorite booking sites and why! Love you all!

To your Happiness and Success!

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The Antelope Canyon, USA
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