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Bunny Hop Travels: Charmaine Leow
Bunny Hop Travels: Charmaine Leow

Who am I? 

Hi, My name is Charmaine and Welcome to Bunny Hops Travels! I am very excited to have you here with me today. 

About me, I am just an ordinary and simple girl, nothing more, nothing less and someone who has the chance to travel, explore the world and be Adventurous! 

How I Started? 

To be honest, traveling was not something that I craved for since I was young. I am one who lets things flow in my life. 

My very first trip on the plane (that I am of age to remember) was going to India in 2011 December. In the beginning, I was a little reluctant to go but my mom arranged and planned everything and had my flight booked.

Till today, I am so glad she made that wonderful decision for me. I have never regretted it to this day. It was one of my best trips ever! I saw the world from a completely different perspective. The feeling of wholesomeness and happiness filled me completely. 

Since then, my travels began. I flew to many different parts of the world like Italy, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Thailand and many other places. 

Why Bunny Hop Travels? 

Many of you might be wondering, how did we come up with the name Bunny Hop Travels? 

Before our recent trip to States, my mom said to my sister and me in Singapore: “Don’t go hopping around America. I know you both will, even though i tell you not to.” 

Well, it was funny, and as we were thinking of our blog name at that time, Voila!! Here we are! 

Why create the Bunny Hop Travels Blog? 

After all these years of traveling, I have gained lots of experience and ideas, understanding the different cultures from around the world! Some being inspirational, some fun and I want very much to share my joy with you. 

In this Bunny Hop Travels blog, I will show you how to: 

1.Travel/Hop on a Low Budget 

2.My Best Travel Advice 

3.Travel/Hop around the world

& of course, my greatest joy is in bringing happiness to you and everyone as you watch my videos and blogs.

My Favourite Travel Quote! 

“Travel makes one Modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” 

~ Gustave Flaubert.

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