Arizona: Best Advices for your Trip to HorseShoe Bend!

The HorseShoe Bend in Arizona, USA.

The Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, USA.

As we saw Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, flashbacks ran through our mind of Geography Classes in Secondary School.
Seeing it in person immediately made me interested, I just wanted to travel around the world learning about all these amazing natural wonders. It was extremely different from the experience I had in Secondary School. Back then, the teachers taught us in such a mundane and boring manner that made me dread learning, all we learned was the erosion process that made the meander a horseshoe bend, yet we were never able to admire the beauty of it. Although I must say that learning the erosion process did help when I saw it in person. It explained all I was seeing and made it much more spectacular.
Standing on the Edge of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona USA

Standing on the Edge of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona USA

Best Advice & Tips for your Trip to HorseshoeBend, Arizona:


1. No Entrance FEE + Accessible Parking:

There is no entrance fee upon entering the Horseshoe Bend. Finding a parking space is relatively easy as well. Sometimes, there can be quite a number of people and cars but it is not a huge problem! Horseshoe Bend, Arizona is just 7 and 16 minutes drive away from Glen Canyon National Recreational Area and Antelope Canyon respectively. Although there aren’t any activities to do, you should really visit it as the view is simply astounding.

2. The Walkup to the Horseshoe Bend, AZ:

The walk from the Carpark to the Bend itself takes about 10 to 15 minutes. It can be really tiring and hot while walking up. We saw many people panting away as they were tired from walking. The Hot and Humid weather made the entire experience really bad. If you are afraid of heat, it is crucial for you bring some hats and cover-ups to protect yourself from the strong sun. Even a sunscreen would help in such a hot weather. Lastly, don’t forget to drink lots of water if you are visiting during the summer periods!

3. Check your Weather:

Arizona was so hot at the time that we visited it, the temperature there was about 40 degrees in the Afternoon. Check your Weather before heading there! It changes throughout the year.
Even our car heated up so much that the cooling liquid boiled! Our car heated up and was performing poorly, fortunately, we met a nice man that saw us struggling with the instruction manual, long story short, he helped us and the problem was fixed. We considered ourselves lucky because if it had broken down in the middle of our trip we would probably have been panicking.

4. Consider Completing your Entire Arizona package.

There are a few tours that you can consider doing while in Glen Canyon, Arizona. Click here for more details! We did not take up the tours and only visited 2 places when we were in Glen Canyon! We visited the Horseshoe Bend & the Antelope Canyon. We felt that these 2 places were sufficient for us. Do check the other tours available if you are looking to experience it all in Arizona!

5. Accommodation

Hotels: There are a lot of places for you to stay in Glen Canyon Arizona. Hotels can be booked through websites and they are located pretty near to Horseshoe Bend. I typically use and to find my bookings. for collecting Free nights and redeem it while to compare hotel prices!

Camping: A more budget and cost-effective way! Well, we camped for about 2 nights at Wahweap Campground in Glen Canyon National Recreational Park. You can find the other campsites available here!

The view was spectacular. We loved our campsite. It looked a little like Greece and it had that Vibe. We had a sea view and the campgrounds were really clean. We requested to stay near the toilet since I tend to urine a lot in the night! Hehe! We tried to extend our booking but we were too late. It was fully booked. Well, you can guess how popular it is for people to camp here!

It can get really hot in the afternoon and we didn’t have a good place to rest. We were forced to seek air-conditioned places like Macdonalds..etc as it was stupid to sit in the tents under 40-degree Celcius. That was one bad thing about camping in Glen Canyon National Park, Arizona.

The Route to The Horseshoe bend, Arizona, USA.

The Route to The Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA.

All in all, Horseshoe Bend, Arizona is one of a kind just like Antelope Canyon, do check it out if you have time! No tour is required thus you can take as many pictures as you want without rushing for time! We spent at least 30 minutes just taking pictures with this haha.

Watch our Video below to find out the 3 Most Amazing places in Arizona, Phoenix! A Beauty…

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