Chairman of the school management:-
Abbot of Sera Jey Monastic University is the chairman of the school and heads the School Managing Committee.

Academic Section:-

– The principal of the School is also the head of the Institution and is overall in charge of the School in all matters pertaining to academic development of the school. The school Principal is responsible for the academic affairs of the school.

– Headmaster looks after day to day academic work. He is responsible for running the classes, conducting examinations and ensuring academic standard in the School.

SJSS is an autonomous educational organization within the larger Sera Jey Monastic University Organization.

-The School Administration headed by Directors, they are responsible for administrative affairs of the School. School administration headed by Directors is directly responsible for raising funds for the School.

-The Secretaries deals with official correspondences for the Directors.

All the functions are organized collectively with participation from teaching and non-teaching staff, as also all the co-curricular activities and special educational and ceremonial events.

The School Management Committee:-

 However, whereas, far reaching polices are concerned, the managing Committee of the School headed by the Chief Abbot of the Monastic University, is consulted. The Managing Committee appoints the teachers and staff. Directors with his colleague and administrative staff is directly and fully responsible for all the finance, administrative and academic.

All the staff collectively ensures smooth functioning of the School.